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Pillars of Light. Disruptive Leadership.

Beautiful leader, I see your light. All around the world we are waking up. Little pillars of light, choosing to courageously manifest Source energy in how we live and how we lead. When we allow our intuitive self to lead, speaking from a connected energy of pure truth, we absolutely can disrupt the current paradigm of leadership. 

With Source as your business partner, you’ll have access to infinite wisdom and elegant solutions to your most pressing business issues. With a network of other Sourced leaders, and a framework for consistently interpreting source energy working in your life, you will make powerful choices. You will embolden your light. 

Collaboration. Truth. Freedom of being. Full energetic participation in solutions that matter. We are all energetically connected. What if we could you use that knowing to disrupt stale patriarchal norms and bring a healing energy to the way we lead? We can. Together.

Everything is Sourced™

Every single thing that shows up in our world is a function of source energy working in our life. Source invites us to grow by mirroring back the truth of who we are being, energetically, in our life via the outcomes that show up for us. (Think: clients, team, sales results, loved ones). 

A Sourced Experience® invites you into the next level of your alignment by revealing a personal truth as guidance toward your highest expression as a leader. 

When you are willing to release the conditioning of the external world, and instead condition yourself to hear the whispers from your soul, a life guided by truth becomes pure joy. 

At Sourced®, we provide the tools to interpret your experiences and shift your energy. Sourced leaders proactively engage with life as a means of growing in our collective expression, and raising the vibration on the planet. 

Instead of taking on the societal shame of having made a ‘mistake,’ we have the courage to Transform Out Loud, growing from all that unfolds and demonstrating this freedom to others. 

“My life has quantum-leaped since working with her. ”

Darla has both the business savvy as well as a deep understanding of the inner transformational work that goes into building and running a business. As a former church pastor, I loved that Darla relies on Source as her business partner!

Since hiring Darla, I’ve finally made my career shift and am so excited to be working with amazing clients. My life has quantum-leaped since working with her. Anyone who’s looking for a safe, supportive, premier-quality program for themselves and their business will benefit from working with Darla and her team.  

Manda Stack, Founder MyDivineIntuition.com


A world in which each individual’s intuitive knowing, guidance, and gifts are valid, valued and visible.


To normalize transformation (source energy) on the planet and generate a collective $400M doing so.



We value holding conscious commitment to specific intentions and operating in alignment with those intentions. We are aware of our commitments and the bigger ‘why’ behind them and are able to communicate that at any time. If we find ourselves unclear on a commitment, we immediately seek internal clarity through our connection with Source (desire), and make external adjustments to realign as necessary.


We seek truth in our lives and hold a bold space for seeing and receiving other’s truth. We actively develop our intuition and continue to bring our full, evolving, selves to the table. We speak our truth with loving discernment, trusting that those who need it will feel the invitation to join us (we don’t drag). We see and interact with others as whole, complete and capable beings of light (or we don’t interact) – that is the truth of who they are.


We nurture transformation in everything we do. We never assume that today’s circumstances must limit our tomorrow. We trust the abundance of the Universe. We make decisions from love over fear. We know that our energy affects everything, and we are in full ownership of our results. We give our soul what it needs to thrive and trust who we will become. We transform out loud.


We hold a playful energy when it comes to work and life. We view transformation as an adventure, and we love adventure. We play in a field of light, afterall, and the Universe has a great sense of humor! To be heavy and serious is a choice, and we can also choose levity. We are free to play a different game at any time, and knowing this makes us light and joyful. 

Darla LeDoux is a business coach, author, speaker, the Founder of Sourced ™ and the Creator of Sourced Experience. In business since 2009, Darla has generated millions of dollars in revenue and helped thousands of entrepreneurs maximize their profits with businesses based on freedom, authenticity, and connection. 

Darla believes that intimate Sourced ™ retreats have the power to heal and transform well beyond one-on-one work or information alone and that these experiences are precisely what’s needed in the world today. After having her own transformative experience while on retreat, Darla realized the immense power of this approach. Her own highly sought-after Sourced ™ retreats continue to make an impact on clients worldwide.

Prior to starting her business, Darla graduated with a BS in chemical engineering from the University of Minnesota and held senior roles in marketing and product development with Procter & Gamble. She initially resisted the call to the world of coaching and transformation for 10 years until a death and divorce helped her find the courage to follow her soul’s desire. 

Today, she stands by the core message of her Sourced ™ brand — that doing what your soul wants is actually the most practical strategy for your life and business.

Following her soul’s true desire and stepping into her purpose in 2010, Darla grew her business primarily through hosting intimate retreats. Four years later, she created her popular program Retreat and Grow Rich to help her clients experience the same ease and deep transformation in their businesses that the retreat approach provides. In 2017, Darla translated this framework into her first book of the same name, “Retreat and Grow Rich.”

Today, Darla is back to bringing transformation forward in a big way, creating space for clients to hear their soul’s truth through her Sourced Retreat and Collective program. She also certifies coaches and retreat leaders in her Sourced Experience™ approach to help them lead their own clients through the process of transformation in deepest integrity.

She is dedicated to helping coaches and leaders better serve their clients with retreats because she envisions a world in which transformational living is the norm, not the exception.

There are 6 types of Sourced™ magic…

which one are you?

Your Sourced™ Magic awaits!

I have witnessed so much growth within myself through coaching one-on-one, learning from my cohorts, and basking in Darla’s wisdom and guidance. My entire experience and journey has been Sourced. I have a clear vision for my business now and have moved through so many barriers. I’ve learned to trust my intuition and tune in for guidance. Working with Darla and her team has been life and soul changing.  

Robin Finney WanderingAunt.com

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