Beautiful, heart-centered leader,

the upgrade is complete.

It’s time to

If you are one of the unique coaches/ teachers/ healers who is creating a sustainable business from a place of truth, you’ve likely been feeling something stirring within. This year has been a year of deep reflection and powerful integration for so many.

Have you been experiencing profound yet subtle energetic upgrades in 2019 that you KNOW are leading to something magical in 2020? On the surface it looks like nothing new has happened, but you know.

Have you felt a little surprised because you haven’t been pulled to ‘put it out there’ like you normally would? You know you’re not really hiding like you did in the early stages of your business – this feels different. Deep, sacred, and worthy of this nurturing. Yet the time is coming.

Do you sense that whatever this is that is brewing inside is going to call on you to act, and interact, in whole new ways? Both with your current audience, and with people who are now vibrationally aligned to you but haven’t even heard of you yet!

Three cheers to you for honoring your inner knowing, and trusting the part of you that senses that the same tactics you may have loved in the past are now calling for an energetic upgrade to match this sacred new work!


This is exactly why I created EMERGE 2020

An intimate circle of conscious leaders.

Emerge 2020 is an 8-person circle of leaders who envision a new consciousness for the planet, and are beautifully, fiercely, committed to using their business to help usher it in. 

Together we will light up your work and amp up your joy while reaching people’s hearts in a whole new way.  

Keep all of your favorite parts of the business you’ve created, adjust the vibration to match where you’re going, tune in deeply to Source for the right next actions, and emerge as the even more aligned you!

Who is this for?

Emerge 2020 is for the business leader who resonates with most or all of the following statements:

  • I love my business and deeply believe that by bringing more play, creativity, lightness, and spiritual wonder to my work, we all win.
  • I’ve always known that I’m intuitive, and I am now ready to let my connection to Source be the guiding light in my business. 
  • I’m becoming increasingly aware that my vibration matters as much as or more than my beautifully strategized action plan and I am curious to see what else is possible when I trust this even more! 
  • I’ve gotten delightfully honest with myself this year about who I am and what I want and I’m ready to bring all of my favorite parts of me into the light. 
  • In the ideal world I am co-creating, abundance is available to all. I am so open to receiving even more… support, love, connection, money… as a living example of this truth.
  • I am becoming comfortable with “not knowing,” allowing more space for Spirit to work in my life, leading with my heart and my body’s knowing more often than my head. 
  • I know that surrender, stillness, and allowing are choices that are just as powerful as action.  
  • I am ready to stand strong for what’s important to me and sing my song with my true voice, nurturing and honoring who I am becoming, and knowing that I only seek approval from myself. 
  • I sense that the more I approve of myself, the more beautiful my authentic voice will become in my marketing and in all areas of my life, creating a song I want to sing with abandon for the rest of my life (even as I continue to grow).
  • I know I heal and grow and integrate rapidly when in a committed community who can bear witness to my beautiful journey.

Welcome to

Emerge 2020 is a Sourced Experience™, meaning it is a sacred container designed for Source to work within and through you, opening up the next level of clarity and awareness in the most elegant way possible!

Becoming Sourced

I’m Darla LeDoux, I’ve been leading transformational retreats for entrepreneurs for nearly ten years, I’ve earned millions of dollars doing it, and I am personally saying ‘yes’ to my next level.

Source has tapped me on the shoulder to say ‘lead differently, trust me.’

For the last almost three years I’ve been experimenting with ONLY saying yes to that which is Sourced™. And if in doubt, I wait. As a ‘recovering engineer’ who started my career in one of the most established Fortune 100 companies around, well, I haven’t done it perfectly. Yet I’ve found tremendous power in owning my personal pace, which has come through honoring how spirit wants to work through me.

I committed to becoming Sourced™ before I had any clue what that would mean for me!

The real story…

I was at my dining room table looking out the window at the Puget Sound in a home we had rented because I simply needed to know what it was like to have a beautiful home on the water. That had been my desire since as long as I could remember. 

I watched the seagulls absently as I spoke to a friend on the phone. And the moment I heard myself saying it, I knew it was time to lead differently. I said, “If it weren’t for this stupid ________ I created, my life and my business would be SO EASY right now!” (You can fill in the blank with your own marketing campaign, program, or event that wasn’t a Sourced™ decision.) 

It was time to become Sourced™.

No more birthing the thing that is not meant to be birthed by me. No more yeses that are really nos. No more feeling like I wasn’t ‘enough’ if I wasn’t doing the things that the ‘popular kids’ were doing. Only me and my truth.

Wow, easier said than done!

I knew it was time to become Sourced™. 

That internal commitment happened in 2017 and it felt great! In 2018 I was shown all kinds of things I didn’t want to see about how I had still set up my life to distract me from honoring how Source wanted to work through me. The mirror of my environment was not subtle, and life was suddenly asking so much more of me. Show up, it said. Damn the norm. Find your truth. (This now looks beautifully freeing, but it didn’t at the time.) 


My 2019 has been all about integrating those lessons fully, which on some days has felt like a standstill. (Perhaps you relate?) 

As the year draws to an end, I have owned SO MUCH MORE OF ME this year… I don’t love living on the water, I started music lessons, I can be super vulnerable in my relationship, I can own that I still really want people to like me even when I know that is not the highest outcome, and more!  

And while that has felt slow, it has also felt important and powerful. And I have been diligent about recognizing subtle shifts and honoring the nuances of who I am becoming… WITHOUT the need for any external validation that who I am becoming is OK to someone other than me.

This has been the most challenging part, and sharing it brings tears to my eyes today. 

WOW, what is possible when I really believe MySelf? (My Source) 

Claiming my OK-ness, my beauty, my power, day in and day out with each decision, that is how I work and play on the highest plane possible for the greatest good. Because we can’t lead by looking around…


…the world needs our whole-hearted leadership, our divine light, today.

Imagine the transformation we will source in our world through THIS approach! To literally step away from the outdated (patriarchal) agreements we’ve had about what business is and how to be successful, and create from a whole other energetic plane. With light and love. With freedom as a birthright (for all). The old ways become irrelevant.

Together we co-create the Universe we want to live in, and invite others to join us there.


This is what it means to

If you, too, have been slowing down to learn, to heal, and to integrate in 2020, and you sense that there are just a few things to click into place for a divine expansion to take place in the new year, I invite you to join myself and a small and badass group of leaders for Emerge 2020. 

If you have committed to Source as your business partner, and you are excited to PLAY with how this feels as the energy integrates into your programs and client agreements, and how you show up with your audience, you are invited.

If you sense that now is the time, that millions are waking up, and you are here in the perfect time to serve as a spaceholder, wayshower, and truth teller to usher in this new energy, you are invited.

The sacred container is set. Your beautiful light, your divine witnessing, and your eternal courage will help make it complete. 

Program Details

As with all things sourced, we remain open to guidance and may adjust program details as guided.


The program includes:

Here’s How It Works:

We are an intimate group of 8 in a closed 6-month container of transformation design for the emergence of the soul aligned you! 


Month 1-4: Weekly Emergence Sessions. We will meet weekly at the same for ~75 minutes as a group on zoom (16 sessions, no makeup required!).

Each call will include:

  • A super brief energetic activation/opening conversation guided by Source working through me
  • individual sharing, witnessing, and support for each member (‘love seats’)

MONTH 5-6: Monthly Manifestation Sessions. for a 90-minute group call to report back on what’s manifested and declare what’s ahead.

Monthly Energy Invitation: Each month I will share a specific lesson related to an energetic theme, and a guided meditation and exercise that can be used throughout the month to tie you back to the theme.


Triple Assessment Creation Session: In this 75-minute 1-on-1 session Darla will review three different assessments she loves, and follow her intuitive guidance as to the aspect of YOU that wants to be seen, known, and integrated right now. This is the part of you that you’ll want creating your future during the program!

VIP Love Journey Session: This 90-minute 1-on-1 session is part energy healing and part coaching, designed to remove any barriers to self love, to allowing you to be the most important person in your own life. This awareness opening and energy clearing session opens the path to receiving from Source.

Personal Sourced Retreat with Darla: This 2-night personal retreat is custom crafted for your energetic and confidence breakthrough, creating the space to hear your soul’s direction and and turning that into an action plan. The retreat design is downloaded following your assessment and love journey sessions, custom tailored to Spirit’s call.

The energy of the container is one of momentum and magic. We will be integrating all that you’ve discovered in the last year and moving it into visible action. We will play with taking action from a new Sourced Energy, and explore what ELSE we can create with grace and ease, through singing your authentic song.

Each member commits to arranging their schedule to attend calls as the individual energy of each person called in is integral to the program. We all have full lives and schedules, and it is requested that you miss no more than one monthly call.

[NOTE: You will have the option to do the full program or the group component only. We’ll explore which fit is right for you.]

Monthly Themes:

Each month of the program will have a theme. The theme allows us to draw in specific energies that shape our emergence. Please note, this is not a ‘course,’ and I won’t be sharing a 4-step formula to all-good-things! That said, each month you will receive a recorded lesson with a suggestion for a practice you can bring to your days and weeks that will support your momentum. These are for you use as you feel drawn. I am excited to share them, and I’ll be playing right along with you. (The order of the lessons is subject to change per the Universe).


  • Part of what you’ll be doing as you Emerge is stepping into a more Sourced version of you. This means you may be breaking with a long-held ancestral pattern, or integrating an ancestral gift.
  • Explore and take your power back in relation to these patterns.
  • Bring a loving energy to ancestors as you complete with them and access more freedom.
  • Gain a clear vision of who you are as a soul outside of your bloodline. You came through your parents but from Source.


  • No this is not a lesson in marketing! That is not the intention of this container. We will get in the energy of what it FEELS LIKE to KNOW that your right clients will find you.
  • How does your energy shift when you are not going out trying to ‘find clients’ but rather being an invitation.
  • Release the stored energy patterns of hustle instilled by society and our industry, once and for all!
  • Tap in to the authentic reason that you will be the one in the community that people send their friends to, and uncover your personal energy alignment for BEING that invitation.


  • Let’s tune in to your second chakra and see what it’s asking of you now!
  • What creative pursuit have you put on hold or avoided exploring because your business has taken a front seat? What if that activity were the source of your most inspired ideas?
  • How can you bring your own flair into your marketing, your client systems, or how you lead your team? #OwnIt
  • Move your body. It holds so much wisdom!


  • You have a rhythm and pace that is all your own. Let’s bring awareness to it!
  • What happens when you slow down? Do you feel loved and nurtured? Do you become bored? Do you fear you’re missing out or falling behind?
  • What happens when you create a quick deadline for yourself? Do you feel inspired and on fire with creativity? Do you delay and avoid or let your self care slip? Do you resent the decision you made?
  • We’ll discover whether you have your pacing attached to abundance thinking or scarcity thinking. (Source will tell you what to do about it!)


  • While I won’t be speaking in tongues (that I know of!), I’ve been playing with what light language means to me, and I invite you to your own exploration.
  • Your default language patterns may hold ancestral patterns and vibrations that are calling to be either maximized or released. Let’s audit your marketing language.
  • If you weren’t trying to get your language ‘right’, what would come through?
  • We’ll explore how your Sourced™ self truly communicates most powerfully. (It may not even be in words!)


  • How do you know what you know, and do you trust it?
  • We’ll explore what ‘tuning in’ looks like for you and how you hear truth when in an optimal environment for YOU personally to hear.
  • We’ll practice discernment on the fly – when in conversations with clients, affiliates, other coaching friends, and of course your loved ones.
  • What do you already know, that you don’t want to know that you know, about where you’re going, and how can we LOVE that too!? We’ll build the trust muscle!


My mission for some time has been to normalize transformation on the planet, one intimate RETREAT at a time. As I’ve birthed Sourced(™) I know that this means normalizing Self Trust (Source Trust).

As a bonus for Emerge 2020 leaders, you are invited to one of our retreats in 2020. Your registration will be complementary to either a Retreat and Grow Rich retreat (2 date options) or our new Sourced retreat mid-summer. Travel not included. ($3000 value)

If you are still reading, I’m suspecting this unique opportunity is calling your name!

I’ve coached and hosted hundreds of entrepreneurs in various ways over the years. They have consistently emerged from my programs at a whole new vibration, knowing and loving their unique gifts in ways they never thought possible. 

I’ve never led a group in this way before, and I can’t say whether I will again. I do know I’ve been led to create this in this way at this time, and I can’t wait to meet you via your application.

Together we go deeper and EMERGE in our power. 

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