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Uncover Your Intuition Blindspot & Be Known for the Magic You Deliver

For leaders who are ready to stop doing their work the same old way, and start accessing their guidance from Source and do it their way...

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When you align with your truth, your life becomes our own creation.

And it feels like magic.

Hi, I'm Darla LeDoux,

Do you know that desire you feel - the desire saying you are tired of doing your work in the same old way and wishing for something new...

Or when you see other business owners who can be so authentic in sharing their stories and their gifts and you wish that you too dared to be truly seen in your business...

That desire you are feeling is the Universe telling you that you are READY to create more...

Isn't that exciting?!

Your work is NOT a commodity.

There is a version of yourself that is more powerful than you can imagine.

And by using your intuition - you can tap into your unique magic and access your guidance from Source to co-create your work in the world.

But wait - what if you aren't sure how to access your intuition consistently?

"Follow your intuition" is simple to say, but not so easy to do.

I'm here to tell you that it is not your fault. Many of us remember having a strong intuition as a kid but lose touch with it somewhere along the way. We all experience little or big judgments that cause us to cut off our access piece by piece.

We call this an 'Intuition Blindspot'.

The problem with the typical 'follow your intuition' advice is...

Everyone tells you to "follow your intuition"...

but no one gives you practical steps to access it.

This is why I created the Intuition Blindspot 1:1 Session!

In your Intuition Blindspot Session, you will:

Explore Your “Intuition Blindspot” & Where it Came From

What if the real reason you’re not being seen at the level you’d like, and by the people you’d like, is something that’s been hidden from your view? You’re not doing anything wrong, it’s just time for a new view. We will dive into how it happens and how we reconnect with our inner guidance.

Be Real About Your Desire

Whether you hold a deep knowing that you are meant to reach more people, or you secretly long to spend your days barefoot on a beach, being known for your magic means getting real — but most people don’t know how to get there. We’ll explore this together!

Activate Your Magic & Be Known for the Work You Deliver

Discover ways to consistently access your intuition - we call it your magic – to align to your truth and show up in the world in a way that feels deeply authentic to you. This allows you to support your clients on a deeper level and create in the material world with more grace and ease.

BONUS TRAINING: 60-Minute Masterclass

Why We Miss Our Intuition, Why We Override It, and How to Interrupt the Pattern. Be known for the magic you deliver with this Intuition Blindspot Masterclass.

I am so excited to invite you on this journey...

Intuition is like a muscle, the more you use it the more it grows, and with a little time and practice, your intuitive connection will be so strong you can use it to solve your biggest business challenges and create a life you love.



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"When I discovered my magic, I'd been taking it for granted because I didn't realize it wasn't something everyone else had. Learning my unique magic helped me focus on what comes easiest and lights me up in my business. The very next month, I had my highest revenue month ever and my first revenue of over $20k."

Elizabeth Hill

"The impact of knowing my magic has increased my confidence in myself and my work. Trusting my inner knowing and having the freedom to express has changed how I present myself in my business. My revenue has increased, and I've held more retreats!"

Peggy Fontenot