Annette Stahl

YOUR life by YOUR design

What if the pile of stuff collecting on your counter gives you insight about what’s holding you back? It can! Come and play with me! Together we’ll discover how much fun we can have opening space for your deepest desires to emerge to align your inner flow with your outer space so you can live YOUR life by YOUR design.

Annette (Stahl) Farha

A Design Discovery Founder

I emerged from corporate to build the top real estate team. Excelling in seeing patterns and building systems, I developed an app to price and design a new home in one consultation. After designing and drafting over 400 homes with each one aligned with my clients’ dream lives and witnessing their life shifts, I intentionally began interweaving my mind, body, and spirit practices with design. As an intuitive designer, entrepreneur, and transformational leader, I make opening the space you need to expand into YOUR life by YOUR design fun!