Callie Strouf

What if you could stop living on Auto-pilot and connect to your soul’s deep energy to live an intentional life?

Did you check off all the “success” boxes but still don’t feel fulfilled or connected to your life? Do you feel that you were meant for more, and wish to be fully present to the experience of your life? I help people deeply connect, heal and move forward into a life and beingness that is aligned with their energetic soul.

Callie Strouf

MSW, Transformational Coach, Energy Healer

Callie spent 30+ years checking boxes and creating the life she “should”. Following several traumatic losses, she realized life is too short and was done living for anyone else. Healing the trauma, loss, survival mindset, and conditioned “shoulds” created the freedom to exist in her soul’s energy and aligned identity. Now she wants to help you do the same! By incorporating her mental health training, she offers programs designed to uncover limiting beliefs, help heal trauma and loss, and create an aligned and intentional life and personhood.