Amber Swenor


Detangle Your Present Challenge

We as humans operate under a lot of assumptions and rules in order to navigate our environments. Some of these rules, however, are hidden and unknown to our conscious minds, so when we feel stuck, we don’t even know where to look. Through a complimentary Detangle Session, we can uncover the rule you’re following that’s keeping you from moving forward.

Emme Porter DeWitt (they/them)

Nonbinary Thought Leader, Author, and Educator

Emme (they/them) has been a lifelong questioner of How Things “Are” and How Things “Should” Be. They’ve translated their own nonbinary coming out journey into the course and resource toolkit, Gender Mindset Reset, to help parents and loved ones journey together to support their nonbinary children by transforming the way they think and relate within their family system. Emme founded The Both& Collective to bring more opportunities to think outside the boxes we’ve been conditioned into by gathering in community to question and grow together.