Amber Swenor

Let’s REFRAME your obstacles through PLAY!

When was the last time you were invited on a Play Date? As community leaders, it seems a wild idea to stop and play. The pressure of keeping it together for others has let cracks get into the deep places that hold old wounds. What if we could find healing through fun and playful inquiry?

Emme Porter DeWitt (they/them)

Transcendental Tinkerer

Emme Porter DeWitt (they/them) is a transcendental tinkerer who uses their intuition and expansive perspective to flip problems on their head and collaborate new inquiries, digging deep into residual stories and patterns that impact community leaders and their work. This can be seen most notably in Emme’s debut course Gender Mindset Reset, which helps parents reconnect with their gender expansive loved ones after coming out—a program inspired by Emme’s own family story. Their current work focuses on community leaders stalled out by residual patterns in need of some playful TLC.