April Gregory

The resources you need are already within you

Renew is a 3-month journey to releasing stress so you can have the energy for all that’s important to you while living a life you enjoy. Designed to meet the needs of working parents or otherwise busy people, Renew will transform how you experience life by reconnecting you to the wisdom of your own body through a simple four-step process.

Lauren Charbonneau

Wellness Coach + Somatic Practitioner

Lauren Charbonneau is a wellness coach + somatic practitioner who helps working parents release stress so they can have more energy + enjoy their lives. Three years ago, her blood pressure was high enough to send her to the ER – twice – due to the stress of single parenting an infant while running a business. When she was introduced to somatics, everything changed, and she’s now on a mission to bring that work into the mainstream. Her current work rests on a foundation of 10+ years in behavioral health.