Amber Swenor

Playfully connect to intuition and flow, live a life of magical ease

At The Liminal Playground, we enjoy playdates with our intuition and rituals to discover our natural flow cycles. We partake in magical practices to support ease and flow in our everyday lives. We dance with our shadows knowing that everything is cyclical, and, from stillness, space is made to create a new way of being. Come play with us!

Stevie Caldarola

Playful Druid, Liminal Guide, Intuition Coach

Stevie has years of experience being a “different” soul living a “conventional” lifestyle. Completely overwhelmed and on the brink of breakdown after many years of trying too hard to survive in the constructs of modern society, Stevie discovered that she is descendant from Druid lineage. Stepping back into her power as a magical being, Stevie unleashed her creativity to co-create a life of flow and ease. Stevie helps radical, magical leaders to reconnect with their intuition and practice Flow rituals regularly, supporting the innovative growth they are here to create.