Teresa Espinosa

Dream Activation Session

How are you supposed to stand out and experience success as a dancer, creative, or artist when the world feels saturated with everyone else’s content? When will it be your turn to shine? Well, by activating your dream, you get to make a stand for yourself and your heart’s desires by transforming limiting beliefs into infinite possibilities.

Teresa Espinosa

Dream Activation Coach for Creatives

Teresa Espinosa lived her dream as a professional dancer by working with THE top artists of our time, such as Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Prince, Usher, Justin Beiber, P!nk, Miley Cyrus, and more. After 25 years of being in the entertainment industry, she now coaches dancers, creatives, and artists like you to get clear on where you’re going, who you want to be, and what you want to experience. If you’re doubting your dreams can happen for you, don’t give up just yet! Come breathe life back into yourself!