Amber Swenor

Lead from the Heart, Heal from the Hustle

Can you imagine having success without sacrificing your time, energy and sanity? The world is calling for leaders to redefine the Hustle and Grind culture. LeadHERship Revolution™ is there to provide a unique approach to support self-development though transformational coaching, retreats, VIP programs and community support in a safe, sacred environment where you are seen and supported.

Wendy Lee

CEO & Co-Founder

Wendy Lee believes so deeply in the power transformational coaching, that she left a successful Senior Executive corporate gig, to support women on their path to revolutionize leadership in their lives and in business. She founded LeadHERship Revolution™ to spread the message that you no longer need to check your heart at the door to be a strong, impactful leader, and that healing and transformation DO have a place in the workplace. She teaches her Contagious Influence approach to women leaders around the globe who are ready to Lead Differently.