Design your business around your inner knowing so you can work lighter and have more fun!


A new paradigm of leadership is emerging.

We’re being invited to show up more potently than ever before.

  • Embrace and embody our unique, magical gifts
  • Step into full ownership of who we truly are
  • Boldly offer the work our soul came here to do

As coaches, consultants, creatives, healers, therapists and lightworkers, we’re committed to shifting the consciousness on the planet while living in our fullest, most aligned truth.

It’s time to unleash our magic!

  • Hear your inner knowing in a clear and undeniable way and trust that knowing to guide your business decisions
  • Lighten up the way you work and release the heaviness often associated with supporting clients through the transformational process
  • Optimize your business model for how your unique magic works and let go of offerings and strategies that aren’t aligned with your soul

"Understanding my magic has helped me get clear and to honor what my soul was speaking to me all along. This alignment has me living my life on purpose with ease. I have created a new program that I am so excited to share! I’m seeing exciting results as I trust myself and do things my way over traditional marketing. My clients are amazed at how quickly I can pinpoint what needs to be released. My magic allows them to transform through working with me."

- Bonnie McVee

"Learning about my magic literally changed my life! When I took the Magic Quiz and began to learn about how my magic works, I came to understand - to truly BELIEVE IN -the power and value of my unique gifts. This gave me the courage to release a job that no longer allowed my magic to shine. Now I run my own business and know what I offer is valuable. When you know your magic, you can nurture it and allow it to flow, making your work more potent and your efforts more organic... and way less effortful!"

- Peige Rosales

"Knowing my Magic and how it works has been so liberating and financially rewarding. The awareness alone is a game changer because it opened me up to myself in a new way. I've been able to increase my revenue, quickly see patterns in my clients, and recognize and work with THEIR magic. The accuracy is scary good! I think that every coach deserves the gift of understanding themselves through the lens of the Sourced Magic Quiz."

- April Gregory

"The quiz verified what I knew about my gifts but hadn’t been able to name. Now I fully embrace my magic and use it easily in my work! I’ve had the confidence to step out in my business in ways it may have taken me years to do otherwise, including offering a retreat in Africa!"

- Lisa Dunford Dickman

"While many of my clients said they felt safe with me, it never occurred to me that this was part of my magic. Learning about my magic from the quiz made all the difference in my life and work! It helped me to own my inner knowing fully and consider what I need to stay grounded in my magic. I am more settled, confident, and tuned in to what I want."

- Marilyn Sutherland

I'm Darla LeDoux, author of Shift the Field and founder of Sourced, a premier graduate school for transformational leaders. I support coaches, consultants, creatives and healers to offer and deliver deep transformational work with their magical gifts.

I'm a chemical engineer turned intuitive guide, and I'm masterful at turning intangible concepts into practical ideas that make a difference.

I teach clients how to alchemize old stuck energy patterns to create quantum leap-type results financially in their business, and in their client’s lives. Shift the energy field and transform the experience of life!

The Sourced team and I envision a world where transformation is the norm, our inner knowing is our guide, and we trust that life is unfolding perfectly to bring forth our fullest expression.

We offer divinely guided business coaching, and a transformational leadership certification, The Certified Sourced Leader.

Discover the Sourced Magic that helps you show up most potently with clients, and as a leader.
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