Your Inner Knowing Works Like Magic

When you’re with a client, you just know things. You see the unseen, and you know it is their path to freedom. 

When it’s the right client, and you feel you have permission to work in the way you are designed to work, obstacles fall away and reaching their goals is inevitable.


What if you could work like this all the time?

Not only that, what if you also knew how to see the unseen FOR YOURSELF, to partner with Source and use your knowing to create…

  • The marketing approach that draws those higher level clients every time, without the angst that often comes with marketing?
  • Programs so potent and clear, the thought of offering them feels exciting and easy and nothing like how you were taught “work” should be?
  • A full and fulfilling personal life that vibrates at the level you do when you are working at your best?


Where we help you center your business around your Magic, knowing that your inner knowing will take you and your clients to places you’ve only dreamed of. 

We’ve been conditioned out of our Magic.

The societal norms most of us were raised in have taught us to look outside of ourselves for the ‘right’ answers. 

Our most emotionally charged experiences have left us with powerful default energy patterns that we employ to stay safe, and often the same.

Our ancestry has often told us, without words or specific memories, that our knowing is dangerous, or at least inconvenient, and should be ignored. 

So it’s no wonder that you’ve found yourself here. With a pull… a ‘tap on the shoulder’ from Source… calling you to something more. Your inner knowing is asking you to further alignment with who you came here to be.

What if this tap on the shoulder is about so much more than just a new business strategy or offer?

What if it’s an invitation to activate your next level of leadership? To activate the part of you that knows? 

And what if your inner knowing can be counted on to build the business masterpiece that has been calling to you all along?

…your message, the level of clients you work with, your personal role on your team, the investment to work with you. And first and foremost, your energy!

Show up as your magical self so people feel and know what’s possible with you. Design containers of support that highlight this.

Design your business for you to work squarely in your magic, expressing your knowing to people who are hungry for it.

Allow yourself to be supported by spirit, and other humans, to make the difference you are here to make.

Release burdensome energy patterns that create heaviness in your client relationships so you can honor the shadow while working with and from the light.

What is Your Sourced Magic?

Your Sourced Magic is your inner knowing, or the way Source (Spirit, God, the Universe) wants to work through you for the highest good. To create transformation with your clients, and raise the consciousness of the planet.

Through our work at Sourced, our goal is to provide a space of massive permission for you to fully trust the knowing inside you and follow it – above all the good advice, formulas for success, and even ancestral patterns you may have followed out of loyalty. We don’t step over them, we honor them for the ways they have worked so beautifully in your life.

And then you reclaim your power and potency. From within.

There are Six Sourced Magics

You’ll learn about your unique recipe in this program!

In Sourced Magic Business, we work in an intimate group experience, always gathering the right souls that will divinely support you and your knowing. We can’t know who we are in a vacuum. 

You’ll discover your freedom of expression while learning to be in deep connection.

We seamlessly integrate the magical and the practical, weaving transformational knowing with the concrete decisions about your business model and marketing approach that will set you solidly in the direction of your soul. 

The 4 Pillars of a Sourced Magic Business

Sourced Magic Business is designed around 4 Pillars. We’ve designed our program as an experience.

Together we’ll discern the Default Energy pattern (coming from ego or proving) ready to be healed and the Sourced Energy that wants to work through you at this time (the Truth of who you are). We double down on your Truth (the thing that’s so RIGHT about you) and map out your right next step on the way to your business masterpiece.

We explore each of these pillars from the perspective of using your Sourced Magic for YOU as a business owner, and for YOUR CLIENT in the way you help them transform.

We will purify, align, and activate your energy field so that your clear knowing shows up in the space. Then we can build everything from that energy.


We get clear when, where and how you show up in your greatest potency and allow this to dictate your top marketing strategies and how you will offer your services.


We’ll empower your inner desires, the ones that are truly you. And you’ll do the math and trust it.


We’ll uncover how you, personally, get to work lighter and receive more because your choices create the perfect playground for transformation for you and your clients.


Our Rough Agenda Looks Like This:


Weeks 1-4

Experience the reality of who you came here to be!


Week 5

Put your Sourced Expression into action in your marketing!


Week 6

What have you been trading your money for? (It’s not what you think!)


Weeks 7-8

We’ll retreat together (via Zoom) and design the next steps in your most magical business model.


Week 9

What specific actions will most elegantly move you toward your vision?


A 9 Week Experiential Container of Support (Facebook Group included)

Six (6) 90-Minute Live Training and Coaching Sessions

One (1) 2-hour Live Q&A Session

One (1) Experience Week as a Truth Revealer!

One (1) Virtual Retreat (over 3 days) to Discern the Right Next Steps toward your BUSINESS MODEL MASTERPIECE!

One (1) Private Coaching Call with Ashlie Woods

Bonus #1

Brand Pulse Foundations – A step-by-step guide to defining your brand attributes, qualities and values so you can align your marketing with ease.

Bonus #2

Sourced Selling Toolkit:

Sold-Out Transformational Programs e-book – Learn what to say – on your sales page, in your videos, on social media, in sales calls, and more – to fill your programs using the “YES FIRST” approach. Actual conversation transcripts inside!

Aligned Selling Mastery – Top-notch sales training with an easy-to-apply framework that will catapult your results.

Bonus #3

A ticket to Shift the Field Live!

Bonus #4

Sourced Magic in Action Multi-Magic Toolkit (access to all 6 magic types)


Soul-Aligned Reciprocity

Lisa Peek, Wealth & Feminine Leadership Mentor, The Impact Ripple,

“I was experiencing bursts of momentum and expansion in my business but then the energy would drop off. This pattern was frustrating, draining, and I was doubting myself. On the recommendation of a trusted colleague, I connected with Darla and knew right away that her ability to hold space was unique and potent. I have a very big vision for my business and knew that Darla could hold the bigness of my vision and help me expand into my magic and potential. During Sourced Magic Business I uncovered a deep, underlying default pattern in myself. Once I became aware of this, everything shifted – not only in my business, but also in my marriage. My Expansion Magic kicked in and I started receiving all kinds of downloads. I recently led a workshop and showed up in this new, transformed energy! My business is going through a massive shift, including more aligned marketing that gets to the heart of commitment. Everything is opening up! I haven’t really met anyone else in the transformational coaching arena who can help you connect to your own Source in a way that is going to ripple out into having a massive effect on not only your clients but on your business. If you’re considering working with Darla, know that you’ll be in a container of support with other committed people, which is a huge added benefit!”

A Sourced Magic Business is a vehicle for what I call ‘soul aligned reciprocity’: I joyfully contribute my unique gifts and magic towards creating the vision I see for the new future, and those who receive the value of my gifts generously express their gratitude in many forms, including money!

Doing the Work My Soul Is Leading Me To Do

Jasleni Brito, Brand Strategist & Designer, Founder of Jasleni Art & Design,

The experience of being in Darla’s program brought to my awareness a lot of things that were holding me back and ways in which I was holding myself back. Afterward, I terminated all of my contracts, “broke up” with all of my clients, and made the brave decision to TRUST that by clearing my plate, I could make room for the work I wanted to do, and the life I truly desired. The result was magic. I instantly attracted 3 amazing clients at a much higher price point, and more importantly, I started to let go of my feelings around scarcity. I feel like Darla opened my eyes, and I’m on a journey towards being braver, bolder, happier, more honest, more Me. I am forever grateful.

A Sourced Magic Business is all about doing the work your soul is leading you to do. That actual work itself may change over time, but the feeling of joy, connection, alignment, and excitement is always present when your business is Sourced. I heard someone say once “I love my business even when I hate it” and I knew exactly what they were referring to. Even when I am challenged or annoyed, if I step back and look at the bigger picture of what I’m doing, I am reminded why I started this business in the first place – to experience more joy and to spread more joy in the world.

Now Enrolling for January 17th Start!

Sourced Magic Business Is For You If:

  • You are a coach, consultant, creative, or healer committed to deep transformation for yourself and your clients. 
  • You are currently offering transformational programs, and are undercharging and over delivering in a way that no longer works for you.
  • You’ve been offering “how to” programs in an area you love, but you know your clients would get better results if you set them up to transform their energy first, making them more receptive to what you teach. 
  • You’re offering hourly sessions or done-for-you services, and you suspect you might make a bigger difference for your clients if you could help them see what they aren’t seeing about the result they truly desire.
  • You’ve been getting signals that there’s something more you’re meant to be doing or being at this time.
  • You are ready to see what’s been hidden from your view. The blind spot that’s had you resist the changes you’ve been called to make.
  • You are ready to listen to and act on the messages from your soul, even if it feels a bit scary.


Sourced Magic Business Is Not For You If:

  • You aren’t sure that you want to be magical or transformational.
  • You don’t believe that your energy affects your results.
  • You’ve never experienced transformational work before for yourself.
  • You prefer to stay safely in your head and only talk about strategy ⇒ We will move into your body and ensure you are cellularly aligned with your message!
  • You like to explore energy and spirituality, but don’t want to actually turn it into practical actions in your business.
  • You aren’t willing to show up in a group. (Enrollment is capped at 12).

Meet Darla LeDoux,

Transformational business coach, retreat leader, founder of Sourced™, and author of two best-selling books on the business of transformation.

I’m Darla, I started my journey as a transformational coach with a passion for the work of coaching and little knowledge of the business of coaching. I quickly discovered that the two are not separate – that being able to deliver potent coaching experiences is completely intertwined with the setup of our business MODEL.

When I saw that some coaches and transformational service providers were thriving, while others were struggling to market what they really wanted to do and making their dream job heavy and hard, I decided to use my background as an engineer, combined with my spiritual understanding, to make the work of transformation so much easier.

This doesn’t mean it’s always been easy. To lead transformation, we are always modeling the way for transformation.

From learning to ask for and receive money for this work that seemed so intangible, to beginning to host retreats when the experts were telling me I wasn’t ready (I’ve since written the book on profitable, powerful retreats), to recognizing I was gay (while on a retreat!), I’ve had to continually step in to new energy to be in alignment.

Getting Out Of My Head and Into My Heart

Kortney Rivard, Authenticity and Self-Love Coach,

I had been working on my business and had taken a couple of different programs that focused on the practical side of business and the “right” way to do things. But I was still struggling to build my client roster. My marketing felt out of alignment. Darla’s approach really appealed to me with her emphasis on trusting my intuitive guidance. This has been a game-changer! I love the “energy first” approach and am now aware of where my energy is and how it affects outcomes. The Sourced Magic Business program helped me to show up, get visible, and own what I do and how I do it. Because of this, I saw results within the first month of the program. I had 20 people register for my Authentic Adventure experience! The way Darla breaks down the phases of transformation helped things really click for me and has made me a better coach. I really loved the community aspect of the program. It was awesome being with other business owners. We all were so unique and had our own things to contribute to the group. A lot of programs really stay at the surface level of things, and while those programs can be valuable too, if you’re looking to develop the skills to get clients transformational results, Darla’s programs are the best!

A Sourced Magic Business means getting out of my head and into my heart to make decisions that align with who I am and how I want to impact the world. It’s a way to work lighter, not harder so I can enjoy the work I do!

Getting Paid for Creating to Create

Paula Forbes, Founder of the Finding Human Institute,

Before Sourcing my business, I was working every day until the wee hours and grinding out projects to pay my overhead. I was doing what my clients wanted, rather than what I wanted. I’d end up feeling complicit because my clients were checking boxes instead of getting committed to the real inner work. First step – I committed to the real inner work!

I’ve now discovered my Magic and aligned it with my business goals. I now get paid for my creations. I have sold out conferences with waiting lists of participants that are coming to do transformational work. We are building equitable environments that honor diversity. I love what I do, sharing my Expansion Magic with the world and helping my clients to “find the human” in all of us. Source is transforming the way I choose to walk in this world. It sees me. I see me.

A Sourced Magic Business means creating to create, and getting paid for that.

Let’s transform your inner resistance into power and magic, see the unseen, and create the business that makes your inner wisdom come alive!


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