With Darla LeDoux

Dear Transformational Leader,

Is it time to create a business structure that will consistently Source your Magic, rather than the other way around?

You know you have gifts in the realm of transformation. You love helping your clients to see what they haven’t seen, and you are leaning more into the idea that you can be actively guided by Source as an entrepreneur. 

Yet sometimes the business feels heavy. Whether it is feeling the constant pressure to market in ways that don’t feel good, or the weight that comes from your commitment to deliver the best client results – sometimes leading to overworking, over giving, or carrying excess emotional weight.  

You know there is a way to love your business again. You may even have been receiving clues about the new direction. 

But this shift is about more than just a strategy. It’s about a whole new energy flowing through your business, allowing you to show up in delightfully vibrant ways.

This new energy doesn’t show up by accident – it shows up by intention and by design.

Enter your Sourced Magic Business.


Sourced Magic Business is a roughly 9-week container of support for you to discern just how to design your business such that your magic naturally works through you—it can’t wait to come to the table—because you’ve made it safe and inviting for it to do so!

Please note: This is not another formulaic business building program. Rather we will hold a potent space for the RIGHT conversations that will have your most supportive business structure emerge! So your BUSINESS supports your MAGIC.

Sourced Magic Business is designed with specific experiential components which will support you to:

  • Transform or transmute any energy block to fully owning your magic.
  • Explore what it really means to unleash your magic in your business and your life-personally, not one-size-fits-all.
  • Bring solid transformational business model concepts to your personal point of view and design. 
  • Expand the value of the transformation you offer, without adding more work time (increase the investment to work with you!)
  • Understand how masculine structures create space for feminine flow, and embrace your gifts in each area.
  • Test out the new ideas that have been calling you in a safe and supportive space.
  • Expand the frequency and potency of your intuitive gifts as a transformational leader! 
  • Speak your Truth more boldly, in alignment with who you came here to be.
  • Develop the message, marketing, and business model that naturally flow from who you are, and connect you with the clients who need you most!

Our next cohort starts on April 19th, 2022!

In this program we will work with the following 4 Pillars of a Sourced Magic Business:


Unleash your Sourced Energy by transmuting the Default that has kept you previously from owning your magic!

Know how to cultivate your own Sourcefield!



Know where, when and how to show up in your marketing to support your magic. 

Confidently message your transformational work.

Draw vibrant clients who want it!



Know the value of this new work in your bones!

Choose the energy exchange that feels best for you.

Discover the secret to greater abundance you may have been missing. 



Design your business to support you to work more squarely in your magic.

Create a flow of offerings that allow for your focused intention on one offer/ marketing strategy at a time.


In this time in our HERSTORY… it’s time to STOP SNEAKING YOUR MAGIC IN THE BACK DOOR! 

Be that Pillar of Light that those we are waking up need to see to transform their lives. 

The Sourced Magic Business Program begins April 19th, 2022 and includes:

  • There are 7 Live Group Coaching Calls designed for both Transformation, and the Integration of your new Sourced Energy into your business Model, Money, flow, and marketing Expression.
  • The program includes an Experience Week. You’ll do an experiential exercise that will open up your new energy! Experience week has its own Q&A/ live coaching. 
  • LIVE VIRTUAL Retreat! This retreat will take place over 2 days with shorter sessions on Day 1 and Day 3, and a full Day 2. You can attend this retreat online from home. (June 2-4)
  • All Group Program Features will be led by Darla LeDoux 
  • BONUS: 1 private 1-on-1 Coaching Session with a Sourced Coach to be used as needed during your program.
  • BONUS: Ticket to Shift the Field Live in November 2022
  • BONUS: Sourced Magic in Action Multi-Magical Toolkit
  • BONUS: Resource Library of Recorded Trainings

This program is ideal for someone who:

  • Has felt pulled to re-invent your business model and would love to step into a high vibration energetic container of support to gain clarity.
  • Knows they have more magical spiritual gifts than they have been using in their business, and wants the space to explore them further.
  • Has been feeling the ‘stickiness’ that often comes before a transformation.
  • Knows that they have outgrown their current business model or message, or even business focus, and wants to reinvigorate themselves and their work.
  • Is ready to lead from their own internal source of power, as opposed to responding to what others are doing, or think they should be doing. To believe your own inner guidance at a whole new level.
  • Wants to work in a way that combines their inner wisdom with concrete business guidance.
  • Is clear that leading “Sourced” is the way of the future. Wants to co-create a world of Sourced Leaders who tune in first, and confidently trust themselves, and connect with others.
  • Knows it is waaaaay more fun to move through a reinvention process with friends!

Unleashing Your Sourced Magic may look like a total overhaul, or a ten degree adjustment. It is most often the ten degrees that makes all the difference!

I joined Sourced Magic Business because I wanted to renew my business and decide on offerings and my ideal client. The program helped shape my business strategy and how best to use my Expansion Magic to energize my business and impact the world in a way that feeds my soul and provides me the financial results I am looking for. The program inspired me to schedule my first in-person retreat! I strongly suggest that anyone interested in having a Sourced business participate in this program. I found the teachings, group assignment, intuitive activities, and retreat extremely engaging and helpful. It was so fulfilling to see how my colleagues transformed during the program and how we supported each other in using our magic to engage differently with our businesses.

- Lori Raggio, Inspire Greatness Coaching and Consulting, Linkedin.com/in/lori-a-raggio

I wanted to make a change to the online group I've been running and monetize it, but I didn't know how. For the past 11 years, I'd been underearning, and knew the reason had to do with an energetic mismatch. The Sourced Magic Business program helped me look more deeply into this. I loved the focus on learning how to use my special gifts and talents in a way that is aligned with my Human Design to serve my collective and also make an income and experience the abundance that I teach is available to everyone. The program helped me structure a new business plan that I'm ready to implement. I would encourage anyone considering this program to tune into your inner knowing, and if your answer is yes, don't walk but run to register!

- Dr. Davia Shepherd, CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) of Ladies' Power Lunch™, Ladiespowerlunch.com

Before joining Sourced Magic Business, I was teaching weekly public cooking classes virtually and had a lot of confusion about how to grow. I wanted more tools and advice on how to monetize my natural skills. I wanted to work smarter, not harder, and move forward with less effort and more support from the universe so that it didn't feel so heavy. Working with Darla helped me shed a layer that's been with me for quite some time, and I've already seen shifts in my behavior, all from the clarity of the simple notion 'aligning with my own truth.' It's simple and obvious, yet utterly complicated to listen to and trust when ego gets in the way. After the virtual retreat, I finally was able to let the statement encompass my being and let go of the actions that were out of my true alignment. As I continue to grow my business, I am practicing being with the idea of loving where I am without needing an outline of the future. I love to control, but trusting is so much more freeing – and a lot less work! If you're considering joining Sourced Magic Business, be open and have fun along the way!

- Hannah McKitrick, Wellness Chef & Holistic Nutritionist, MyIntuitiveHealth.com

I'd taken a break from accepting coaching clients because of several family issues. I felt stuck in lower vibration emotions and stalled in restarting my business. I joined Sourced Magic Business to gain insight and momentum for fully launching my business, and did I ever! The energy noticeably shifted for me during the program. Defining my particular gifts and learning more about how they work and how to utilize them best was a game-changer. I am excited to be designing new programs and going live with those and a new website in the next month! Darla herself is magic! I have been in a couple of group programs with her now. The content is always super helpful, but each time the experience - the container she creates, her intuition and insight, the amazing participants she attracts - has been truly transformative. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend any program Darla offered!

- Lisa Dunford Dickman, Coaching, Writing, Creating, LisaDunfordDickman.com

Though I was doing well in my business before joining the program, I knew something big was missing. I already had an inkling; it was Me - the Real Me. I registered for Sourced Magic Business to connect with Source in a more consistent and trusting way, to listen to and act on my intuition, to find my natural flow, and to bring more of who I really am into my marketing and messaging. My energy shifted in a big way because of the program, in spite of some difficult life challenges. I'm feeling so much more confident in the value I bring to my work with clients, and I'm excited for this next stage of the journey, where I'm operating more and more from Sourced Energy, listening to and trusting my guidance. Darla is a genius at creating a safe space for spiritual growth and combining that with some awesome business savvy. If you're sitting on the fence and wondering whether to take the leap, just do it (after checking in with your intuition first, of course). I'm sure you won't regret it.

- Linda Anderson, Mindset Magician & EFT Tapping Coach, Founder of Tap Into Your Success, TapIntoYourSuccess.co.uk