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This program will not be enrolling again until Spring 2021.

Talented transformational leader, does this sound like you?

You’re committed to making the world a better place by supporting your clients as they make the deep internal shifts within that will have them show up differently in their external world, sourcing MASSIVELY different results. 

You know this type of work is your personal contribution to raising the collective consciousness of the planet, and this matters deeply to you.

And while you’ve been doing this type of work in different ways over the years, whether sneaking it in to the way you lead in a job, or in the way you’ve worked with 1-on-1 clients, right now you are being called to lead transformationally in a much bigger way. And every time you think about it, you picture yourself doing this with groups of clients, LIVE! 

Perhaps you are in one of these places:

YOU HAVE A SERVICE-BASED BUSINESS (coaching, consulting, healing, done-for-you or creative services) that you’ve done a great job positioning with all the practical outcomes your clients will get when they work with you, however YOU KNOW that your best magic happens with the clients who let you dig deep and shift the way they see themselves, and you want to do more of THIS. You may even secretly long to stop teaching or doing the things you’ve long been known for but you wonder if people will buy the transformation you really want to offer.

YOU HAVE A SOLID 1-ON-1 PRACTICE that you have loved, however you are feeling pulled to reach more people by working in groups, and to play with new techniques and approaches for delivering better client results using live retreats. You’ve seen lots of programs that help you market your business, or train specific client modalities, but you’ve yet to find a program that combines the practical business marketing focus with an in depth conversation and about and specific training for delivering effective transformation with clients. (UNTIL NOW!)

YOU HAVE BEEN OFFERING AND LEADING TRANSFORMATIONAL RETREATS, and they are fabulous! However you’re working way too hard to fill them, and not making enough money on each to justify the time involved. You know the value of this type of work, you see it on your clients faces, so you can’t imagine NOT doing it — you’re ready to develop this into a business that sustains itself without taking over all of your time.


If you are leaning in because I’m speaking to you, you may be ready for 

Intimate groups, big money, Massive Transformation!

Imagine the world you’ll create when you receive for your gifts!

The world is waking up and people want transformation now more than ever. So many souls are no longer willing to put in time in pursuits that don’t light them up.

They are seeking a container to help them know and trust themselves deeply, to embody the person that they truly are. And they are willing to pay for that shift.

What if YOU are the perfect person for them to transform with? 

How will they find you?

Will they hear the call? 

And how can you know with cellular certainty that they will get what they came for?


Your container of support for making all the shifts you need to have a sustainable multi-six figure business that you LOVE.

The core benefits of this work:

  • Master the business of retreats (including virtual) such that you make MORE MONEY with GREATER EASE while working in powerful containers with intimate groups! Trust in your divine flow as a business owner.
  • Be a transformational leader out in the world, such that your right people see and hear your call to something different! Be so aligned with Source Energy that your work stands out.
  • Consistently create transformational experiences that get people out of their heads and into their hearts and their embodied truth. Be known for your unique brand of magic!

You were put here in this lifetime with this experience for a purpose, to usher in a new vibration of love and light. 

And your right people will go with YOU!

And by the way, more money in the hands of someone like you means everybody wins! 


Yet we aren’t called to do this work alone! As we band together and share experiences, our impact is amplified. 

Just as transformation happens more powerfully in groups, so does your business! 

Through the power of our mastery community you will: 

  • Save loads of time and money 
  • Be seen and known and mirrored back in the most powerful way
  • Amplify your light
  • Build the community that see where you are going and call you to be that.
  • Have a safe space to talk about MONEY. Receive more because you give it energy!
  • Have the courage to go deeper in your own life and with your clients
  • Eradicate self doubt and become a clear channel for Source energy

Together we go deeper!

Program Details

By the end of Sourced Experience Mastery you will:

Master the Business of Retreats (Including Virtual)

  • Master the when, where, and how to host a retreat to create aligned outcomes and the greatest good for you, your business and your clients.
  • Master delivering your marketing content in person and virtually in such a way that people become committed to their personal transformation.
  • Create marketing materials and business content and stories that attract right clients to your retreats, and have them register.
  • Master the process of making offers both by phone and in person at your retreat such that you are the person who creates six-figure paydays whenever you desire.
  • Master your cash and client flow when it comes to retreats and retreat-based programs so you know what to charge when to have your business work for you!
  • Master the type of venues and specific retreat hosting systems that are right for you.
  • Master the timing and cycles of your marketing and delivering of your retreats so you know exactly what to book when, and that it will fill.

$535K in revenue

Darla showed me how to structure my retreats to create long lasting transformation for my clients while helping me bring my best self into the process. If you have a desire to offer retreats, you absolutely want Darla in your corner.

My initial program is $5k and I’ve had 71 people go through generating $355K. From that I’ve upsold $180K.

That’s $535K in revenue from that retreat strategy.

Laura Wieck, www.LauraWieck.com

Master the Sourced Experience™

  • Master the Anatomy of a Transformation such that you are able to discern where each client is in their own process and hold space for them to move to the next step while maintaining a cohesive group.
  • Master developing experiences for your retreat that create the maximum potential for your participants to transform. Your participants will know they will leave in a whole new, Sourced, energy, ready to create all new results!
  • Master creating CONTEXT for your experience such that your participants are on the edge of their seat, fully engaged in their own breakthrough. 
  • Become comfortable with publicly challenging people to move beyond their own limits while maintaining a safe space of love and support in your sacred container.
  • Master specific coaching tools and practices that work beautifully in front of the room to support an individual client’s breakthrough in a way that serves others. 
  • Master sharing your stories and exercises live in front of a group for feedback and excel at debriefing experiences, and master specific techniques and practices for moving energy in your retreat room.
  • Develop your own rituals for self-care, client-care, and space-care while on retreat.

As a former church pastor, I loved that Darla relies on Source as her business partner!

When I decided to work with Darla I was at a crossroads, knowing it was time to make a career shift, but not sure how or when to make it happen. Her message resonated deeply with me, and I had an innate sense of trust that she would help me get me where I wanted to go. She has both the business savvy as well as a deep understanding of the inner transformational work that goes into building and running a business. As a former church pastor, I loved that Darla relies on Source as her business partner! Since hiring Darla, I’ve finally made my career shift and am so excited to be working with amazing clients. My life has quantum-leaped since working with her. Anyone who’s looking for a safe, supportive, premier-quality program for themselves and their business will benefit from working with Darla and her team.

Manda Stack, Founder of MyDivineIntuition.com

The Features of This Program:

A magical Sourced Experience™ container for you to play within for 12 months, includes:

  • Sourced Experience Mastery Retreats  – We’ll have one virtual and two live retreats designed to create breakthrough awareness, train and practice specific coaching and retreat leader skills, and apply all you are learning to your personal next steps. 
  • Master Your Momentum – Twelve (12) 1-on-1 Coaching Calls with Darla, discern your right next step in connection to source.
  • Momentum Plus Spot Coaching via Text – text Darla between calls to share what you’re working on, ask for clarification, or get feedback on your marketing copy, strategy, and results.
  • Sourced Breakthrough Mini-Retreats – Nine (9) mini-retreats with Darla (90-minutes) designed to fine-tune your energy and bring awareness to the path Source has in store for you this month. Includes a live meditation / visualization exercise plus live laser coaching.
  • Beautifully Skilled Leader Training Sessions – Twelve (12) training sessions with Darla, Julie, other members or our team or top industry experts. Topics will include both inner work and lifestyle strategies, and very practical marketing skills. Includes access to our archived sessions.
  • Skills Assessment – During the year you will have opportunities to submit recordings and written work for us to assess your skills in the key components of leadership that are necessary to make your retreats profitable! 
  • Community Power – Twelve (12) months access to our exclusive Facebook community with periodic momentum challenges and quarterly accountability partners/ groups (designed based on your personal stage in business). This group will include timely and powerful pop up trainings throughout the year to support your journey.
  • Simplementation Days – Three (3) 1-day virtual get-it-done retreats. Bring your hot project and complete it with the support of the group and strategic coaching. 

“It feels so aligned and sexy to be talking money…”

OMG!!! Where to begin?! First, let me personally thank you for doing this work. I cried when I left hugging you in such gratitude for pulling out of me what was just a small dot in my awareness. My Universal Posse has lined up a team for me and I have the title, content, date, hotel, marketing team, and event team. It feels so aligned and sexy to be talking money and yet my system is still trying to catch on a bit. You know I couldn’t even say I am a wealthy woman or resonate with it. The first few times I said it I had to choke it out. Integrating. Integrating. Breathing it all in. <3

Jodie Sutulovich Rodenbaugh 

Master Leading from Sourced Energy

  • Live as though EVERYTHING is Sourced.
  • Be the type of leader who consistently navigates your own transformation and expands what you can ‘be with’ and hold space for as a leader.
  • Spread your marketing message in a way that people see and hear you, and feel the possibility radiating from you!
  • Master conversations with others that invite them into their own transformation, and make them want to invest in it!
  • Explore the edges of your own growth and comfort zone so that you can take clients beyond theirs. 
  • Massively increase your confidence in the divine perfection of ALL that is unfolding. 
  • Be unshakeable in your stand for transformation in the world, knowing exactly what that means for you personally.
  • Know how to call in and partner with Source to facilitate outcomes in your client’s lives without having to personally hold it, violate your own energetic boundaries or well-being, or convince anyone of anything… ever. 

Juicy Bonuses!

Bonus #1: Know Your Alignment Assessment Bundle! 

Receive the following three assessments and reports as we start our program together ($1000 Value):

  • The Energy Leadership Index – this transformational tool will give you clarity in black and white about your most aligned energy level when you are at your best, and your default energy when triggered! Review this with guidance from our 4-module course in Aligned Entrepreneurs University to become masterful at shifting your energy on the spot!
  • Your Human Design – complete a free report and we’ll create for you a detailed personal report based on the work of Chetan Parkyn. Know how you are designed to lead and show up at your best so we can use that knowledge in creating a custom-tailored business model and marketing plan.
  • Wealth Dynamics – this assessment shows you the best role for YOU in your business for creating the wealth in the most easeful, flowy way!

Bonus #2: Visibility Breakthrough – Teach to Our Community

We love to reward action-takers! Once you’ve hosted your first retreat, we will feature you and your expertise to our broader community of entrepreneurs. We’ll highlight your skill set and create visibility for you as an endorsed leader in the work that you do. 

“Working with Darla helped me get clear on the higher-level conversation I want to be in the world. ”

When Darla says she focuses on alignment she asks the tough questions and provides an extremely safe space for you to explore alignment in all areas of life, not just business. 

Working with Darla also helped me get clear on the higher-level conversation I want to be in in the world. This specific conversation for me is around prejudice and helping with world heal from this. Through our work and opportunities created by Darla I am continuing to be in that conversation and am preparing how I can contribute in my community. 

What I thought I needed to be coached on by Darla expanded 10 fold.

If you feel even a small hunch to do it TRUST IT and dive in. There is a reason why you are drawn to her and may be way bigger than you know.

Lisa Comes – VIP

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We look forward to contacting you when our next cohort opens up. :)