A few years ago I realized I would not be able to achieve my goal of normalizing transformation on the planet alone! I visualize a world in which all people are cleared from old default energies and connected to their Sourced knowing of what works for them. Inner transformation happens when we are committed to a different result in a specific area of our life. The energy shift affects all areas! Enter our Sourced Experience Mastery certification program!

If you are seeking a container of support with a guide who you know is trained to hold space for transformation, you’ve come to the right place! These leaders have gone deep, transformed their own stuck energies, and have demonstrated a clear commitment to walking their talk. Each has trained and been assessed by Sourced and has applied our transformational philosophies to their unique area of expertise.

This month’s Sourced™ Leader Spotlight!





Grow Smarter Visibility Circle

We ALL want to share our passion with a wider audience, but getting visible in a crowded media landscape is challenging. The Grow Smarter Visibility Circle combines the expertise of Visibility Leaders with the power of the collective to get your message in front of 20-50,000 of your ideal clients. All with ease, flow, alignment, collaboration and authenticity.

Dr. Davia H. Shepherd

Get VISIBLE, Answer The Call, Share Your Passion

I support women in business to grow your visibility, impact & income. I’m an amplifier: I translate the energetic signature of the best version of you, into reality. I take your big dream for both your business and your life and develop a solid plan for your increased success. The result: You stop being the world’s best kept secret. Your optimal clients that are losing sleep at night because they need you – who light up when you work together, they are able to find you with ease and grace.


bold spirit



Soulo Coaching

It’s time to take a soulo journey with yourself to uncover who you are at your core and own it with confidence. Get clear on your desires and learn to embrace the process by engaging in soulo experiences that stretch your level of comfort through creative endeavors, soulo dates, travel, and photoshoot experiences. Ready to soar soulo? Let’s work together.

Robin Finney

Authenticity & Intuitive Guide

Robin Finney is an Intuitive & Authenticity guide for Soulo Experiences, Oracle card reader, certified Sourced Retreat Leader, author, international model & speaker, world traveler, and founder of Wandering Aunt. She supports others in allowing their authentic selves to be seen through Oracle card readings, intuitive clarity sessions, soulo coaching, retreats, and photoshoot experiences. She believes at the core of being human, we all have a desire to be seen and heard. Robin lives a bold, unconventional life as a nomad and has soulo-traveled to 20 countries across 6 continents.





An invitation to conspire . . .

A rebel creates from the Unknown – following subtle heart whispers and the conviction that there’s another way to do things. This requires an unshakeable connection to yourself and a commitment to finding how your medicine wants to be shared in the world that lights you up as much as those ready to receive it. Ready to ruffle some feathers?

Lisa Welden

Co-Conspirator. Experience Junkie.

Hi, I’m Lisa Welden, Founder of Rebel Sage. I believe that everyone has unique medicine that must be shared with the world and I love to conspire with entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, service-based leaders and rebels whose medicine rufflles feathers and disrupts the status quo. I guide my clients to listen to their hearts and trust their rebel natures to envision and create businesses that serve life in a generous and connecting way. We collaborate together through transformational retreats, group programs and 1:1 mentoring.





Connect the Dots, Intuitively

Are you ready to design your next chapter but you’re not sure which path to take? Are you stuck overthinking or rethinking? In our private Rip & Reveal session, I’ll show you how to call on your intuition to get the input you need to start taking inspired action. Consider it a (gentle) shove in the right direction from your inner guide.

Meredith Vaish

Clarity Catalyst, Ritualist, and Movement Maker

Hi, I’m Meredith Vaish, Creator of Pause Box. I believe one of the most powerful ways to get clear and move forward is to take a break. I’m on a mission to help creators, do-ers, and improvers break free from today’s always-on culture. I offer retreats and programs to encourage women to reconnect to their power through intentional pause so they can create the life they love. I speak on the topics of clarity and intention and recently launched my system of daily ritual called Pause Box Alter Cards.





New Earth Leader, you didn’t come here to hide in the shadows…

You came to alchemize them and rise into your light. Inside my Bold Heart Visibility Breakthrough Session, we shift the old energy standing in the way of you claiming space, speaking up and sharing your magic. Free yourself from past pain and patterns so you can  open your heart, ignite your magnetism and expand your impact with your powerful presence.

Gayle Nowak

Visibility Sage, Healing Guide

Hi, I’m Gayle Nowak, Creator of Sage Sensation™ Retreats and Founder of The Story Stylist. I guide New Earth leaders to heal what stands in the way of you expressing your true self and magnetizing your magic. I combine transformational coaching, 25 years of marketing expertise and life lessons to create intimate transformational experiences that open your heart, purify your soul and expand your impact.




Magic Session

In this 90-minute magic session you will:
– Define where is your energy right now
– Determine a whole new energy where you can move and unblock your limits
– Align to your sourced energy

Stephanie Muñoz

Transformational Coach

Stephanie believes that many professionals are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety without recognizing it, leading them to “burnout” or chronic diseases.

With more than 15 years of global corporate experience and on the path of personal development, she helps her clients discover, unleash and exceed their potential.

In this way they begin to manage their stress and anxiety to find clarity, greater balance and wholeness. She helps them enjoy life more and live at their best, as we all deserve to live fully and with purpose.




Rediscovering My Body

There is inherent wisdom in our bodies. It will always guide us when we listen, know, and love them. Rediscovering My Body teaches you how to claim your desires, speak them more confidently, and increase your ability to receive pleasure. Who doesn’t want more of that?

Tara Galeano

Sexual Embodiment Coach, Author

Tara knows that there is pleasure in the body beyond our wildest dreams, and every woman can access it. After leaving her twenty-five-year marriage, she recognized that she had given so much of herself away. Through rediscovering her body, Tara finally understood her desire and how to proceed from this erotic wisdom. Most importantly, she began to teach these lessons to women who are clamoring for the same truths so that they too could transform their lives and reclaim their sensuality.




Unlock Your Imagination

Are you feeling stuck in your bookkeeping business? Do you wish you had time to stop thinking about clients and spend time on yourself for a change? Join me for a One Little Spark Session that’s all about you. Play with what is possible by imagining what can be and have some fun.

Cindy Schroeder

Bookkeeper Extraordinaire, Life Long Mouseketeer

Hello, my name is Cindy Schroeder. I have created a lifestyle bookkeeping business and love sharing my journey with others to inspire them to find their happy place too. My passion is playing in the Disney parks.





Navigating and holding space for conversations about race and racism

Finding Human™ is a gateway to a whole new world of equity and knowing deep down that you are making an actual difference, tilling the soil for a welcoming environment that allows any individual to show up as their authentic self and share their gifts with the world. Join me to add this critical tool to your toolkit!

Paula Forbes

Conversation Catalyst

I am a conversation catalyst who guides leaders committed to making meaningful change. I use a variety of facilitation methods to design safe spaces where participants can feel confident and comfortable having tough conversations and ultimately learn how to move forward in a collaborative way. My journey as an attorney, consultant, educator, and lived experiences as a Black woman, mother of a Black son, and daughter of a civil rights leader shaped my leadership lens and informed so much of what I incorporate into my personal and professional development work.



heart-centered badass

Soul Aligned Business Expansion

Step into your greatest soul-aligned expansion and experience greater joy, fulfillment, and freedom with profits rooted in purpose. As a visionary you are called to something bigger. We’ll help you realize that vision and grow a soul-aligned business in a way that is authentic and aligns with your values.

Amber Swenor

Transformational Brand Strategist

Your personal truth is the path to freedom. As a spiritual heart-centered badass, Amber guides visionaries to step into their most soul-aligned work by aligning with their authenticity and creating a strategy for expansion. Amber is expert at helping visionaries optimize their energy, zone of genius, while aligning purpose, prots and market positioning, as a result experiencing greater freedom, joy and wealth. She’s the founder of several businesses including Soul Seed, growing to over $1M in less than 4 years. She’s a transformational brand & business strategist, speaker, author, musician.



visionary leader


Are you ready to ignite your potent presence? Energy never lies. When you shift your energy, it magically opens your field and you become unmistakably magnetic to your people. The Visibility Superpowers Experience is designed to reveal the energy pattern ready to be transformed, so you can expand your visibility capacity and show up at a whole new level.

Rionach Aiken

Visibility Mentor & Poetry Alchemist™

Hi, I’m Rionach! I overcame decades of debilitating shyness to become a poet, speaker, healer and skilled space-holder for transformation. Now when I share my depths, I touch people’s hearts, melt their frozen parts and help them see their own essence. I love to support transformation leaders like you to grow magnetic visibility through shifting your energy at a very deep level. So you can share your unique wisdom, actively call in the ones who need your wisdom and become seen, known and valued.
Our world needs more visionary voices!





Build a life that lights you up from the inside out

When was the last time you looked at your life and truly loved it, and yourself? Too many women settle for a life that’s “fine”, but they’re missing what really lights them up. It doesn’t have to be that way. You CAN build a life that you love and that’s true to who you are. Let’s begin your adventure!

Kortney Rivard

Authenticity and Self-love Coach

Hi, I’m Kortney. After a painful divorce, I had to rebuild my life from the ground up. It was scary, uncertain, and at times overwhelming; but the experience gave me the opportunity to know and love myself, discover what I want most, and believe in my ability to get it. I help women build a true, authentic life that they love through self-discovery, self-love, movement, and adventure. Whether you are rebuilding your life after a loss or just want to get unstuck, I can help!





Let’s REFRAME your obstacles through PLAY!

When was the last time you were invited on a Play Date? As community leaders, it seems a wild idea to stop and play. The pressure of keeping it together for others has let cracks get into the deep places that hold old wounds. What if we could find healing through fun and playful inquiry?

Emme Porter DeWitt (they/them)

Transcendental Tinkerer

Emme Porter DeWitt (they/them) is a transcendental tinkerer who uses their intuition and expansive perspective to flip problems on their head and collaborate new inquiries, digging deep into residual stories and patterns that impact community leaders and their work. This can be seen most notably in Emme’s debut course Gender Mindset Reset, which helps parents reconnect with their gender expansive loved ones after coming out—a program inspired by Emme’s own family story. Their current work focuses on community leaders stalled out by residual patterns in need of some playful TLC.





Unhook: Live and lead potently, aligned with your most authentic Self.

Like many top leaders and entrepreneurs, you’ve achieved success in your career – but somehow it all feels empty. In fact, inside, you feel like you should be happier, more fulfilled, experiencing more joy or contentment. 

Mud to Lotus is the transformational program that supports you to unhook from familiar, conditioned ways of living and rediscover your own inner compass.

Ann Becks

Transformational Alignment Coach & Mentor

Hi! I’m Ann Becks. I left a successful, 30 year career as a nurse practitioner and health leader when some experiences became the catalyst for me to examine how I was living my life. I came to understand just how disconnected I’d been living from my own inner compass. I passionately believe that when top leaders and entrepreneurs live and lead from the groundedness of their own inner compass, using their cognitive expertise, they become exponentially more potent in all areas of their lives.

energy first


lightness of being


UNTAME YOUR HEART Energy Expansion Session

Are you ready for the energy that wants to be shifted to reveal itself? Unscripted 90 min session, uniquely channeled just for you. 

Some of the things you may experience: an opening of the heart, an expanded awareness about you as a Being, clarity of your vision & next action steps. 

BONUS: Beautiful necklace custom engraved with YOUR ENERGY WORD.

Julia Bernadsky

Transformational Energy Coach

Hi! I’m Julia, my first language is Energy. My soul essence is a Healer. After 20+ years as Creative Director & Brand Strategist I resigned from the glamorous career & followed my calling. My work is about shifting energy & expanding consciousness. Guided by highly attuned intuition I help my clients to release past traumas & create their lives / business without fears or limitations. My deepest desire is to inspire people to “drop into the Magic of what you are here to do” & trust that powerful Inner Knowing that can’t be tamed. 





Evolve Your SOUL, Evolve Your Business

Who you are is constantly EVOLVING. This evolution expresses itself through your life, your business, and your brand. I help bring powerful insight into the future landscape of what your business and brand can be at their highest level and what you can do to show up as a soul-led leader and innovator in this new territory.

Veronica Wirth

Visionary Guide, Shamanic Business Intuitive

Veronica is a shamanic practitioner, business visionary, intuitive, and author, and founder of the Evolvative and Athena Matrix brands. On a spiritual journey since her youth, she experienced powerful awakenings through her 20s and 30s. In January of 2000 she began receiving channeled guidance from her wise circle of guides and teachers. Kept private until a few years ago, Veronica now actively brings her mystical gifts forward to guide her business and client work, helping her clients integrate their own soul wisdom into their life and work.




gushy love

Juicing to Clarity

We all know green juice and juice detoxes are great for the body. Juicing is also a powerful portal and accelerant for mental, emotional, and spiritual release. Rise above the density of muddy energy and old stories into a higher vibration, where truth, clarity, and lightness are waiting to connect with you! What if getting clear could be deliciously fun?

Erika Allison

Sourced Coach and Certified Juice Therapist

Hi, I’m Erika. I’m an incurable romantic driven by my quest for intimacy with life. As Rumi says, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” My heart enthusiastically guides me to opportunities for illumination as I share my light with others. I help people open to  profound connections with self and life. Join me for retreats, private coaching, and group programs. I can also add a high vibe juicing component to your retreats.





Playfully connect to intuition and flow, live a life of magical ease

At The Liminal Playground, we enjoy playdates with our intuition and rituals to discover our natural flow cycles. We partake in magical practices to support ease and flow in our everyday lives. We dance with our shadows knowing that everything is cyclical, and, from stillness, space is made to create a new way of being. Come play with us!

Stevie Caldarola

Playful Druid, Liminal Guide, Intuition Coach

Stevie has years of experience being a “different” soul living a “conventional” lifestyle. Completely overwhelmed and on the brink of breakdown after many years of trying too hard to survive in the constructs of modern society, Stevie discovered that she is descendant from Druid lineage. Stepping back into her power as a magical being, Stevie unleashed her creativity to co-create a life of flow and ease. Stevie helps radical, magical leaders to reconnect with their intuition and practice Flow rituals regularly, supporting the innovative growth they are here to create.

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