A few years ago I realized I would not be able to achieve my goal of normalizing transformation on the planet alone! I visualize a world in which all people are cleared from old default energies and connected to their Sourced knowing of what works for them. Inner transformation happens when we are committed to a different result in a specific area of our life. The energy shift affects all areas! Enter our Sourced Experience Mastery certification program!

If you are seeking a container of support with a guide who you know is trained to hold space for transformation, you’ve come to the right place! These leaders have gone deep, transformed their own stuck energies, and have demonstrated a clear commitment to walking their talk. Each has trained and been assessed by Sourced and has applied our transformational philosophies to their unique area of expertise.

This month’s Sourced™ Leader Spotlight!





Spark Your Next Brand Evolution!

As a visionary leader, your brand needs to be built upon an internal vision FIRST. Beginning with your soul’s vision makes ALL the difference in creating a brand foundation that can evolve with you and your truth. Let’s take the first steps together in a powerful 1:1 virtual Intuitive Vision Session as we dive into what’s next for your soul-led your business!

Veronica Wirth

Visionary Guide, Shamanic Business Intuitive

Hi, I’m Veronica Wirth, Evolvative™ business visionary, intuitive, change-maker, creative. I blend my experience from branding, shamanism, design, yoga, marketing, and the business, food and entertainment worlds. Most of my life I kept my business and spiritual lives separate, and frustrated because my business and brand didn’t align with who I truly was and my deeper work I felt called to share. It was only when I embraced my spiritual gifts WITHIN my work that things really blossomed for me. Now more than ever the world needs our soulful brilliance to be fully seen. I am here to help you shine!


bold spirit



Reveal Your Soul!

Would you like to experience a breakthrough in having the courage and confidence to be fully you? Would you like to feel your soul at a deeper level by connecting to your essence through a photoshoot? In our exclusive VIP Photoshoot Experience, we will capture who you are at your soul level through an unforgettable immersion experience at a destination we choose together!

Robin Finney

Authenticity & Intuitive Guide

Hi, I’m Robin Finney, founder of Wandering Aunt. I am your guide to discovering who your authentic self is through Intuitive Clarity Sessions, Soulo Travel Retreats, and Reveal Your Soul Photoshoot Experiences. I believe at the core of being human, we all have a desire to be seen; and the best way to capture your desire is through travel and photo experiences with an experienced guide. Since 2018, I have soulo-traveled to 19 countries across 6 continents and modeled in 8 international photoshoots.




Increase your impact and income while you become the leader of your movement in the Ladies Power Lunch Visibility Circle.
1) Be seen and heard on stage; reach over 50,000 like minded women while honing your message.  2) Increase your presence through being a best selling author.  3) Be a part of our podcast network.  4) Mastermind with women on the same track towards leading their movement.

Dr. Davia H. Shepherd

CHO Ladies Power Lunch

Dr. Davia H. Shepherd is a holistic physician and intuitive optimal life coach. She is an international speaker, bestselling author, retreat leader and recovering researcher celebrating almost two decades of experience working in various areas of healthcare. Her focus, especially in this time, is to connect us with each other and with our true inner amazing selves, so that we may live the lives we have the potential for: Longer, Healthier and Happier in every aspect.






Have you stopped seeing yourself as a sexual/sensual woman?

Or perhaps you never did? I developed my Love-Sexy-Self-Care virtual retreats for women just like you. You’ll learn why creating sacred space for loving intimacy is important to your vitality. I’ll guide you through life-changing Tantric practices involving meditation, breathwork and self-touch. You’ll gain clarity about your authentic sexual self and form an intention to reclaim this part of you.

Dr. Laura Monk

Laura Monk, PhD, is a psychotherapist and transformation coach combining modern trauma-informed and ancient/spiritual Tantric approaches to sex, love and relationship coaching. Laura describes herself as a recovering academic, who opted out of the UK University system at the point of burn out, but not before discovering Tantra and great sex in her fifties, which set her off on a mission to spread the love to others wanting an all-round more joyful and fun life. As a certified retreat leader, Laura runs transformational self-care retreats, both for practitioners and awakened women.




What if your inner knowing led the way?

Imagine you had a behind-the-scenes oracle helping you to clean up the energy in your business and hear the direction that’s right for you! Just like we tidy up our homes or wash ourselves, having clean business energy is critical for ease, momentum, and enjoyment. It’s likely to ignite your results! Ready to raise your energy and soar?

Manda Stack

Intuitive Coach and Energy Clearing Specialist

Hi! I’m the behind-the-scenes oracle for successful businesswomen. My passion is empowering you to hear, trust, and act on your inner wisdom so that you can finally live the life that you were meant to live. My work is about clearing the connection between you and your Divine Source to ignite the freedom,flow, and joy that you deserve. Based in Wisconsin, I work with a small number of women around the world as their support for energy and intuitive guidance.





Connect the Dots, Intuitively

Are you ready to design your next chapter but you’re not sure which path to take? Are you stuck overthinking or rethinking? In our private Rip & Reveal session, I’ll show you how to call on your intuition to get the input you need to start taking inspired action. Consider it a (gentle) shove in the right direction from your inner guide.

Meredith Vaish

Clarity Catalyst, Ritualist, and Movement Maker

Hi, I’m Meredith Vaish, Creator of Pause Box. I believe one of the most powerful ways to get clear and move forward is to take a break. I’m on a mission to help creators, do-ers, and improvers break free from today’s always-on culture. I offer retreats and programs to encourage women to reconnect to their power through intentional pause so they can create the life they love. I speak on the topics of clarity and intention and recently launched my system of daily ritual called Pause Box Alter Cards.





Lovingly kick your control freak to the curb!

Ready to experience more freedom around an important area of your life like relationship, career, creativity, your body, money, or the power your inner critic has over you? Using curiosity, awareness and compassion, we’ll get clear on one area where control is showing up in all its glory that is ready for surrender and an upgrade. Book your Surrender Session today. Here’s to your freedom!

Lisa Welden

Transformational Leader.Mentor. Experience Junkie.

Hi-I’m Lisa Welden, Founder of Rebel Sage Experiences. I help rebels disrupt the predictable to create the extraordinary. I believe life is an adventure to be lived by challenging ourselves to step into the unknown, follow our hearts, and trust it will lead us to something more profound than we can even imagine. I curate transformational experiences through retreats, workshops, speaking engagements and with clients 1-on-1, all in the name of creating a massive ripple effect of courageous, conscious living.

Where is your rebel nature leading you?





The Spiritual Path of Success for Muslim Women

The Journey of Ascension: Explore the principles of faith and resiliency and pick up to the tools needed to build a life of success and abundance. Learn to see life’s challenges through a spiritual prism and find the beauty and blessings inside life’s lessons which will help define how you resurrect yourself and serve others in the midst of discovering your strength and courage.

Akanke Rasheed

The Ascension Coach

Akanke is a Muslim woman who loves God, life, people, spirituality and sincere conversations. Her journey of ascension started in 1989 when she decided to leave a burgeoning corporate career to pursue self-development in the face of uncertainties. Since then, her journey of self-actualization has taken many twists and turns—including becoming widowed twice. Her trust in God has helped her endure life’s challenges with great success. 30 years ago, she didn’t even believe in God. She gives other women the tools needed to live with divine success, grace, and abundance.

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