You’re (one of the first to be) invited to The Sourced™ Work Lighter Challenge!

Trust your magic, reclaim your freedom!

September 13-17, 2021



In the Work Lighter Challenge, we’ll cover…

DAY 1: Your Sourced Magic and How to Work Lighter

Did you know that there is a unique way that Source (spirit, God, the Universe, energy, divine light), WANTS to work through you? When you embrace it everything you touch is more potent. We’ll explore this inner knowing that is so ready to be fully unleashed!

 DAY 2: Make Your Magic Valid

So often we look outside of ourselves for validation – do you feel me? I know I did, time and again… it’s at the core of every strategy I’ve attempted to execute that didn’t go so well. There is a perfectly normal reason we invalidate what we know to be true. Let’s challenge that together!

DAY 3: Make Your Magic Valuable           

When the work feels heavy, it’s always a clue that you’re not valuing your magic. We’ll uncover the subtle way you’ve been undervaluing your natural brilliance, and turning things into  ‘hard work.’ You’ll be challenged to let a piece of that go… it’s exciting to see what will open up!

 DAY 4: Make Your Magic Visible

Magical beings have often learned to hide in plain sight. Many of the modern marketing strategies reaffirm the need to tone down what you’re most passionate about, so you can ‘sell them what they want, give them what they need.’ But this is no longer 2009 (the year I started my business) and your people are sophisticated. They want your magic.

 DAY 5: The 4 Pillars of Your Business Model Magic

You may be surprised on day 5 when you discover that knowing how your Sourced Magic works can unlock your business awareness. You’ll suddenly get exactly how you’ve designed your business to be heavy (and why)! When you design around your inner knowing, it really is easy and light!


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