Is your transformation business feeling heavy?

BINGE the 5-Day
Work Lighter Challenge!

Did you know that you hold within you a unique and powerful gift?

And when you USE this gift in your work, everything feels so much more EASE-ful.

You can work lighter… and work your light!


​​Do you sense that your business is out of balance (like waaay too heavy) but you’re not sure how to shift it?

You're experiencing:

  • Weighty client issues
  • Working in ways that aren’t ‘you’ and drain your energy
  • Underpromising and undercharging for fear you can’t deliver
  • Capping your earning potential because you can’t imagine ‘doing more’ than you already are
  • Distracting yourself with projects that aren’t bringing you money (or joy)… thinking once you finish those things, then the money will come (or you can do what you love)

You love your work – most of the time. You love your clients. You’re grateful to be on this path…

Yet you know that to be IN LOVE with your business truly, you can’t keep sacrificing your freedom – the reason you went into business to begin with.

There is a solution - I call it your magic. Sourced Magic. (not a magic pill… rather a perspective on you and your work that once you see it, you can’t unsee it… in the most beautiful way).

But first, I’ve been there. I loved my work. I was so proud of what I had built. My clients were changing their lives and I could work from anywhere.

Then one day I heard myself say to a colleague… “If it weren’t for this stupid [event], my life would be so easy right now.”

And that moment woke me up. [For me it was an event, for you it may be some other strategy or trendy idea that doesn’t feel right in your soul.]

I asked myself, why am I scrambling to fill an event that isn’t even necessary for my business to thrive? What is missing from the way I am HOLDING (experiencing) this event and my business overall that has me recreating a heaviness in my work time and again -- why do I feel this subtle need to push and hustle?

I spent the next two years answering that question for myself, and another almost two years testing my discovery. And that is what I want to share with you over the course of five days in...

Darla LeDoux,
Founder of Sourced™

It all begins with your unique connection to Source Energy, which I call your Sourced Magic.

What if you could be
more GENEROUS than you ever thought possible in your approach to your work,
without ever being DEPLETED!?

We’ll break it all down for you in this recorded BINGE EDITION of 5 bite-sized lessons.

Hosted by Founder & CEO Darla LeDoux, and Head Coach Ashlie Woods

Get ready to own who you truly are.

Get ready to shed what isn’t working any longer.

Get ready to align your energy & ignite your fire.

Get ready to work lighter…

Greater abundance, joy, and freedom await.

In the Work Lighter Challenge, we’ll cover…

DAY 1: Your Sourced Magic and How to Work Lighter
Did you know that there is a unique way that Source (spirit, God, the Universe, energy, divine light), WANTS to work through you? When you embrace it, everything you touch is more potent. We’ll explore this inner knowing that is so ready to be fully unleashed!

DAY 2: Make Your Magic Valid
So often we look outside of ourselves for validation – do you feel me? I know I did, time and again… it’s at the core of every strategy I’ve attempted to execute that didn’t go so well. There is a perfectly normal reason we invalidate what we know to be true. Let’s challenge that together!

DAY 3: Make Your Magic Valuable
When the work feels heavy, it’s always a clue that you’re not valuing your magic. We’ll uncover the subtle way you’ve been undervaluing your natural brilliance, and turning things into  ‘hard work.’ You’ll be challenged to let a piece of that go… it’s exciting to see what will open up!

DAY 4: Make Your Magic Visible
Magical beings have often learned to hide in plain sight. Many of the modern marketing strategies reaffirm the need to tone down what you’re most passionate about, so you can ‘sell them what they want, give them what they need.’ But this is no longer 2009 (the year I started my business) and your people are sophisticated. They want your magic.

DAY 5: Business Model Magic
You may be surprised on day 5 when you discover that knowing how your Sourced Magic works can unlock your business awareness. You’ll suddenly get exactly how you’ve designed your business to be heavy (and why)! When you design around your inner knowing, it really is easy and light!

Hosted by Founder & CEO Darla LeDoux, and Head Coach Ashlie Woods

When you know Source has your back and you trust the way your magic works, the relationship with your business and your clients and your team transforms dramatically.

You will:

  • Trust your knowing.
  • Show up with potency and generosity (without becoming depleted!)
  • Hold everything more lightly (and have more fun)
  • Be profoundly aware that you are not alone. And neither is your client!
  • Know you are making moves that are aligned with your soul.

The Sourced Work Lighter Challenge includes:

  • Five 30-minute lessons, ready for you to BINGE!
  • A Daily Challenge Action – designed to shift your energy into alignment with Source and activate your magic over the course of the week.
  • An exclusive Facebook community for connection and sharing (some Daily Challenge Actions will take place in the Facebook Group).
  • A personal login to access the lessons and assignments within our course portal (no getting lost on Facebook!)


  • “Being Multi-Magical” training series which includes a teaching by Darla and an interview with each type of magician.
  • An optional accountability partner within the community for the week!

This program, without bonuses, is valued at $140, and is yours for just $0! (You’ll have an option to add an additional workshop with Darla after you register.)

Each lesson will be delivered live on zoom. We’ll also broadcast into the Facebook Group and put the replays into your course portal each day.

Some changes clients have made by allowing their magic to come to the forefront of their business include:

I'm feeling so much more confident in the value I bring to my work with clients, and I'm excited for this next stage of the journey, where I'm operating more and more from Sourced Energy, listening to and trusting my guidance.

- Linda Anderson, Mindset Magician & EFT Tapping Coach, Founder of Tap Into Your Success,

I would encourage anyone considering this program to tune into your inner knowing, and if your answer is yes, don't walk but run to register!

- Dr. Davia Shepherd, CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) of Ladies' Power Lunch™,

Working with Darla helped me shed a layer that's been with me for quite some time, and I've already seen shifts in my behavior, all from the clarity of the simple notion 'aligning with my own truth.

- Hannah McKitrick, Wellness Chef & Holistic Nutritionist,