Sourced Strategy Session with a Sourced Coach & One Tree Planted!

Our coaches are here for you when it’s time to embrace a new vibration – one that aligns with your magic and positions you as the leader that you are.

In this 30-minute session with one of our Sourced Coaches, you will:

  • Presence what your soul is calling to you at this time, and where your magic wants to lead you.
  • Bring awareness to the current state of your business, including what may be hidden from your view that has caused stagnation.
  • Co-create a life-giving vision with Source, one that highlights you in all your magic, generates beautiful financial abundance, and deeply serves your clients!
  • Explore the most aligned next step to close the gap between where you are and where Source is leading you.

A Sourced Strategy Session is $44, which goes directly to planting 44 trees!
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Ashlie Woods

Ashlie Woods is a transformational coach, retreat leader, dance lover and Transformation Enthusiast. She is passionate about facilitating experiences that liberate and empower people to live their fullest, more creative and self-expressed lives. She believes there is a life that wants to be lived through you and a purpose only you can fulfill. It’s her greatest joy to support you in harnessing your energy and unleashing your magic into the world!

Ashlie spent 6 years designing and delivering corporate training programs focused on leadership development and company culture before making the bold leap to start her own retreat-based business.

Julie Flippin is a business expert, author, Certified Sourced Leader, and a coach for Team Sourced. She began her journey with the divine, and living life fully, in 1996 when she chose to get sober. Julie’s career included executive management, troubleshooting, and sales and leadership training before she left the corporate world to start her own successful accounting and bookkeeping business.

Since that time the divine pull has led her to become a Psychotherapist, working with private clients and through courses as at a center she created for more than a decade, and then to coaching. As a business coach she’s specialized in helping entrepreneurs find lasting wealth and happiness by healing unresolved issues, and confidently offering and selling the work they are here to do. Her clients expand spiritually and emotionally to become empowered, confident leaders, and have the consistent accountability to put their vision into action.

Julie Flippin

After more than 12 years in the coaching space, we know that we tend to value what we pay for. We invite you to show up fully to your session, including submitting your prep questions so your coach can be fully present with you. Because of this, there is a fee to explore your next step with our support (even if the next step is to hire us!)

It’s not that we want your money – we want your commitment. 

In the win-win energy, we donate 100% of your Source Your Strategy investment to One Tree Planted. We are thrilled to partner with One Tree Planted as they reforest the planet. Your strategy session purchase will add to the 11 million trees already planted, and say “Thank You,” to Mother Earth who always supports our transformation! Thank you.

Learn more about One Tree Planted here: