Work lighter, lean into your magic!

There are 6 types of Sourced® magic…

Unleash Your Magic!

We help service-based entrepreneurs confidently market, sell, and deliver deep transformation with their unique magical gifts.


When you learn to deeply trust your inner knowing, you’ll be willing to value it and make it visible in your marketing and the way you deliver your services.

 When you have a supportive structure for delivering transformation, in partnership with divine guidance, your work becomes lighter and more joyful.

This is what it means to become Sourced®. And we are a stand for you, and your clients, being in your most authentic expression. 


Through our offerings we’ll support you to:

– Create a business model that works for you (designed around your intuitive gifts)

– Value your transformational work (and be masterful at delivering it)

– Be confident in your self-expression (the unique slice of Source you came here to be)


When it’s time to transition your business model to support your Sourced Expression. Offer your unique brand of transformation for the income you desire.


Unleash your Sourced Magic, and optimize your business around it in our signature experiential coaching program. This 10-week small group immersion explores 4 core conversations from a place of owning your Sourced Magic: Energy; Expression; Money; and Model. You’ll discover just what’s been missing from your business to bring more of your intuitive gifting to the forefront.


You’ve been called to show up at a whole new level. While you may not know exactly what that means, you’re ready to find out. Whether it’s time to reinvent your services, be more bold in your messaging, change up your pricing, put a stop to over-giving, or upgrade your business frequency, Source expressing through you makes all the difference! Six month 1-on-1 with group support. 


When you’re ready to work lighter and go deeper. Deliver potent transformation by shifting your client’s energy, and letting Source be your guide.


This Level 1 training supports you in bringing powerful transformational support to your 1-on-1 client work and virtual group programs.

We support you to transform your personal leadership such that you can lean into bringing your Sourced Magic into your client work, and even your marketing and business model.

From how to show up, what to say and ask, how to design a program to optimize for how Source works with you and  your clients together, and more, you will stand out in the market with your unique approach. This 6-month virtual program can be completed from home.

Want a taste of our certification program? Attend Shift the Field Live with Darla LeDoux:

Next Dates:  SEPTEMBER 2023


This Level 2 training supports you as you create transformational multi-day experiences for groups of clients that leave them in a whole new energy field.

Master group energy techniques and experience design at a whole new level as you become skilled at accelerating transformation through immersion, without requiring extra energy from, or pressure on, you. You’re Sourced, after all!

This training includes leading live multi-day client retreats, virtual transformational retreats, and team retreats. There is a prerequisite of Level 1 training.

Next Dates: MARCH 2024


“I have transformed from the inside out”

As an intuitive lightworker it has been hard for me to accept the mantle and be the beacon I am meant to be. I wanted to make my work with patients as impactful as possible. In the process I have transformed from the inside out, learning to Believe Myself, and that it is OK not to practice in the traditional way. I now focus on my energy rather than allowing the outside circumstances to be the reason for the way I feel. I have known these principles intellectually, but it is another thing entirely to embody them. Through retreats and coaching with Darla, I am grateful to be embodying what I have taught for so long. And a whole new business opportunity has emerged that I never saw coming as a result!

– Dr. Davia Shepherd, Power Transformations

“Darla’s presence and power as a sourced transformational leader has had a profound impact on my business and life!”

My year with Darla and her team, being immersed in the loving container of Sourced learning, transformation and support was perhaps the greatest gift I have given my business self. I was poised and ready to finally stop hiding, to own more fully my true calling and sacred gifts, and her Sourced Experience Mastery Program gave me all the tools and more importantly the inner transformation I needed to BE the Love Leader in my business.  This kind of deep work can only be done in a powerful and Sourced Sacred Container.  I am so grateful for Darla and her team for helping me fully trust my own connection to Source and rely on it as the Spiritual Partnership that it is – and that is Priceless!

Sandy Tomey, Love Luminary at

Work lighter, lean into your magic!

There are 6 types of Sourced™ magic…

which one are you?

Your Sourced™ Magic awaits!