Work lighter, lean into your magic!

There are 6 types of Sourced™ magic…

We Make the Sublime Practical!

Have you ever had decision overload, gotten fuzzy, wishing for an outside source to give you the answer? We get it! (And we both know it doesn’t work like that!)

Your divine guidance is the key to a deeply fulfilling business that lets you go deeper with your clients, while working lighter and on purpose.

While we have the practical skills of running a transformational business that’s earned millions, we start by deeply trusting your inner knowing, and integrating the new energies needed for you to BE who you’re called to be at the next level.

When you become Sourced™, you:

  • Love and believe yourself fully, releasing old energies that don’t fit the future brand of you.


  • Learn to truly receive, from yourself, from others, and from Source.


  • Let the work you REALLY want to do be VALID, VALUED, and VISIBLE!


  • Lead more efficiently, not because you have all the perfect systems in place, but because spirit guides you to the exact right actions FOR YOU.


  • Expand and explore your personal power, receiving wisdom from others while maintaining your own discernment. Speak your truth without fear, knowing no one outside of you has better answers for you than you do!


  • Amp up your intuition, expanding both how you connect with source and how visible you allow your spirituality to be as you lead!
  • Boldly trust the direction you are being led, and claim who you are as a leader and innovator in your space.


  • Create your own economy regardless of external circumstances. Know how to position, value and charge for your magic!


  • Provide a juicy space for transformation for others in your programs, services, and your BEINGNESS as you lead. 


  • Strengthen your trust in nonlinear forces as you master working with energy, physical sensations in your body, and nature and her rhythms, as an integral part of how you lead.


  • Have more fun in your business and delight in your personal growth adventure!

We have three types of offerings designed with these outcomes in mind.

“I have transformed from the inside out ”

As an intuitive lightworker it has been hard for me to accept the mantle and be the beacon I am meant to be. I wanted to make my work with patients as impactful as possible. In the process I have transformed from the inside out, learning to Believe Myself, and that it is OK not to practice in the traditional way. I now focus on my energy rather than allowing the outside circumstances to be the reason for the way I feel. I have known these principles intellectually, but it is another thing entirely to embody them. Through retreats and coaching with Darla, I am grateful to be embodying what I have taught for so long. And a whole new business opportunity has emerged that I never saw coming as a result!

– Dr. Davia Shepherd, Power Transformations


Source a new awareness that shifts how you show up and engage with life.


Unleash your magic in your client work and in  your life by making your inner knowing valid, valued, and visible in the way you work and lead.

When you can see and own who you came here to be, and free up all the energy that has secretly been committed to something else, Source works magic in your life, and that translates into your business and client results.

This is a 6-week transformational coaching program. Most clients start here.


The Sourced Experience™

Our magically Sourced experiential retreat is designed with two intentions: 1) To create a clear awareness of the stagnant energy pattern that has been in the way of your highest expression. 2) To experience the YOU on the other side of that pattern, activating a whole new and personally expansive energy within your field. You’ll also practice your magic.

We make the sublime practical, turning this intuitive and energetic knowing into practical business actions.

This is a 3-day immersive experience.



Insights are cheap, Integration is priceless™. Step into a container of support for your highest expression to sink into your cells, and make magic in your life.


Have you recently moved through a “Sourced Experience” in your life and you are seeking support to integrate what you’ve discovered?

Perhaps you’ve been on one of our retreats, or someone else’s, or read a transformational book, or life has handed you one of those beautifully Sourced lessons, like a loss (revenue, relationships, security, identity), or an unexpected transition. This wakes you up and you know you’re now different – but how do you integrate that change into your life, or your business? Like, really integrate it, so you use it as a catalyst for next-level magic? (And don’t need to repeat the lesson!) This is a 6-month private coaching program.



You’re in a whole new energy field. However you came to be here, you are loving that you’ve seen something about who you came here to be that you can’t UNSEE.

Perhaps you’ve seen a pattern you are willing to release. Perhaps you’ve glimpsed the vibration you know you are truly meant to hold as a business leader. Or perhaps your intuitive gift (Sourced Magic) is coming online fast and fierce. And you’re not really sure how to hold the new energy and integrate the gifts into your day to life and work. You want a place to practice and play, engaging in life as the new you, with support to navigate this integration without backsliding.

We are MASTERS at holding space for integration. The nuanced energy shifts create the most potent outcomes. This is a 9-month program combining group and 1-on-1 support for the optimal integration experience. 


Work lighter and go deeper for lasting transformation and contagious joy when you invite Sourced Magic into your offerings. Become a Certified Sourced Leader!


This Level 1 training supports you in bringing powerful transformational support to your 1-on-1 client work and virtual group programs.

We support you to transform your personal leadership such that you can lean into bringing your Sourced Magic into your client work, and even your marketing and business model.

From how to show up, what to say and ask, how to design a program to optimize for how Source works with you and  your clients together, and more, you will stand out in the market with your unique approach. This 6-month virtual program can be completed from home.

Next Dates:  JUNE 2021, DECEMBER 2021 


This Level 2 training supports you as you create transformational multi-day experiences for groups of clients that leave them in a whole new energy field.

Master group energy techniques and experience design at a whole new level as you become skilled at accelerating transformation through immersion, without requiring extra energy from, or pressure on, you. You’re Sourced, after all!

This training includes leading live multi-day client retreats, virtual transformational retreats, and team retreats. There is a prerequisite of level 1 training AND attending The Sourced Experience at least once.

Next Dates: JUNE 2021, currently by invite only. 

“Darla’s presence and power as a sourced transformational leader has had a profound impact on my business and life!”

My year with Darla and her team, being immersed in the loving container of Sourced learning, transformation and support was perhaps the greatest gift I have given my business self. I was poised and ready to finally stop hiding, to own more fully my true calling and sacred gifts, and her Sourced Experience Mastery Program gave me all the tools and more importantly the inner transformation I needed to BE the Love Leader in my business.  This kind of deep work can only be done in a powerful and Sourced Sacred Container.  I am so grateful for Darla and her team for helping me fully trust my own connection to Source and rely on it as the Spiritual Partnership that it is – and that is Priceless!

Sandy Tomey,  Love Luminary at

Work lighter, lean into your magic!

There are 6 types of Sourced™ magic…

which one are you?

Your Sourced™ magic awaits!

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