My Journey to

What led you here to this page today? I’m going to say that Source did! And you are here right on time.

I created Sourced because, well, spirit told me to! 

My Journey to Sourced™

I was sitting at my kitchen table watching the birds outside my window and chatting with a colleague on the phone. I was seven years in business at this point. My business was ‘successful’ – it was funding my dream home on the water, I traveled whenever I wanted, and I could work most days in my pj’s if I chose to. 

As I heard myself say these words, however, I knew something needed to change. I said “If it weren’t for this stupid _________ I created, my life and business would be SO EASY right now! Why did I do this?” (You can fill in the blank with your own marketing campaign, program, or event that wasn’t a Sourced™ decision.)

When I broke down what was happening, I could instantly recognize my ego at play. I had created a whole new offering, and I thought it was intuitively guided. Yet here I was close to tears as I faced the result of my decisions. 

In that moment I promised myself I would do business differently. I didn’t have the words for it then, but I committed to becoming Sourced™.

I’d always been intuitive in the way I ran my business. I’d gotten ‘signs’ that guided me to attract the funds to start my business, to start hosting retreats, to relocate to Denver, to come out of the closet and marry a woman, to share stories that changed people’s lives, and more. 

Yet following the signs alone had led me here, about to lose $50,000 and totally hating my days.

This was not why I started a transformation business!

So I made a COMMITMENT in that moment that I would never be in this place again. 

Never mind that I had been taught by mentors and marketing gurus that the thing to do was push through, to hustle and make this work. “Pick up the phone and make the money,” a former mentor’s voice rang in my ear. 

But I knew this was about more than figuring out how to make it work — I’d been there, done that, and gotten the T-shirt. 

This was an invitation to STOP the hustle, to learn specifically why and how my ego had created this to begin with, and to become Sourced™ (not forced).

This was an invitation to STOP the hustle, to learn specifically why and how my ego had created this to begin with, and to become Sourced™ (not forced).

And that’s exactly what I did. I committed.

I trusted that the $50K I “lost” would be returned in a new way, and I let it go. 

I proceeded to spend the next two years on a path to understand how my intuition, my soul connection to Source energy, works. So that I could shift from waiting around for the ‘signs’ and hoping to interpret them correctly, to having a direct line to infinite wisdom, and a divine knowing of who I came here to be, in each moment. 

In hindsight I can see that those years ago, while spirit had given me an intuitive ‘hit’ about something that was certainly accurate, it was my mind (led by my ego) that hurried and filled in the blanks and created that offering that was not mine to do, or at least not at that time. 

I have since studied, worked with coaches and participated in retreats, attracted clients who were fabulous teachers, and moved through loads of ‘sourced experiences’ in my own life. I’ve learned on the front lines of my own business transformation that I have access to so much more wisdom than I ever thought possible before!

Hint: It wasn’t simply learning tips and tricks for accessing it that mattered, or head learning, it was moving through the energetic healing process, opening me to a whole new vibration, or energetic upgrade, which allowed me to RECEIVE in a whole new way. 

What a surprise! I’d been doing this energetic healing work with clients for years, yet it was time for me to go to the next level and connect deeper with my soul’s purpose in this life. In the process I discovered and integrated all sorts of new tools for opening people’s hearts and souls to divine guidance, starting with my own. And, guess what? Many of the tools had been with me all along, my ego had simply had me afraid to use them! (This is likely the case for you too, oh beautiful beacon of light!)

Almost two years after declaring my commitment to lead differently, I was ready to hear the words from spirit, the directive to build a movement called Sourced™, and to be a beacon for business, and leadership done differently. Leading with vibration first, as a space of light and love, which includes all the truths of the shadow or the darkness as well. The mission I had been on for years, to have more influence in the hands of RICH (Right-brained, Intuitive, Connected, and Heart-centered) leaders, got an energetic upgrade. 

Today I am on a mission to have leaders who lead Sourced™ have more money and visibility (modern day influence) for their individual missions to unfold. This is how we spread love energy on the planet, one light-filled leader at a time.

For a full year I practiced living Sourced™ in my own life, and came face-to-face with ways I wanted to default to old ways of being, relying on common wisdom or external advice rather than trusting the inner knowing that spirit had planted in me.

Those of us with a divinely aligned mission can easily fall back to the traditional energetic we were raised in, which is why I am clear that Sourced™ is not just a coaching program or a philosophy. It is a community in which the commitment to high vibe living is understood, navigated, supported and continually integrated as we grow, together.

Living a Sourced™ life means providing yourself with the time and space to HEAR your soul, giving yourself massive permission to be, and love, ALL of you. The real you. At your own pace. Unencumbered. Glorious. Shining. Divine.

Work lighter, lean into your magic!

There are 6 types of Sourced™ magic…