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Transformation Doesn’t Happen By Accident!

How do some coaches, healers, and retreat leaders consistently facilitate powerful transformation for their clients … while others find their clients chasing breakthroughs without ever achieving lasting change?

Here’s the secret no one has told you until now. Your success as a facilitator has nothing to do with the types of clients you serve, but everything to do with your understanding of the predictable (and repeatable) process of transformation!

Darla Retreat Page Shift The Field Book

Shift the Field is the definitive guide for coaches, consultants, healers, retreat leaders, and other service providers who want to facilitate powerful and lasting transformation within their programs and offerings.

Darla LeDoux is a transformational business coach, “recovering engineer,” the best-selling author of Retreat and Grow Rich, and the founder of Sourced™. Since 2009, she has guided thousands of clients to confidently market, sell, and deliver deep transformation, unlock their own magical Sourced Expressions, and build lucrative businesses based on deep energetic alignment.

Drawing on more than a decade of experience as a top-level coach, retreat leader, and facilitator, Darla will show you how to combine her proven framework, The Anatomy of a Transformation, with your unique magic to create life-changing shifts for your clients—reliably, predictably, and in perfect alignment with divine Sourced Energy.

In this groundbreaking book, you’ll learn:

  • Why “ah-ha” moments don’t always equal real breakthroughs for your clients
  • Why strategy alone doesn’t empower people to create results
  • The pivotal role of commitment in creating transformation
  • How to help your clients integrate their breakthroughs and embody new, Sourced energy patterns
  • How to apply your unique Sourced Magic within the framework of the Anatomy of a Transformation to create incredible outcomes from your clients
  • How to sell your programs from transformation, not information

At its core, this work is about using vetted principles to create a powerful container for Sourced Energy. When you make space for transformation using this framework, you will allow your unique magic to support your clients’ transformation in the way that is most aligned with their goals, their life path, and their soul’s mission.

If you’re ready to begin creating powerful, lasting—and most importantly, repeatable and predictable—transformation within your programs and retreats, this book is an indispensable guide and companion. Click the Look Inside feature to begin reading now.
Darla Retreat Page Shift The Field Book
“Shift the Field is for the coach or consultant who has tried every tool and trick in the book, and still feels frustrated with client results. The perspective, frameworks, and tools in this book will give you a new way of looking at and supporting transformational change. It centers your clients’ truth, and puts you in a more grounded, effective role, leading to breakthrough results.”

Pamela Slim,
author, Body of Work


What if your “soft skills” – intuition, connection and a passion for inner growth – held the key to building a lucrative, fulfilling business and making your unique impact on the world?

Retreat and Grow Rich™is a step-by-step approach designed specifically for intuitive entrepreneurs who want to find financial freedom and make a difference… without checking their heart at the door.

In this book Darla LeDoux shares her journey, from being told her natural gifts would only hold her back in the corporate world, to experimenting with ‘traditional’ models of entrepreneurship, and finally ditching the ego-driven online gurus to build a thriving community and lucrative business through the power of small retreats.

An indispensable manual to planning, preparing for and delivering truly transformational experiences, this practical guide covers every aspect of this simple, effective structure. In practical exercises supported by real life case studies, Darla will walk you through the how to create a profitable, transformational retreat-based business: outlining your core offerings, understanding the flow of cash and clients and knowing exactly how you’ll create extraordinary results.

Retreat and Grow Rich™ is a complete strategy for entrepreneurs who want to use their RICH skills (right-brained, intuitive, connected, and heart-centered) in a simple and effective business model… without the big lists, hustle, or hype.

Darla Retreat Page Shift The Field Book