Committed service-based entrepreneur (coach, consultant, creative, healer, experience-provider, transformational leader)

Spirit has been tapping you on the shoulder letting you know that it’s time to grow… AGAIN.

You are no stranger to transforming your life, but this time feels different.

You have some ideas about this new direction…

  • It may be a bolder message and stance
  • A different way of delivering your work
  • A whole new vibration for operating your business and running your team
  • Fresh new business model, and pricing to match
  • Or all of the above.

    You see all the signs that it is time to evolve. Perhaps…

    • You’re bored with your current services (even though you love your clients), and you wonder if you’re really making a difference anymore
    • Your money has stopped flowing in the same way it used to 
    • The marketing approach you were taught feels tired and stagnant
    • You are feeling drawn to innovate – you know that all you’ve learned in building THIS version of your business could be put to good use while building something new.

      You may have even contemplated for a moment just stopping everything so you can hear your own heart for a while.

      But then the practical side speaks up, “But, this is still working,” “But, my clients NEED me, and my team relies on me,” and “What would I do for money?”

    It’s time to align with

    $535K in revenue

    Darla showed me how to structure my retreats to create long lasting transformation for my clients while helping me bring my best self into the process. If you have a desire to offer retreats, you absolutely want Darla in your corner.

    My initial program is $5k and I’ve had 71 people go through generating $355K. From that I’ve upsold $180K.

    That’s $535K in revenue from that retreat strategy.

    Laura Wieck

    It completely shifted my views and allowed me to claim my space. ”

    My journey in coaching with Julie was so profound. Julie has a beautiful way of listening intently to what you’re working through while providing insights of wisdom and actions for transformation. She uses various methods to remove blocks. One of my favorite tools she uses is Tapping. I remember being really stuck in an area around worth and money. Julie guided me through these blocks with tapping. It completely shifted my views and allowed me to claim my space. I am grateful to Julie and her dedication and love for humanity. She is an incredible coach, guide, and Sourced leader. 

    Robin Finney, Intuitive & Authenticity Guide

    “Sourced gifts of intuition and holding safe space for transformation… ”

    Julie’s unique background as an entrepreneur, coach and therapist along with her positivity passion and sourced gifts of intuition and holding safe space for transformation have supported me to own my talents, align my head heart and soul and find and use my voice to be visible and make the impact I desire.

    Lori Raggio

    What if you didn’t have to burn it all down, escape for months at a time, or even stop selling, to be able to hear the message of your soul, and birth your next-level expression?

    What if you could do this potent work in a container of support designed just for you?

    What if your next-level expression is less about all the doing, and more about launching a new way of BEING that will allow all of the practical steps to become crystal clear?

    Sure, some people do need to completely change their business, but most purpose-driven entrepreneurs in your shoes simply need to make one small shift that changes everything. Yes they are called to make practical changes, but above all, at this level, they are being called to become Sourced™.

    Becoming Sourced™ as an entrepreneur is a journey of releasing that which is no longer aligned with your soul’s expression (Sourced™ Expression) and stepping fully into trusting your inner wisdom, Source working through you, as your guide.

    As you integrate this new way of being into your business,

    You will find yourself in complete command of your new work, and navigating your transition with elegance. (Source always knows the most elegant solution!)

    In Your Sourced Expression we will:

    • Reveal Your Sourced™ Expression! There is a fresh new version of your work that wants to come through and that is our primary goal together. We will learn what that is and how it wants to express through you as a brand and company. 

    • Explore what wants to be lived through you at this time, and how that translates to the practical details of running your business – your messaging, your business model, your pricing and sales strategy, and more. (We are experts at making the sublime practical!)


    • Support you as you integrate a new field of energy (vibration) into your work AND your life. As you know, it is often how we are showing up in other areas of our life that is truly affecting your work. 

    • Increase the consistency of your access to Sourced guidance. You are using many of your gifts in this area, but there is so much more available. Together we’ll discover what works FOR YOU as the unique Sourced Magician that you are. (We use several assessments to guide our work in this area!) 

    • Be Magical, Be Potent, Be Receptive, and Be Light!
    “Working with Darla helped me get clear on the higher-level conversation I want to be in the world. ”

    When Darla says she focuses on alignment she asks the tough questions and provides an extremely safe space for you to explore alignment in all areas of life, not just business. 

    Working with Darla also helped me get clear on the higher-level conversation I want to be in in the world. This specific conversation for me is around prejudice and helping with world heal from this. Through our work and opportunities created by Darla I am continuing to be in that conversation and am preparing how I can contribute in my community. 

    What I thought I needed to be coached on by Darla expanded 10 fold.

    If you feel even a small hunch to do it TRUST IT and dive in. There is a reason why you are drawn to her and may be way bigger than you know.

    Lisa Comes – VIP

    Julie creates the safest of spaces to explore what’s up with you– and that’s good because, with Julie, there’s no place to hide!

    Julie is so skilled at asking just the right question, and she is also incredibly compassionate. Julie creates the safest of spaces to explore what’s up with you– and that’s good because, with Julie, there’s no place to hide!

    On the business side, she has helped me get clear on my messaging and design powerful offers. On the emotional and energetic side, she has guided me through some pretty rough blindspots.

    I got powerful takeaways from each and every session with her. If you’re ready to see yourself as whole and powerful, I highly recommend working with Julie.

    Meredith Vaish

    At Sourced™ we specialize in the transformation that will free you to lead differently, and the integration of this new way of being into every aspect of your business and life. 


    Because we know that in reality most people do not make this kind of shift alone. Neither did we. 

    And while the journey to owning Your Sourced Expression is not for the faint of heart, it is 100% worth it, and 1000% better with a support team holding the space along the way! 

    This program is a 6-month commitment and contains a combination of intensive 1-on-1 support with a top-notch certified Sourced Leader Transformational Coach, and experiential group support with Darla LeDoux. (Darla directly coaches a small number of 1-on-1 clients each year at a premium investment, subject to availability.) 

    Some clients like to stay with us for 12-18 months for further support for their integration, and for our fabulous Sourced community; however, the 6-month container has been optimized to deliver the outcomes above.

    Your Sourced Expression is by application only. Specific program details and pricing will be shared during your application and interview process. 

    We are committed to a mutually beneficial relationship and only enroll clients who are a clear, Sourced, ‘yes!’ to the container of support we provide. 


    Darla LeDoux

    Darla LeDoux is a business coach, author, speaker, and ‘recovering engineer.’ Since 2009 She has generated millions of dollars in revenue and supported thousands of entrepreneurs around the globe to transform their client’s lives and create thriving businesses based on freedom, truth, and connection.  

    She is dedicated to creating containers of support for entrepreneurs who want to shift from following traditional business practices, led by the mind and coming from a belief in lack, to leading in partnership with Source, with faith in themselves and the abundance of the Universe.     

    Ashlie Woods

    Ashlie Woods is a transformational coach, retreat leader, dance lover and Transformation Enthusiast. She is passionate about facilitating experiences that liberate and empower people to live their fullest, more creative and self-expressed lives. She believes there is a life that wants to be lived through you and a purpose only you can fulfill. It’s her greatest joy to support you in harnessing your energy and unleashing your magic into the world!

    Ashlie spent 6 years designing and delivering corporate training programs focused on leadership development and company culture before making the bold leap to start her own retreat-based business.

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