How to Use Desire-based Pricing Strategies

How to Use Desire-based Pricing Strategies

By Darla LeDoux, Founder of Sourced and Author of the books Shift The Field and Retreat and Grow Rich

October 25, 2023

A lot of you might obsess about the value of your work anybody?

Is this valuable? Can I charge that? What should I charge? Let me research my competitors and find out what I should be charging.

Well, what does that have to do with anything?

We don’t know. We don’t know why they charge or they’re charging what they’re charging, do we? So why would we base it off of that?

Why not base it off our own soul?

Ashlie and I were chatting on the break, she was saying, you know, I get it. Okay, if I share what you said.

I get like how long therapists have had to go to school, and what it takes, and totally honor that. And like a coach might have spent 10 years perfecting their craft working with clients before they charge the thing, or do the thing or cleaning up their energy in their life or whatever. And it’s

There’s all these different paths of how to get where we are right and decide what to charge.

And there’s all different reasons why your soul might call you to charge what you charge or structure the way you structure.

So going to research what someone else is doing, and then deciding where you can fit because of that. We you don’t really know why they’re doing what they’re doing.

So how do you go to your desire?

You know, we teach desire-based pricing over here.

Super simple, which is how much money do you want to make.

And let’s say per month, let’s say you want to make 20k per month.

This is when I was doing retreat and Grow Rich, I would recommend people play with 20k a month and just try it on because then you have 10k to pay a team and venue and travel and all of those things, and 10k to pay yourself. So I’m just going to use 20. And let’s say you want I’m going to do this for simple math 10 clients at a time or 10 clients a month then your pricing would be 2k per client per month.

Okay, now, I’m not saying that should be your desire, I’m just giving this example for math. Now the question is, how do you choose this?

The reason I said 20k is I’ve found about I don’t know 70% of my retreat leader clients wanted to make six figures or 10k A month 120. So that’s why I chose that number. Where you really want to come from is what are you? What is calling to you now financially. And this is, this is what I would have asked Lynn if it mattered earlier.

You know, what are you going to do with that? 100k? Why 100k? What is that actual thing that is calling to your soul to do with your money? And what’s that number?

Because that desire is calling you for a reason. Then, you base your pricing on that number.

You base your pricing on that number.

And then don’t obsess about how quickly you hit that number. Do the things to bring in the people.

And before you know it you’ll be at that number.

But it’s based on desire because desire is of Source.


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