Amber Swenor
heart-centered badass

Soul Aligned Business Expansion

Step into your greatest soul-aligned expansion and experience greater joy, fulfillment, and freedom with profits rooted in purpose. As a visionary you are called to something bigger. We’ll help you realize that vision and grow a soul-aligned business in a way that is authentic and aligns with your values.

Amber Swenor

Transformational Brand Strategist

Your personal truth is the path to freedom. As a spiritual heart-centered badass, Amber guides visionaries to step into their most soul-aligned work by aligning with their authenticity and creating a strategy for expansion. Amber is expert at helping visionaries optimize their energy, zone of genius, while aligning purpose, prots and market positioning, as a result experiencing greater freedom, joy and wealth. She’s the founder of several businesses including Soul Seed, growing to over $1M in less than 4 years. She’s a transformational brand & business strategist, speaker, author, musician.