Amber Swenor

Unlock your Leadership Legacy with this 3-part Guide

Learn How to Embrace Authenticity and Develop Your Leadership Skills for greater personal and business success. Your ability to trust yourself to live and lead in alignment with your vision and desires is the foundation for meaningful success. Uncover your vision and learn how to trust and embody authentically aligned leadership, to lead yourself and your team to your vision.

Amber Swenor

CEO of Soul Seed, Transformational Coach

Amber imagines a world where people experience the freedom to be their full authentic selves and experience immense joy and success as a result. She’s the founder of Soul Seed, an ecosystem facilitating transformation of leaders and organizations through leadership and business coaching, brand and organizational strategy. Her book is a Wall Street Journal bestseller and 2023 Most inspirational book of the year: “Unleashed: A been there rocked that guide to radical authenticity in life and business.” When she’s not supporting clients you’ll find her rocking with her band, Morningstar.