Amber Swenor

Unhook: Live and lead potently, aligned with your most authentic Self.

Like many top leaders and entrepreneurs, you’ve achieved success in your career – but somehow it all feels empty. In fact, inside, you feel like you should be happier, more fulfilled, experiencing more joy or contentment. 

Mud to Lotus is the transformational program that supports you to unhook from familiar, conditioned ways of living and rediscover your own inner compass.

Ann Becks

Transformational Alignment Coach & Mentor

Hi! I’m Ann Becks. I left a successful, 30 year career as a nurse practitioner and health leader when some experiences became the catalyst for me to examine how I was living my life. I came to understand just how disconnected I’d been living from my own inner compass. I passionately believe that when top leaders and entrepreneurs live and lead from the groundedness of their own inner compass, using their cognitive expertise, they become exponentially more potent in all areas of their lives.