April Gregory

Brand & Marketing 1:1 Private Virtual Retreat: Transform Your Business in Just 2.5 Days!

Are you feeling the need to deeply align your marketing strategy to capture your truest essence and gifts for the world? In this private Brand & Marketing Virtual Retreat, we will immerse into YOU – The Brand, capturing your unique signature energy and crafting the perfect marketing strategy and messaging for your brilliance. Then, we execute to make it reality.

April Gregory

Brand & Marketing Strategist

Hi! I’m April Gregory, Brand Marketing Strategist & Transformation Coach. One thing I’ve learned from crafting and launching million-dollar marketing campaigns is that there is no substitute for creating value and connecting with your audience. I help my clients create clear messaging, great offers, and consistent content that resonates with their audience and achieves their business goals while removing any blocks and matching your brilliance to the needs of the marketplace. If you’re ready to make some serious leaps, I’d love to help you!