Elizabeth Hill

Uncover the Story You Were Born to Share

In this deep dive, you will explore your experiences and hard-earned wisdom, have space to honor your stories, and unlock the path to best share your story to help ease the path for others. Each experience is crafted with your writing, publishing, personal, and professional goals in mind.

Elizabeth Hill, MSW

Publisher & Writing Coach

As a bestselling author, Elizabeth helps clients share their stories and use writing to grow their businesses, impact, and income. She has published over 40 books and helped over 100 writers become bestselling authors. Trained as a social worker, yoga teacher and coach, she weaves creativity and spirituality into her work. Elizabeth has lived many lives within her lifetime. She lives in a historic (and hysterical) home in Connecticut with her teenage children and her cat Calypso. She loves gardening, reading, walking around beautiful places, and watching Murder She Wrote.