Hannah McKitrick: Certified Sourced Leader

Raise Your Vibration, Through Food

Pack your bags, but leave your diet at home! Instead, you can combine energy with ALL foods to bring more lightness into your being and increase your frequency. Embody Your Light Mastermind & Italy Retreat offers a complete transformation to your relationship with cooking and nutrition so that health actually feels both FUN and delicious!

Hannah McKitrick

Alchemical Culinary Healer

The true sense of health isn’t restrictive or stressful. I’ve learned how to combine energy with ALL foods to heal my gut and bring more light-hearted joy into my life. I now help you truly nourish your “soul health” from the inside out, using food and connection as the catalyst to raise your vibration. I hold a healing yet playful space for you to have a ridiculous amount of fun while cooking healthy meals during my transformational cooking programs and culinary wellness retreats in Italy.