April Gregory

What if the key to your good mood was good FOOD?!

The true sense of health isn’t restrictive or stressful. It’s a way of being that nourishes your mind, body and soul so you can experience a true sense of joy, empowerment, and lightness. Cook Well Mastermind & Italy Retreat offers a complete energetic transformation to your relationship with cooking and nutrition so that health actually feels both FUN and delicious!

Hannah McKitrick

Anti-Diet Wellness Chef & Intuitive Healer

Crohn’s disease, anxiety, depression, disordered eating, and a PASSION for food lead me to help others nourish their bodies while having so much fun. I spent years living in heaviness at war with my body and mind which guided my journey to now hold a container that is pure integration of lightness. I bring playfulness into the kitchen so that cooking and healing foods actually feel FUN, enjoyable, and delicious. I focus on honoring both your emotional and physical desires so you can live into your authentic, joyful, intuitive health.