April Gregory


Are you a spiritual entrepreneur who wants to become more financially empowered? Do you need systems set up to help create and maximize wealth? Do you have limiting beliefs that are preventing you from receiving abundance in exchange for your magic? I help Soul-preneurs achieve financial sovereignty by doing what they love while changing the world.

Jill Brooks

CPA, Transformational Coach, Energy Healer

Jill Brooks helps Soul-preneurs become more financially empowered by showing them how to tap into their magic to create a life of abundance, purpose and passion. By incorporating elements of Astrology, Human Design and Intuitive Guidance, as well as 20+ years of experience in Corporate America managing Accounting & Tax Departments across the globe, she offers programs and services designed to put financial structures and systems in place for your business and uncover limiting beliefs, to help you heal your money trauma and recreate your relationship with money.