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energy first
lightness of being

UNTAME YOUR HEART Energy Expansion Session

Are you ready for the energy that wants to be shifted to reveal itself? Unscripted 90 min session, uniquely channeled just for you. 

Some of the things you may experience: an opening of the heart, an expanded awareness about you as a Being, clarity of your vision & next action steps. 

BONUS: Beautiful necklace custom engraved with YOUR ENERGY WORD.

Julia Bernadsky

Transformational Energy Coach

Hi! I’m Julia, my first language is Energy. My soul essence is a Healer. After 20+ years as Creative Director & Brand Strategist I resigned from the glamorous career & followed my calling. My work is about shifting energy & expanding consciousness. Guided by highly attuned intuition I help my clients to release past traumas & create their lives / business without fears or limitations. My deepest desire is to inspire people to “drop into the Magic of what you are here to do” & trust that powerful Inner Knowing that can’t be tamed.