April Gregory
all in!

CREATE the Flow!

We are all UNLIMITED creative beings at heart! But for various, very good life reasons most of us have learned to act otherwise. Using paint and compassion as our tools, we’ll explore what is blocking your creative efforts and begin to move that energy to reveal the FLOW that is available to us all!

Lisa Dunford Dickman

Transformational Coach, Writer & Creative

Lisa is a transformational coach, writer and creative who lives life as a sacred creative adventure. She doesn’t believe in limits! Lisa loves exploring both the internal and external worlds – and helping others do the same. Before becoming a coach (and discovering art!) five years ago, she traveled the globe co-authoring more than 40 Lonely Planet travel guidebooks. Lisa now calls a river east of Houston home, but she has lived in six countries and speaks four languages – five if you count Texan ;).