Lisa Peek

Money is a Powerful Mirror

What if ‘money stickiness’ in your business is an invitation to a new Soul Aligned relationship with money? The Money Mirror Magic Intensive is a 30-day 1:1 deep dive specifically for conscious business leaders to shift deeply rooted money energy patterns. You’ll create a new vibrational setpoint so that you naturally magnetize resources to you – including money!

Lisa Eunice Peek

Prosperity Alignment Mentor

Hi, I’m Lisa! After near spiritual & financial bankruptcy, I discovered that money is a powerful mirror for transformation! Money shows us the default patterns locked in our energy system limiting our potential to fully experience freedom, joy, connection, and prosperity. Now a conscious millionaire and transformational facilitator, I’ve supported hundreds of impact-driven leaders to shift their money energy and experience greater soul-aligned prosperity. Our world needs more money in the hands of conscious business leaders like you! Are you ready to look in the money mirror with me?