An invitation to conspire . . .

A rebel creates from the Unknown – following subtle heart whispers and the conviction that there’s another way to do things. This requires an unshakeable connection to yourself and a commitment to finding how your medicine wants to be shared in the world that lights you up as much as those ready to receive it. Ready to ruffle some feathers?

Lisa Welden

Co-Conspirator. Experience Junkie.

Hi, I’m Lisa Welden, Founder of Rebel Sage. I believe that everyone has unique medicine that must be shared with the world and I love to conspire with entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, service-based leaders and rebels whose medicine rufflles feathers and disrupts the status quo. I guide my clients to listen to their hearts and trust their rebel natures to envision and create businesses that serve life in a generous and connecting way. We collaborate together through transformational retreats, group programs and 1:1 mentoring.