Marilyn Sutherland



Ignite Your Inner Wisdom Light Switch

Are you at a crossroads, but the path forward isn’t clear yet? Have you been neglecting your own dreams to prioritize others? Schedule some undivided attention on YOU with a Heart and Soul Strategy Session. In this transformative space, you’ll receive clarity toward your soul’s deepest longings. Are you ready to create your long-held dreams with confidence and flow?

Manda Stack

Intuitive Coach & Energy Clearing Specialist

Manda is your intuitive ally on the journey to reclaiming your power and purpose. Using a blend of coaching and energy work, she supports you in reorienting to the divine flow so that you’re led by your desires instead of chased by your fears. With your inner guidance engaged, you’ll have clear access to the most aligned and authentic path forward. When not supporting her clients, Manda’s out exploring the parks of Wisconsin or immersed in a good book with her cat Curtiss on her lap.