April Gregory
visionary leader


Are you ready to ignite your potent presence? Energy never lies. When you shift your energy, it magically opens your field and you become unmistakably magnetic to your people. The Visibility Superpowers Experience is designed to reveal the energy pattern ready to be transformed, so you can expand your visibility capacity and show up at a whole new level.

Rionach Aiken

Visibility Mentor & Poetry Alchemist™

Hi, I’m Rionach! I overcame decades of debilitating shyness to become a poet, speaker, healer and skilled space-holder for transformation. Now when I share my depths, I touch people’s hearts, melt their frozen parts and help them see their own essence. I love to support transformation leaders like you to grow magnetic visibility through shifting your energy at a very deep level. So you can share your unique wisdom, actively call in the ones who need your wisdom and become seen, known and valued.
Our world needs more visionary voices!