Robin Finney 2023
bold spirit

Follow the Way Your Heart Leads

Answer the call of your heart on a soulo journey or retreat to discover more of who you are at your core. Get clear on your desires and learn to embrace the process by engaging in soulo experiences that stretch your comfort levels through coaching, creative endeavors, soulo dates, travel, and photoshoot experiences. Ready to soar soulo? Let’s work together.

Robin Finney

Intuitive & Authenticity Coach

Robin Finney is an Intuitive & Authenticity coach for Soulo Experiences, Oracle, certified Sourced™ Retreat Leader, author, international model & speaker, world traveler, Aunt extraordinaire, and founder of Wandering Aunt. She supports others in exploring the unknown with curiosity so that they can show up as their most authentic selves through coaching, soulo travel retreats, and photoshoot experiences. Robin lives a bold, unconventional life as a nomad. Since 2018, Robin has traveled solo to 22 countries across 6 continents and nearly 50 countries total.