The Old Tired Path: Too Much versus Not Enough

The Old Tired Path Series: Too Much versus Not Enough
By Darla LeDoux, Founder of Sourced and Author of the books Shift The Field and Retreat and Grow Rich


April 24, 2022

Today we address the topic that I know will feel familiar to so many. It is such a common default energy pattern to feel inside that you are too much, or that you are not enough. I want to suggest that if you immediately identify with one side or the other of this equation, you actually are holding both equally.


People tend to have an automatic “preference,” so to speak, for one or the other.


“I’m too much” people are often aware that they took up a lot of space naturally, or brought forward ideas or emotions with an intensity that their family of origin could not hold. They are constantly on alert so they can hold a percentage of this back so as not to offend or hurt anybody.


“I’m not enough” people are consistently on alert for any perceived failure to be. They may overproduce, have perfectionist tendencies, and live with a generalized feeling of anxiety that does not make sense given their high performance. They may have never actually gotten feedback that they were not enough, however, perhaps a circumstance out of their control made them believe this. Like a parent leaving, for example.

The Old Tired Path (OTP) is an energy pattern based on something we learned in the past and is a filter by which we view the world.

The Old Tired Path (OTP) is an energy pattern based on something we learned in the past and is a filter by which we view the world. Your Old Tired Path might be getting in the way of your business growth, connection and intimacy in life, level of joy, expansion potential, etc.


Perhaps when you were young you were loud and expressive. You may have been told that you are “too much” and encouraged to tone it down. You may even have been shushed. So you hid. You held back, suppressed it, did not tell your truth. You thought it but did not say it. Eventually, you became “not enough” because you held your true self back.


Or maybe when you were young, you tended to be a wallflower. People may have said, “speak up” and make them see you. So you tended to insert yourself to prove yourself and ended up getting shushed and feeling embarrassed.


These seemingly polar opposites exist on the same energetic plane and you spend your life viewing and assessing yourself and others through this lens of too much versus not enough.


What is the impact of this filter on your life and business? Join me to learn how to step off into whole new energy with endless possibilities.

On the Old Tired Path, there is always a judgment.


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