Angel Cards: When to Use Them (and when not to)

Angel Cards: When to Use Them (and when not to)
By Darla LeDoux, Founder of Sourced and Author of the books Shift The Field and Retreat and Grow Rich


August 9, 2021

Welcome to the space for transformational leaders to unleash their magic, see better client results, work lighter, and live Sourced. Hi, this is Darla! Let’s talk about angel cards. What are they, when to use them, and when not to use them.

I’m inspired to do this video because I received a package from Amazon today. And I have a new set of angel cards, and I wanted to unbox them. Here unboxing is all the rage. And this particular deck was recommended to me by Manda Stack who works on my team, and she’s also a Certified Source Leader. You can find her on our website.

They’re called Sacred Forest, they’re by Denise Linn. I have another deck from her that I really really liked. So I ordered these. I may have an addiction. Okay, so I thought about showing you my altar and my shelf full of angel cards. Maybe someday we’ll get that intimate.

So angel cards, Oracle decks, however you want to call them, are really a way to access your intuition. So when to use them: you can use them for all kinds of things. I will often pull a card to get some information about the energy of a program I’m launching or a marketing campaign. I might I do New Moon reading. So every New Moon I pull 1, 2, 3 cards, it depends on how Sources is guiding me. And I really keep that present with me on my altar for the Full Moon cycle and watch the theme play out. It’s really awesome. It always happens. It’s always very spot on and very accurate.

Angel Cards, or oracle Cards, Are A way to access your intuition.

Now, what I want to share is when NOT to use angel cards. And we’ll do a little poll here too, just for fun, since these are new, and I’m very excited to see them!

When not to use them is when you are in an energetic space of “someone just give me the answer. I can’t figure this out, just let the angels tell me,” right? And you’re in a disempowered relationship with the cards. It’s no different than being in an in disempowered relationship with your partner or with a parent, right? Where you’re looking for approval or answers or affirmation outside of yourself because you’re not in a clear and grounded place. Most often, it just doesn’t really work, right? You’re not you’re going to get the card and you’re going to go, that doesn’t feel right, or you might act on it. And it and it’s really, it’s not a connected message.

You know, this is just mirroring to you. What’s already going on for you or is already up for you energetically and where you’re being invited to go energetically. So if your energy’s funky and off, and you’re desperate, and you’re hoping something will give you the answer, it’s just not the same impact, right?

So you want to have a really empowered relationship with the cards. I think you can have a card addiction, right? Like, oh, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what action to take. Let me just pull a card. I’ll just pull a card. Let me do it again. Right, and it can be fun. And, again, we want to be coming from this Source, this grounded, connected, empowered place as we do.

When not to use them is when you are in an energetic space of “someone just give me the answer. I can’t figure this out, just let the angels tell me,” right?

And when we do, I just, I mean, you can’t make this shit up, right? In retreats, I’ll often put a card at people’s seats. And you know, they don’t know what card is at their seat, when they pick their seat. It ends up being the message that is exactly this thing that their soul needs to hear. So I love them. I think they’re a brilliant tool to connect with Source.

They are not the only tool, and they should not you know you, you as a Source leader. You want to be in command of the tools that work for you. I’ve had clients who like sitting still to meditate just doesn’t work for them. They are sensation magicians, they have to move the energy, but an intentional walk or a dance that’s really you know, not to avoid being still with yourself but those really intentional is exactly what’s needed.

For some people the cards just aren’t your thing. They’re not going to resonate, but maybe, you know, I have a lot of people who essential oils really like connecting with the scent of the oil shifts something and it opens them up, right. And other people, it doesn’t resonate at all. And so, you know, certainly if it doesn’t resonate, don’t, don’t go for it. But you want to have an empowered relationship, and you want to be in choice and in relationship, really not with the card, right, but with your soul.

So what is your soul here in the reading of the card, and what information is, is really relevant for you. I want to say one other thing, and then I’ll pull a card for us collectively, I see a lot. And I think it’s super fun. And, and I enjoy it when people post on social three cards, right? And it’s like, one, two, or three, which one is your card, and then they give the reading. And that’s great. Like, it’s fun, it can connect people. This also gives a clue to people that, that your spiritual, right, or your woo woo or whatever your woo friendly.

You want to be in command of the tools that work for you.

And so if you’re someone, let’s say who’s had a very practical, professional looking business, doing card polls on your social media might be like a perfect thing to cue to people that you’re actually spiritual, and that you have, you know, other tools in your toolkit or whatever. And it can be really, really great, a great introduction to that. It’s not often a big conversion tool, right?

Because what it’s basically saying is, here’s information about yourself to help you right now. But it’s not helping people to look at their own inner commitment. And that’s really the key to marketing transformation is helping people to look at, what are they committed to? Where’s their discomfort right now? What do they desire? And what’s the gap?

And so if you’re using a tool like this as like a fun, you know, connection tool on social media, you also want to think about what is the tool that I’m using to help cultivate people’s commitment to transforming and to joining a program or hiring you to help them transform. And so the hands-off kind of like reading the card usually isn’t going to do that, unless there’s some reflections, some interaction, some sharing, or you’re asking questions, and you’re helping them to discover their commitment.

Okay. Okay, so should we pull a card in my new deck called Sacred Forest? Okay, get your question in mind, I want you to think about what’s going on in your life right now that you wish you had some information about. And we are going to trust that whoever is watching this video is divinely meant to hear this particular message and I’m getting that it’s this one. 

So the card is Toadstools. Toadstools. I’m not sure how close I can put that.

The word under it says, “GROWTH.” So let’s see what the Toadstools has to say:


“Things that have been incubating beneath the surface are going to be coming to fruition. Get clear on your goals and dreams because rapid growth is ahead

Be ready for these projects to come to fruition. You must first be starkly honest with yourself about what you want. Ask yourself, Is this what I really want? Believe in miracles. Also, in the time ahead, you might discover a spiritual guru or step into a new spiritual path, you might find that you are providing expansive spiritual growth for others, simply by being who you are.”

This is funny, right, because we just talked about cueing to other people that you are spiritual!

“Make sure that your foundations are in place, because once this growth begins, you will be in for a journey of a lifetime. Fungi are ancient and were the first organisms to leave the water and initiate life on Earth 1.3 billion years ago. In the forest, their interconnected filament-like roots provide protein rich food and life for the entire forest. This seemingly humble ancestor to the toadstool is so essential that none of our native conifers would survive without the life-giving qualities of their roots. Their ability to grow and survive throughout all time speaks of your ability to grow and thrive no matter what life brings. The spirit of the toadstool says beneath the surface of your life, miraculous changes are occurring. Something that you thought was ordinary is in fact, remarkable.”

I love this: “something you thought was ordinary is in fact, remarkable.”

“You are in a time of rapid spiritual and material growth. Get ready and hang on for the ride.”

 So exciting! Take a moment and reflect on what is the message for you in that?

How does that relate to what’s actually going on actively for you in your life and your business today?


“Something that you thought was ordinary is in fact, remarkable.”

How true does that feel that you are on a spiritual journey that that you have something that seemed ordinary or something that you’ve been building below the surface that seemed ordinary?

That’s actually amazing. And it’s going to explode? I’m thinking of another video I recorded called Make this your Masterpiece. I invite you to watch that because it feels like it connects to this message today.

If you need support with this message, right and really having your foundations for whatever is about to explode, please let me know: support at And really if you want to understand what tools work for you, how does Spirit communicate with you? How do you show up as your best self in your life and your business? We are the resource for you. Please do let us know. Have an amazing, amazing and really what is the word I’m looking for connected right interconnected day!


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