How To Programs or Energetic Containers

How To Programs or Energetic Containers
By Darla LeDoux, Founder of Sourced and Author of the books Shift The Field and Retreat and Grow Rich


March 11, 2021

What is needed on the planet right now is people who are at a higher frequency to generously hold space for people who want to move to that frequency. Now all this can also be recorded. Frequency transmits through recordings. I’m recording right now. You’re connecting with my energy. So that’s all happening.”

Hi, this is Darla. Let’s talk today about creating how-to programs, as opposed to creating energetic programs. Shall we?


So, one of the things that is happening right now in the energy of our world and our evolution, first of all, people are seeking transformation more than ever. They are even more aware of the transformation that they’re looking for. In fact, in my upcoming book, I write about this idea of sell them what they want, give them what they need, which probably a lot of us learned early on in our business. That is, to me, no longer the way to go in the future, right? It really is.

People are more conscious that they actually need transformation.

When we are trying to bury it under selling a thing, for example, I’ve been selling retreats, right, and teaching people how to lead retreats for a long time. But what I’ve really been selling is transformation.


I keep getting the message, it’s like, just let go of any of those filters of the old way and allow this new truth to come through, which is that people are actually seeking transformation. I’ve always known this, right, but there’s been a part of me, this is how I refer to what’s hidden from our view, a part of me that bought into the common knowledge and the things I was taught about what people won’t buy. If you are one of those people who’s bought into this, I just want to give you permission to free yourself because it’s not accurate.


So back to the topic of how-to’s versus creating energetic containers. So one of the things that I’m noticing a lot for myself as I’m developing a whole new body of work around this concept of becoming Sourced as a leader is I am looking at what would I typically do and what does Source want me to do in this new work? One of the things I’ve always done because I saw it modeled, I was taught it, I’d taken a lot of training, all of the things, is creating specific courses work or how-to courses, right, that people could buy. Obviously the goal is for this to be evergreen, meaning it can be sold while I sleep, right? I’ve been very successful at that. I have a program called Retreat and Grow Rich. It’s an awesome program. We still sell it. It’s amazing. It walks people through how to think about their retreat-based business in a way that it’s really transformational and really profitable. That’s great, right, to have that recorded and captured where people can learn.


That being said, as we are continuing to speed up at this time, right, and things are moving much, much faster, we have less of a need for our conscious mind to understand things and more of a need for energetic containers or structures to support us as we move through rapid transformation. So I’m not saying this old way, the how-to course is not good and valuable, okay? Even Retreat and Grow Rich, my how-to course, it has an energetic component, right? When people watch the videos and the training, they’re tuning into me and my energy and my belief and my what I call a Sourcefield, right? They’re tuning into that as part of it. Yet, the how-to is what they’re focused on, right? How do I do this retreat?


In this new world, I just want to encourage you to think about your work as energy, okay? Now, I know if you’re following me, you already think about energy. This isn’t new information. But I want you to take it a step further to say in this container, there is an energy exchange that’s happening.

What is needed on the planet right now is people who are at a higher frequency to generously hold space for people who want to move to that frequency.

Now all this can also be recorded, right? Frequency transmits through recordings. I’m recording right now. You’re connecting with my energy. So that’s all happening.


What I’ve seen again for myself and with my clients is this old way, there’s this desire to package it all pretty in a step one, step two, step three, right? Like a formulaic approach to how to get a result. It’s great to be able to take intangible concepts and put a structure to them. That’s one of the things that I see as my brilliance.


Right now, as we are moving faster and faster, it may seem harder and harder to put the structure on it and have it, or put the formula together, right, and have it be something that’s going to last over time. Because in short order, it’ll be obsolete.


So if you’re having a hard time kind of putting the step-by-step together, it may be that your soul is telling you that. There are some things that are worth capturing and automating and evergreening and selling overnight, and there are also some things that people need that it’s an energetic container that’s happening in the now, in connection to the energy of now, which is going to be different in six months or different in a year. So I’m not prescribing that this approach is better, right?


By a container, I mean, perhaps it’s a group where you have live calls, transmissions or teachings that are intuitively led in the moment for that group, those exact people need that at this time.


Perhaps you’re feeling more drawn to do this and everything in you is saying, “I should systematize. I should automate. I shouldn’t be showing up live all the time. That’s not a sustainable business.” Dah, dah, dah, dah.


Tune into what your soul wants you to know, right? What does your soul want you to know about where you’re best served right now? Sometimes when we’re over here, trying to put it in a formula or a systematic course, right, we’re in our head. We’re bringing head energy, right? Then the people receiving it, they’re thinking about it, and by the way, they’re also actively resisting it possibly.


Whereas over here, we’re in our heart, we’re in our body.

We are tuned into our light, the energy field that is most needed for the people who need it right now.

I for one have been feeling much more drawn to this direction lately. So tune in and see what are you feeling? If you are feeling a sense of resistance, maybe stop trying to make it the thing that you’re going to do over and over again. Allow it to be this potent energetic container that happens in a moment in time. Then afterwards, you can decide if you want to systemize it, right? Because you’ve got the recordings, it’s all there, and the energy is embedded and your soul will always know.


If you have trouble tuning in and discerning for yourself what’s most appropriate for you at this time, like actually hearing Source want to work through you, reach out, let us know. Message and we’re happy to tell you about what we got going on that you can step into as a container at this time. I’m Darla LeDoux, founder of Sourced, author of Shift the Field, and we’ll see you soon.

UPDATE: Shift the Field is available for purchase!

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