Connection is Healing and Healing is Connection

Connection is Healing and Healing is Connection
By Darla LeDoux, Founder of Sourced and Author of the books Shift The Field and Retreat and Grow Rich


March 11, 2021

When we’re feeling ashamed of our own truth that then it owns us. But when we can presence it with another human, we can heal it. We can work with it. It actually frees up this energy to create momentum within our business and our life.”

Hi, this is Darla. Welcome to today’s video, where we’re exploring connection as a pathway to healing. And healing as a pathway to connection. And this conversation is dedicated to the late Rhonda Simpson who operated with this as her clarity point, connection is healing and healing is connection. Rhonda was our client and an amazing, amazing soul. And when she discerned this belief that she held, she was a physician turned energy coach. Amazing woman. When she discerned this clarity point, it immediately spoke right to my soul. Like that is true.


So what I would like to bring forward right now is this idea that we’re in an interesting time right now, obviously with the pandemic and there being like a lack of connection. But also a lot of creativity around the idea of connection.

People are finding different ways to connect than we ever have before.

And, in a video not too long ago, I talked about truth and doubt and how the pathway out of self-doubt is to actually name it and share it with another person and in doing so, it loses its power. This is a great example of how connection creates healing when we can presence a truth between us and another human being. We are witnessing it, right? We’re giving it space. We’re seeing, feeling like touching the energy of it. And in doing so, it loses its power over us.


It can be worked with, transformed, transmuted, reintegrated in amazing and beautiful ways. When we are disconnected from our truth or disconnected from humans, like maybe we see our truth and we’re alone with it. And we’re feeling ashamed of our own truth that then it owns us. But when we can presence it with another human, we can heal it. We can work with it.

It actually frees up this energy to create momentum within our business and our life.

Now, what I’ve personally noticed this year is I moved first of all, I relocated. And one of my intentions for relocating was to find my people, to create community locally in real life, as opposed to virtually. Now it’s super ironic that we’re not getting together in real life. So I moved in March, but even through that, the intention has been being fulfilled with opportunities showing up for me to connect with certain types of people and not just connect like, “Hey, we’re networking. You do this, I do this. Let’s promote each other.” But connect like as transformational beings of light and to truly be willing to presence everything in connection with another being.


Now, of course, I’m practicing this in my marriage as well. And I’m practicing this with a community that I’ve drawn in that I feel just like amazing and so excited about. One of the things that’s so important for where we’re going as a culture is that we risk to put this truth into this space. So as we can see, there’s a lot going on, there’s a lot of different opinions, conflicting opinions, a lot of judgment happening among people. And so it can feel especially scary to go, “Well, here’s my truth.” Because if you’re watching the dynamics of what’s happening, it feels like a dangerous place to put truth out, right? Yet when you’re coming from an authentic aligned Sourced energy and sharing truth, people feel that that is not inviting in like the infighting. If you watch when this is happening, it’s not truth that’s being spoken. It’s justifications.


But here’s the key, rather than going out there into what feels unsafe and speaking your truth…

create a community of souls who can hear and receive you.

This is so important, in looking back at the work I’ve been doing for the last 10, 11 years, this component of the safe space in a community where people already get it. We have a common understanding, even though we’re very different and we can trigger each other and all of that, there’s this common understanding of the commitment to transformation.


And within that space it’s safe to put it out there, get yourself a space like that, where you can start to speak what your intuition knows and sees and feels where you know you’ll be received, where you know you’ll be held with love. Even if someone has a differing view, where you know you’ll be held with love, where it’s a yes and we can build on this together.


If you don’t have that kind of community, let us know because we do. We do and if you’re watching to this point in this video, you’re probably our people and we have an amazing community that fosters your unique Sourced expression on the planet. So reach out, let us know, put a comment. And of course, like, subscribe, share. I love you. Thank you for who you are in the world. And we’ll see you soon.

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