Leaving the Right Things Behind

Opening up to Source as your guide as a business leader will allow you to make the most aligned decisions, consistently.

May 27, 2020

Opening up to Source as your guide as a business leader will allow you to make the most aligned decisions, consistently. As a result of this alignment with your personal path, or your soul’s purpose in this lifetime, things get easier. You don’t need to do as many things because you will tend to choose things that work better for you. 

[Of course, if our soul needs a particular lesson, then we may choose something that ‘doesn’t work’ so we can get the learning, and this is OK too.]

In practicing this approach to business for the last few years, one thing I have discovered is that while we may tend to focus on the things we say ‘yes’ to, a bigger topic of discernment to focus on is that which you will leave behind.

Being willing to leave behind the things that are no longer working is a courageous act. We must build the muscle, and learn how to have these hard conversations so we can create the space for the new energy to show up. 

There is a Universal Law called the Law of Sacrifice which states, in shorthand, to have something of a higher nature, we must sacrifice something of a lower nature.

Take a moment to think about a time in which you have had to let go of something that wasn’t serving you – a habit, a person, a career path, an identity. What was required of you to let that go? How did you know that this particular energy had run its course? How did you feel about the thing you were leaving behind?

In working with high-level business owner clients for ten years, and in working with my own personal growth, I have seen that this process of leaving behind old energies opens up so many new possibilities and opportunities. It makes people more “Sourced.”  

See, when the old energies are taking up space in our field, we can’t hear or see the new stuff that is coming in at a higher vibration.

It is challenging to let go, but we can logically make sense of letting go of the things that aren’t working. We know they aren’t working. We can sense that they are ‘wrong’ for us. So, even if it makes us or other people uncomfortable, we find a way to let it go.

But what happens when something is good and right, and it still needs to leave?

Can you outgrow something but still know it has been ‘right’ for you, right up until the end? And what if there were so much MORE available for us in becoming skilled at leaving the ‘right’ things?

Leaving the things that are ‘wrong’ is easy(er). 

Leaving the ‘right’ things is advanced-level leadership.

I am present to this idea for one reason.

Two weeks ago my beloved dog, Monty, left this planet. He was my friend and companion for nearly sixteen years. He was with me through many stages of my personal growth as he came to me during my first marriage, and was my trusty pal through my divorce, starting my business, living in five states, and so much emotional change.

He was truly the best dog, and such faithful support and love. He was also a healer at heart and supported my friends and clients as well. (This photo was sent by past client Bonnie Kutter).

Yet, as he passed I knew that his leaving was showing up in divine right timing, and that the loss of his energy would open up new possibility for me. I knew that I am such a different person than when he and I met, and that the guardian energy he brought to my life is not something I need in the same way at this time.

I have been trying to stay present to this, to the knowing that all is right and good in this unfolding. But I noticed something.

I noticed that each time I would think about the possibility that I am in better energy now that Monty has passed, my ego-mind felt the need to make the old energy ‘wrong.’ 

In other words, in order to feel good and positive about the future, some part of me needed to think of the past as somehow bad. From this space, I began to judge myself for being so attached to Monty (I didn’t realize how much I relied on his energy until he was gone), and for being someone who had needed his protection all those years ago. My inner dialogue became harsh very quickly.

Gratefully I was able to notice and shift this, and simply be present to what is, knowing that it is unfolding right on time.

However, this experience got me thinking. What is the deal with this tendency to need to make something wrong in order to leave it?

Now, Monty left this planet, so I can’t control his leaving. But I can decide to move on emotionally, which can be even more scary.

You may not relate to my specific example (though many of you have shared your experiences with the loss of a pet), but I am guessing you can think of something that had a similar impact.

I remember a while ago I decided to leave a relationship with a coach I had been working with. I had gotten tremendous value from my work with this person and I was so grateful for the evolution that happened within me as a result of my choice to work with them.

It was a RIGHT decision to hire this coach, and I received tremendous value for my more than $100K investment over the time we were together. 

Then one day I knew it was time to move on. My soul felt the knowing. I was in the middle of a contract, and it didn’t make logical sense to leave at this time because I knew I would need to continue paying my agreement. But I also knew I couldn’t keep coaching with this person and get where I needed to go energetically. 

I tried to resist the knowing in my soul that I needed to move on. 

The longer I waited, the more I struggled internally. There was a part of me that was looking for evidence that this relationship was ‘right’ and that I should stay — after all I needed to get my money’s worth for my investment! 

And then there was a part of me that was looking for evidence that the relationship was ‘wrong’ to help justify my leaving. Because my soul had told me to leave, and I knew I needed to listen.

Just like I experienced with trying to come to terms with enjoying my life without Monty, I was trying to come to terms with enjoying hearing a clear message from my soul and acting on it.

Because somehow we are trained that you don’t leave things that are ‘right.’ We need to find evidence that it was ‘wrong’ to somehow justify leaving.

In my experience, by the time something becomes overtly ‘wrong,’ we are well past the Sourced™ moment of departure. If you left the job, or released the team member, or parted ways with the client at the first knowing that the alignment was off, you wouldn’t need to stay until things go ‘wrong.’ Can you see how this would help make life easier? 

Your soul knows, well in advance, that something needs to come to an end in its current form. 

Yet we are trained that we must have logical reasons for our decisions, and in fact our society is set up behind this in so many ways. We justify, we defend, we explain. These are all lower energies that immediately dampen our enthusiasm for what we are moving toward.

The moment we begin looking for reasons that something is wrong, we will find them. In fact we will create them! What if we could skip all of this and simply leave the ‘right’ things behind the moment we feel called!?

Start with a baby step. What is something super small, which has been absolutely RIGHT for you until now, that you know it’s time to leave behind? Don’t go for the big thing – choose something little, like a habit of pressing snooze which has nurtured your waking up process until now, or taking the most efficient path to (insert someplace you used to drive to regularly) which made logical sense, but you are now interested in inviting more spontaneity.

This may open you up to being able to make yourself right about ALL of your past decisions, while still trusting your intuition about when it is time to move on.

What has been your experience with leaving something even though it was so right for you?

What has opened up in the process? How does this make you more available to live “Sourced”? 

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