Is the Pandemic a Sourced Experience?

COVID19 is a Sourced Experience

April 18, 2020

I’ve had a strong belief about what is happening in the world since I first learned about it. I finally have a moment to share it more broadly and I’ll be doing so here on this page over the coming weeks.

While I have been through a WIDE range of emotions over the last few weeks (we have also lost a close family member to cancer, been navigating a cross-country move, and have another family member in distress), I am ultimately extremely optimistic.

To be clear:

  • I have turned my live retreats into virtual retreats.
  • I strongly support the recommendation to minimize our travel and exposure and take extra precautions.
  • I believe it is our responsibility to stop the spread with our personal actions, regardless of how well our consciousness is developed toward NOT getting sick.
  • I am concerned for specific people I know and love.
  • I am also saddened by the level of fear that has been spreading, and many of the reactions and I pray that everyone is able to keep their vibration high at this time.
  • So as I share, please know I am not diminishing any individual experience or making anyone wrong for how they feel at this time.

That said, I believe that there is an upside to the virus. We are being invited to grow in new ways right now. I am hoping I am not alone in immediately being even more present to my level of consumption, and identifying ways that simplifying my life will improve my life, and my connection with the natural world (which I already prioritize).

I believe this experience is a Sourced Experience.

For today I will share a post from my forthcoming Sourced website so you can get a sense of what I mean.

(Note, this was written pre-pandemic and is a general explanation of how source works in our life that I pulled from my site. I’d love to hear what YOU have noticed about the current state of affairs and how it may be shaping us. I’ll be sharing more thoughts on that.)

What is a Sourced Experience?

You came to this planet in this lifetime as a soul in human form — a unique slice of source energy. You came to express, explore, play and grow as completely magnificent energy blueprint that only you can be!

Then life happened. You were born into that household (the one your soul chose!) that shaped your thoughts, beliefs, and ideas about who you are and what is OK for you in this life.

For most of us, the rules we were given by others served to shut down some of our creative expression and disconnect from our soul’s truth. This is part of the journey.

As a result, we may create impressive results in this life (or not), but they won’t fulfill us, because they were based on someone else’s truth (parents, teachers, society), not ours.

Sourced Experiences™ are designed to wake us up to the truth of who are. They are invitations to live and express more in alignment with who we came here to be.

The experience is necessary to wake us up, because the rules we inherited are hidden from our view. I call these ‘hidden commitments’ or ‘default energies’. They are the water we swim in.

Without an experience in CONTRAST, we won’t even notice that we are going through the motions and following rules that don’t actually matter to us. We don’t realize that we have settled for showing up as a small fraction of who we came here to be. Like when I got promoted in my corporate job, and my joy was missing. Or when my stepdad was diagnosed with cancer the same week I filed for divorce.

These experiences serve to get our attention, and invite us into alignment with a whole new vibration.

But sometimes first they kick our ass.

(Think: illness, death, divorce, job loss, relationship conflicts, cash flow issues, etc. I even went to jail!)

The more tuned in we are to source, the more easily we operate in alignment with the truth of who we came here to be, and the less ass-kicking that is required. (OK — when you’re Sourced(TM) nothing really occurs like ass-kicking, it just is, but that is for another day.)

And that is the goal of our work — to support you as you learn to connect with your truth and stay tuned in to the messages from source (your intuition, higher self, inner knowing, the Universe, God). To see you live and work and play in flow with the divine, and experience less drama or trauma along the way. And to serve as a role model for others in this way of transformational living.

The busier our society and our lives get, the less likely it is that a person will walk through life tuned in to Sourced guidance. As the leader of this movement and someone who has committed my life to living this way, I can easily forget.

But experiences bring us alive. Experiences invite us to show up differently. They bring awareness to who and how we are BEING and give us an opportunity to choose again based on new information, and new commitments. And when we let ourselves show up differently, we literally transform. New neural pathways are formed in the brain, and we create a cellular memory of BEING someone new.


This is the power of a Sourced Experience.

There are two types of Sourced Experiences. There is the one that happens to you and the one you consciously create. And this is a beautiful thing!

If we live unconscious to something for too long — like we are unaware or even hiding from a truth about ourselves and what we believe, what we love, who we came here to be — Source will shake us awake. Oprah talks about the cotton ball followed by the brick.

This is the Sourced Experience that ‘happens to us.’ (Stick around here and you’ll learn I don’t believe anything actually happens TO us because it is all FOR us, again for another day.) Often this shows up at an inconvenient time or via a circumstance that we find uncomfortable or even painful, as described above.

But then there is OUR Sourced Experience. The one that is carefully and lovingly designed as a container for truth, to bring awareness to that which you haven’t seen that has been keeping you out of sync with your true goals, uncertain of your direction, or somehow holding back from fully expressing your beautiful, one-of-a-kind soul.

OUR Sourced Experience is an amplifier for your soul’s truth.

We design experiential programs and retreats that provide the optimal environment for you to:

  • RELEASE any old stuck or stored energy that is keeping you from hearing what your soul wants — your most direct path to freedom.
  • RECEIVE divine validation of the message Source has for you at this time. This shows up as an invitation to a new WAY OF BEING (vibration energy) first.
  • RISE as you validate your truth, become visible as more of you, and value the unique gifts you bring to this world in a big way.

We design our containers to support leaders, like you, in aligning with their divine truth/ Sourced energy in the most graceful and loving way possible.

We provide tools and experiences to help you hear clearly what is yours to do in this life, and to clear that old ego energy so old ways of being can simply fall away.

We support our clients beyond the ‘ah-ha’ moment, to true integration of the new Sourced energy. From this place, you’re attuned to source at a whole new level.

There is no need to remember how to be, like the six-step process for ______ that we used to receive on a laminated card back in corporate training programs. You BECOME the person you came here to be at a deeper level, it is integrated into your energy field, and you emanate a new vibration, and invite new results.

This is the POWER of a Sourced Experience.

We offer our signature Sourced™ Retreat, the original Sourced Experience which is designed to bring you this clarity and precision in how you operate, while healing and releasing or integrating that which no longer serves at the next level.

We also offer training to high-level transformational leaders in how to lead Sourced Experiences in your business, integrating the process for transformation into everything you do.

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