April Gregory


You have a dream, a wish, a secret desire tucked away in your heart. Maybe you’ve always known it was there, maybe it’s just now popping out: a dandelion – beautiful, delicate, uncomfortably out-of-place in your current life. Let’s explore… I’ll help you awaken your dream, give it voice, form, and PUFF: you’ll breathe your Dandelion Dream into the world!

Peige Rosales

Dream-Seer, Mirror-Holder, Yoga Teacher, Coach

Hello beautiful! I’m Peige, a soul-mom, dream-seer, and lover of humans in all our weird and wonderful forms. I spent a lifetime being conventional enough to get by, but no more! I took a breath, got some support, and JUMPED. These days, I’m living in my truth, and helping others embrace their own uniquely joyous SELF. My favorite clients? Women, fems, queer folks, parents of trans-kids, queer kids, kids who are different, men… I love you. I SEE you. I want you to be who you were meant to be.