The Energy of The Land
the energy of the land

How present are you to the energy of the land?

April 15, 2020

I’d like to share a thought to ponder with you today through my current experience.

I am in a new house in a new city, for just over two weeks now, on quarantine. I could be ANYWHERE. My wife got groceries, I have only emerged from under this roof for walks in about a six-block radius — as far as our aging dog’s legs can carry him. If we put on the television at all, we’ve been mostly watching shows on Hulu. No local ads or news. As I said, we could be anywhere.

Or could we?

As a retreat leader, I have, often unknowingly, been invited into a great understanding of the energy of the land.

I’ve hosted more than 70 retreats, and while there are venues I’ve liked and been called back to, many times I am pulled to someplace new.

And even when our retreats have been in hotels in bustling city locations, we’ve been impacted by the energy of the land, and the people who inhabit it.

If you’ve ever doubted that energy is real, lead the same retreat in two locations and watch what unfolds. You will certainly learn that any fear you may have of getting ‘bored’ with the ‘same work’ is unfounded.

Different people are drawn to different locations for a reason in divine right timing along their journey.

Like the retreater who had never been back to the city where she got divorced, since she left, signed papers in hand. Until YOUR retreat, where she could heal and integrate that experience. Or the one who quickly entrained to the slower pace of the Italian countryside, knowing she would bring that back into her life and business.

Whether people ‘just know’ they are called to a certain place, or they are in resistance to that place, only to discover that it held the perfect lesson for them… whether we walk the land on retreat or stay tucked safely in our conference room… the place is working on us.

So, in noticing this, I am sure it is no surprise that the place we chose to LIVE is also impacting us. The land, the local culture and the community that has been drawn to that place, and the connection (or lack of) between the people and the land, they are all working with our individual vibration.

Each leg of my personal growth journey as an entrepreneur has had a place associated with it. I began in Cincinnati, OH, where I had an established chosen family after living there for more than ten years. Cincinnati taught me a strength in learning how to become more of myself in the face of a predominantly conservative and traditional city (I’d moved there to work for the stable yet arguably stodgy Procter & Gamble). Talking about energy and ways of being felt risky there. And I did it anyway. I am grateful for that strength.

I was next called to Denver. It was illogical. I saw pictures of mountains and I knew it was time to go. I pulled out a US map and circled all the mountains. I’d been to Denver and I didn’t actually like it, yet my gut said to go there. And I did. I experienced massive freedom to be me in Denver. And I met my wife there. 

I was so happy to be free in Denver, yet it didn’t feel like ‘home.’ As I sat with that knowing for some time and began to broach the topic with Kimmi, who was my fiance at the time and had been in Denver since college, I couldn’t explain why I just knew I was called to leave.

I am forever grateful that she was open to understanding this, and has now herself created her own relationship to source and has her own intuitive callings.

We explored various ideas, with the vision in mind that I had had for some time, to live on the water. Growing up in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes, a place on the water was the symbol that “I’ve made it.” Any time I visualized I saw water. So to leave Denver, I knew that to ‘walk my talk’ and honor my vision I must step into that. We settled on Seattle and rented a home on the water via Craigslist without visiting.

It was beautiful. We had giant windows overlooking the Puget Sound, the Olympic mountains in the distance. It was like living in a national park. Otters, seals, eagles, and even owls brought us their medicine. We walked the beach when the tide was out, and paddled on calm days. We connected deeply in partnership. I wrote my first book.

And it wasn’t home. And while idyllic and heavenly, ON the water was not the place for me – it was simply an idea I’d inherited it seems. What a thing to learn!

We explored many places in our travels and contemplated possibilities. We also consulted astrologer Maya White, who I consider my friend at this point, at various times on the journey for astrocartography readings. These map your birth information to locations on the map. In this exploration, I learned that not only does each location hold energy (which was not a surprise by this time), but that the energy works on each of us in different ways.

See, the energy YOU came here to be is different than mine, thus my favorite places will feel different to you than to me. This is why we are called to different areas at different times on our journey to discover and integrate the lesson of that place. And this is why I have moved quite a few times because I’m on a rapid growth journey.

My book complete, our learning complete, we made plans to leave Seattle. Our experience, research, and astrocartography led us to choose Austin, TX. Yet the Universe and divine timing had other plans. Kimmi’s dad, who’d been healing his cancer, had a stroke the week we were scheduled for house hunting. He needed a lot of care, and Kimmi turned out to be great at this. Rather than heading to Texas, we moved back to her home state of California — because we could.

I started my business because I couldn’t be with my stepdad during his cancer journey in the way I would have liked. Grateful for our flexibility, and against our astrocartography, we chose California instead. We had two years with Kimmi’s dad before he passed last year.

While we weren’t energetically aligned with Southern California in the way we would like, we experienced EXACTLY what astrocartography said we would there. It was very healing for each of us to spend that time in Kimmi’s neck of the woods and with her family. I know it was healing for Kimmi’s parents as well. I would not change our stop there for anything.

And now, we have moved to AUSTIN! During a pandemic. With no outside contact with the world, yet totally inspiring this article.

We are in a house that could be anywhere. We’ve met just one neighbor. We ate takeout one day in a parking lot of a taco joint. We have by no means had the Austin experience.

Yet Kimmi and I reflect almost daily about how GOOD WE FEEL being here.

We love our new house – yes – though we haven’t been able to furnish it the way we’d like, and my Home Depot paint I ordered online to pick up in store is 10 days delayed already. It’s a great space for us.

We love the energy of the land.

We were staying at home in California for weeks before we moved, with our ocean view and endless sun. And yet we didn’t feel the way we feel here. We feel peace, and calm, and a deep knowing that we are right where we need to be.

If we can experience that, without leaving the house, what else is possible? We look forward to discovering!

What has been your experience of the land? What have you integrated? Which places have held healing experiences for you? (Mine include Peru, Vietnam, Tulum, Northern Italy, Southern France, Sedona, Northern California, and each of the places I’ve lived.) And how do you FEEL where you live currently? Are you feeling called to somewhere new?

And will you trust the calling?

Many of our clients have been called, for a season, reason, or lifetime, to a new location. Often the intuition fights with the logical mind when it doesn’t ‘make sense’ to go. Yet inevitably there is a specific reason for the calling, and in my experience, it needs to be honored or it doesn’t go away.

How is this resonating for you? I’d love to hear!

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