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 Shortly after I got my business truly up and running…

April 18, 2020

Shortly after I got my business truly up and running, like to the point where I was able to generate clients online and I had integrated my own understanding of how to market programs that brought people to my retreats, an interesting new development opened up. The ‘click.’ 

(One of my clients later described this concept of ‘the click’ which we worked together to develop as an idea for her writing.)

I’d been learning to trust my intuition as an entrepreneur for some time, and for the most part outside of leaving my job and starting a business, the ‘hits’ were relatively small. Sit at this table at the networking event (person to the left becomes new high-level client). Order the steak at this restaurant even though you would normally order the salmon (friend orders salmon, it does NOT look good). In that realm. 

And I get intuitive knowings for my clients regularly – that seemed easier. I would get a vision of them doing something – on stage, on TV, touching people for healing, etc. Or I’d feel a “YES” in my body when they would say something and I would know that it was key to their breakthrough. 

But then I was invited by Source to make a big change. I had no idea how big it would become.

Because my business was now for all intents and purposes “location independent,” I began to imagine what it would be like to live somewhere else. Also, I had a mentor who used to ask this question in his teaching quite frequently, “Do you like what you see when you look out your window?” And as I would picture the neighborhood that I once loved, I realized suddenly that it was “no.” 

So I moved from the house I owned to an apartment with trees out my windows. My soul felt more alive, and I built my online platform from this odd little 2-bedroom apartment I loved. And then I knew it was time to move on. 

And right on time Source showed up to guide me! With The Click.

As I was going through my day to day life, I began to see mountains seemingly everywhere. I walked through a store and saw a puzzle with a mountain scene and it was like my vision stood still focusing on that image – it clicked. In the grocery store checkout the magazine cover filled with mountains. Click-click. 

Absently flipping channels on the TV and the nature show about mountains — click and click.

The mountains were calling. 

And I lived in Cincinnati, Ohio.

So off I went researching mountain towns that might be calling my name. I considered several – Asheville, Portland, Northern California, and Denver. And as much as Asheville made the most sense as I’d been there and loved it and it was a pleasant drive from Cincinnati, Denver continued to FEEL RIGHT. This went against my logical mind as I had actually been there once for research in a former job and I did NOT love it. But there was no denying that pull to the Rocky Mountains. 

Not to be too impulsive I decided to scope it out first. I rented a vacation rental for a month and loved being there. A year later I was back with a Uhaul. 

When people would ask me why I moved, they would immediately include, “Was it for a job?”

And I would have to decide whether to simply agree or look them in the eye and say, “Spirit told me to move to the mountains, so I came.” 

Mostly I just agreed. 

What I was NOT prepared for was why I was REALLY there.

I loved my time in Denver. In fact, as I think back on it now I smile ear-to-ear. There was so much beauty to experience and I soaked it in. Yet I never really found it was ‘my place.’ 

But what I did find is my wife!

In the space of possibility that was Denver for me, I was able to create the freedom to be whoever I wanted to be. Turned out I wanted to be gay! I didn’t know it at the time, but the freedom I felt there would allow me to become more of who I truly am, and to meet my life partner and spouse, Kimmi. 

Through a series of unexpected events, I discovered that I needed to explore the idea of being with women. Through applying the principles I teach I affirmed that was, indeed, true (you can listen to my podcast about it HERE). And the same day I created a profile on for dating women, Kimmi uploaded hers as well. And the rest is history. I was called to Denver to meet her, in perfectly divine timing.

I had no idea why the mountains were calling, but needless to say I learned to trust that click. The more old limits I’ve released about what is possible, and the more time I’ve spent connecting with Source Energy, the more directly I am able to communicate and receive guidance from my soul, without needing the ‘three clicks.’ Yet what a magical time that was to be guided in such a way!

What are your ‘mountains’?

What have you been getting signals about, and have you been listening? How might you listen with greater intention for deeper soul alignment in this life?



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