Expending Your Energy for Your Highest Good

Expending Your Energy for Your Highest Good
By Robin Finney, Authenticity & Intuitive Guide 

October 6, 2020

I’ve known most of my life that there was something different about me. i sense, see, and feel things.

From a young age, I thought something was wrong with me. I felt like I didn’t belong or fit in with others. I tried so hard to find acceptance and approval from my family, friends, teachers…pretty much everyone. I thought if enough people liked me then I would be okay, and that these strange sensations and mood swings would go away. Yet, how much people liked me didn’t really matter. It wasn’t about them; it was my own internal battle. I would notice my energy shift. One minute I’d be laughing and having a good time and the next I’d be uncomfortable and wanting a way out. The shifts never made sense to me. I thought that there was something wrong that couldn’t be fixed. I had no idea that these sensations and shifts in energy were part of my Human Design

I learned to hide and run away.

When things were uncomfortable or I felt unsafe, I would hide or run away. I would curl myself up in a tiny ball in the closet, under my covers, or in a corner where no one would find me. I would run deep into the woods and find refuge. When I couldn’t hide, I learned to block out what was going on and find sanctuary deep in my imagination. I learned to survive in the midst of chaos. As long as my inner sanctuary was free from chaos, I was safe.

Even as a child, I could feel in my body when something wasn’t safe. I took measures to protect myself. Hiding was the best way I knew to do so.

In high school, I would stay at my friend Spencer’s house to escape when things felt unsafe or tense at home. It became my second home. Yet, even in the comfort of my friend’s house, I still felt I didn’t belong at times. When my friends would have parties, I’d come and enjoy being with my friends. And then my energy would shift and I would suddenly feel out of place. The only thing I knew to do was remove myself from the situation. Even if it was 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning, I would sneak out of the house without a word or a note and drive back to my house. My friends would call the next day and ask where I went. I would come up with some excuse, because I honestly had no idea how to explain it.


    I wasn’t aware that I was sensing things in my body. I wasn’t present to being empathic. I was making the choice to hide or run, without knowing why.

    What I didn’t know was that my body was energetically protecting me. My body would signal to me that something was off and would protect me from situations that felt anxious, threatening, uneasy, or triggering. There actually wasn’t anything wrong with me. I had a gift for sensation and without putting words to it, my body knew.

    Sometimes we think our gifts are holding us back. When in reality, by embracing our gifts, we can move forward.

    It’s only been within the past year that I’ve become aware of my Human Design and Spiritual Gifts. And to be honest, it’s only been within the past couple months that I’ve been able to make any sense of these patterns of hiding, running away, or escaping in my mind. So my Sly Fox, Where’d You Go, Robin? can rest peacefully at night knowing that nothing is actually wrong with me. I’m gifted and learning how to use my gifts in ways that support me in my design and support others in finding clarity and being seen. By leaning into my gifts, I’ve been able to lift the veil from hiding and allow myself to fully be seen. 

    Energy varies from person to person. Some people can attend parties, be among crowds or stressful situations and not be phased. For me, however, I have to take extra care in preparing when I’m going to be in a crowd or intense environment. I’m highly sensitive and I own that. With this awareness, I can take precautions to protect my energy in advance, and also be okay leaving if it doesn’t align with where I am. And when I’m in a space where I can’t leave or don’t want to leave, I can pause, take a few deep breaths to reground myself, and engage back in the moment. 

    Being empathic and having the ability to sense, see, and feel things it’s actually a gift, and one that I’m grateful to have. I’m able to read the energy of a room or space and tune into my body. This gift has supported me in having beautiful experiences traveling all over the world. I attract incredible people and experiences simply by owning and trusting my body. I feel lucky and fortunate to have this ability to tune in and trust that I am being guided to experiences that feel safe and supportive to me. 

    How about you? Are you an empath or notice yourself feeling tense or drained a lot? Do you notice your energy shifting from one moment to the next? Do you know that there’s actually nothing wrong with you, and that it’s part of your unique design? Awareness is the first step to embracing this gift.

    Learning How to Protect & Clear Your Energy

    Learning to protect and clear your energy takes patience, practice, and purpose. 
    I’ve been learning practices that support me in keeping my energy clear when I’m in groups or crowds
    , holding space for others in a coaching session, around discomfort or intense moments, or any time I’m picking up others’ energy that’s not mine to carry. Recently after conducting a 1:1 intuitive session, I noticed my energy being drained after. I was so lit up and on fire while leading the session, and when the session was over, I felt completely drained. I was tired and felt the need to rest. I messaged my dear friend and Collective Spirit sister, Manda Stack, and asked if she had any guidance. Manda is an intuitive specialist and guide and founder of My Divine Intuition. She supports others in better understanding their intuition, “sixth sense”…in other words, untapped. I had the pleasure of spending a year with Manda while participating in Darla LeDoux’s yearlong Collective, and I’ve hired Manda several times for a Personal Energy Clearing. I knew if there was anyone who could support me with this question, it would be Manda. 
    Together Manda and I talked through my sessions and how I prepare my energy before, during, and after a session. If you’re a healer, intuitive & spiritual guide, coach, or empath, these tips may be supportive to you. 

    Pre-Session (or Before You Gather with Others)

    • Set an Intention. How would you like to feel during your session or meeting? Allow yourself to get present to your intention and feel it in your body.
    • Setup Your Environment. Make sure your space is clean and aligns with your energy. This includes making sure your camera is facing away from the light (so you are in the spotlight) and at a height that is eye level (for virtual sessions). I like to lay out crystals around my space, hold one or keep one in my pocket during the session to support in transmitting energy.
    • Stand in Your Power Pose. Before you go live or enter the room, claim your space and your power. Choose a power pose that opens your body up and allows you to expand and take up space. My favorite is Wonder Woman pose (hands on hips like I’m owning the room). Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk on body language will support in creating your power pose.
    • Allow Nature to Receive Energy as it Moves. Metaphorically speaking. When you’re working with others it’s important to ensure that your energy is not running through you. It is not your job to hold other people’s energy. You can create a visualization that will support you in channeling energy to something besides your body. Imagine that you have a tree, body of water, or the support of the earth to catch the energy when it’s flowing so you are not taking it in.
    • Create a Cocoon or Orb around Your Body. Visually imagine that you are stepping inside a coconut or that you have a protective energy bubble around your body. Envisioning this can support in holding onto your own energy and keeping it safe from letting anyone else’s energy enter your field.
    • Call Upon the Support of Your Higher Power and Spirit Guides. Before beginning, call upon your Spirit Guides to support you in protecting your energy. Archangel Michael is the Archangel of Protection. Call upon him to protect your energy from being consumed by another.

    During the Session (or while in the presence of others)

    • Trust Your Pre-work to Support You. Trust that everything you did to prepare for your session will be supportive of you during the session.
    • Begin with a Meditation or Short Breathing Exercise. A short meditation or taking a few deep breaths is a great way to ground yourself and your client(s) at the beginning of the call. They are likely anxious too. It will allow both of you to start on an even plain.
    • Be Your Authentic Self and Allow Your Gifts to Shine. Tune into your light and magic. Trust that who you are is enough and that your gifts will guide the session.

    After the Session

    • Release. After the session, it’s important to release any energy or notes that are no longer needed. I like to take any notes that I’ve written and lovingly release them back to the universe. I will say a short prayer of gratitude for the person or persons who participated in the session and release the notes through burning or symbolically releasing. This is a great way to complete the session for both you and your client.
    • Ground Yourself. If you can, step outside and stand barefoot in the ground for a couple moments. This will allow you to re-center your energy and ask the earth to receive anything that doesn’t belong to you.
    • Shake or Tap. Shaking and Tapping can be great ways to move any stuck energy in your body and release it from your vessel. Katherine Bird is a transformational leader, healer, Shaman, channel, and guide who has some beautiful shaking exercises to support healers and empaths.
    • Meditate. If you’re feeling weighed down or full of anxious energy after a session, try a meditation designed to release energy. I love Pura Rosa on Insight Timer. She has a beautiful, healing meditation that I use as a go to—Empath Energy & Emotion Realignment + Protection.
    • Trust. Trust that the energy is clear. If you notice anything off in your body, you can tune into one of these practices.

    Most importantly, know that you have a gift. You are a conduit for others to expand and own who they are. 
    What are some practices that you like to embody to support in your energy clearing? 


    Robin Finney

    Robin Finney


    Authenticity & Intuitive Guide


    Hi, I’m Robin Finney, founder of Wandering Aunt. I am your guide to discovering who your authentic self is through Intuitive Clarity Sessions, Soulo Travel Retreats, and Reveal Your Soul Photoshoot Experiences. I believe at the core of being human, we all have a desire to be seen; and the best way to capture your desire is through travel and photo experiences with an experienced guide. Since 2018, I have soulo-traveled to 19 countries across 6 continents and modeled in 8 international photoshoots.


    Would you like to experience a breakthrough in having the courage and confidence to be fully you? Would you like to feel your soul at a deeper level by connecting to your essence through a photoshoot? In our exclusive VIP Photoshoot Experience, we will capture who you are at your soul level through an unforgettable immersion experience at a destination we choose together!

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