Liz Gilbert or You

Liz Gilbert or You
By Darla LeDoux, Founder of Sourced and Author of the books Shift The Field and Retreat and Grow Rich


February 11, 2021

“What if you, in your aligned Sourced energy, were 10 times more magnetic, inspiring, compelling, valuable, than that person you admire?”

Hi there. Welcome to today’s video. Now I want you to imagine for a moment that instead of selling an offer that features you, you were selling something that featured your favorite celebrity or well-known person in your industry. Just take a moment and imagine who that might be.


Well let me take you back a few years ago, I was in just such a position. So I was living in Seattle, Washington and I had gotten this intuition.

How many of you get intuition that guides your business?

I know I do and this was a pivotal time for me in learning about my intuition. So I got this hit around Liz Gilbert and everybody here if you don’t know who Liz Gilbert is, definitely check her out, follow her. She’s amazing. She’s the author of Eat, Pray, Love, and Big Magic, one of my favorites.


So I got this hit to check her out and I out of nowhere, right? It was just like, “Go pay attention to her.” So I went to her website and as I was looking around I noticed that she had a speaking engagement in Seattle the same week that I had an event in Seattle. She was going to be there a couple of days later. And when I saw the synchronicities, I thought, “That’s it.” “That’s what the sign is. I need her to speak at my event.”


So fast forward, I reached out, I got a hold of her booking agent and I booked her to speak at my event. And I invested a lot of money, $50,000, to have Liz Gilbert come and speak at my event.


Now, first of all, I thought it was divine guidance. So I’m like, ‘Well who am I to argue? I’m just going to trust.” Okay. So there was that aspect of it and I’ll come back to that, about how source might work through you. But the second thing that was going on is I thought, “That would be really cool to have Liz Gilbert and it’s going to make this event so easy to sell, so easy to fill because who doesn’t want to see Liz Gilbert?”


So fast forward. I have this event, I have a feature, I have a private video. You can find it on this channel of Liz Gilbert speaking to my audience that I sent out to everyone about how she was going to be there. And I’m thinking the registrations are going to just roll in. Well guess what? That actually didn’t happen. And this was my fourth event at this time.


So I’d produced various events and every single one of my earlier events was actually easier to fill than the event with Liz Gilbert. Can you believe that? I was shocked. Why would my people not be clamoring to get tickets to come spend this intimate time with her? We actually had her for a full half day. She led a workshop and coached people. It was phenomenal actually. She was really awesome. But I didn’t sell out the event and I didn’t even make my money back on that event.


And it was a few weeks before the event, maybe five or so weeks before the event, and I found myself on the phone with a colleague and I heard these words come out of my mouth. The words that came out of my mouth were, “If it weren’t for this stupid event my life would be so easy right now.”

And have you ever had those moments where you hear yourself say something and you know it’s significant?

It was one of those moments. And so I went on to reflect on that. If it weren’t for this stupid event my life would be so easy right now.


Now we could coach me around all kinds of things like calling my event stupid, for example, which wasn’t great, right? But what I actually saw is that I had felt this need to do an event and I had felt the need to make this event better than my last event, for example.


It was almost like pushing this rock uphill. Doing these things that weren’t necessarily like mine to do. So lesson number one is it was not easier to sell Liz Gilbert then to sell me because when I sell me it’s like I know me. I know how I’m going to show up, I know what I’m going to deliver, and I actually know people want it that. They hear me, they feel my energy, and they know that they want that.


Selling Liz Gilbert, I really thought the name was just going to carry the day. And I wasn’t bringing my energy in the same way that I would have had she not been there. And so it actually became harder to sell. It wasn’t Liz that was hard to sell certainly, but it was my relationship to this decision to hire her.


There was all kinds of weird, funky energy in my relationship to this decision. So I want you to think about what if you, you, yes you, in your aligned Sourced™ energy, were actually 10 times more magnetic, inspiring, compelling, valuable, then that person that you’re imagining, that you admire, that you think might be easier to sell.


So I’m curious what comes up when you hear this. Have you had an experience like this or have you ever daydreamed that if only I were someone else it would be so much easier? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.


Now I’m going to circle back to this idea that this was actually guided. I got an intuitive hit to go check out Liz Gilbert. And then when I checked her out, I saw she was going to be in my city the same time as my event.


I followed the guidance, but then watch what happens.

My brain came in and took over and decided, “Well that must mean I need to hire her and have her come to my event.”

And it just seemed like that was the thing.

Now, funny story. And if you don’t know my story, I am married to a woman and I came out late in life. Between the time I hired Liz and the time that our event happened, Liz actually came out publicly that she was dating a woman. And so it was really, very cool. And it was cool to have her on my stage and to have that in common and be able to have that conversation. That said, perhaps the universe had just been guiding me to watch that and watch that story. But because I had this event, my mind wanted to put her into the container of this event and that this event was actually the guidance.


Since that conversation where I was on the phone with my friend and I said, “If it weren’t for this stupid event my life would be so easy right now,” I have changed everything. I’ve changed everything and starting internally. And it’s like even as I say that, I don’t think I’ve given myself proper celebration for that until this moment. So thank you for that. Because I’m feeling right now the joy and the release and the celebration of having actually changed everything. And what I mean by that is after that experience, I lost $50,000 on this event, I brought in $50,000, but I still was $50,000 in the hole.

I went to work really learning to understand my divine guidance, number one and number two, make sure I created a business that was easy.

In the years that followed, I have become Sourced. That’s my new brand and it’s what I am on fire with passion about, helping entrepreneurs to do, which is to hear their guidance and to have a relationship with their guidance so that it’s not like, “I got this intuitive hit and now my brain takes over and I’m going to go do everything.” Knowing what I know now, if I could go back I would have inquired a little bit more. I have very powerful relationship with Source now where I would have said, “Okay. What does this mean? Does this mean have her speak at the event? Is there something else? What am I looking for? What is the message here?” But I didn’t really know and I let my brain take over.


If that sounds like you, if that sounds like something you’ve done where it almost feels like this relationship with Source is random, like your intuition might show up, it might not, or it’s going to give you limited information as opposed to being able to gather whole pictures of how to run your business through your connection to Source, reach out, message us We love supporting people in going to that next level.


When I was doing that event, my business was going really well. Like if I took that event away, I was hosting retreats, many retreats a year. I’m obviously not doing that in this moment, but everything was getting filled automatically with systems I had set up, I was meeting amazing clients every time I showed up live, I was monetizing my retreats in a really big way, and things were just flowing. So it really was easy without this thing. But I could look back at the history of my business and I could see I always had this easy flowing part in my business. I’ve been in business 11 years now. And then my ego would always come in and add things to make it challenging and complicated.


So since that event, since that wake up call, I always wake up when I lose money or the money doesn’t come the way I thought, I have simplified and committed to an easy, peaceful, what I call lazy B business. So if that sounds like you, if that sounds like something you’re into, definitely let us know. If you’ve been on this same journey please let me know in the comments. I want to know about you, I want to know how it’s changed the way you run your business and your life, I want to follow you and feature you and all of those things. I’m Darla LeDoux, founder of Sourced and author of Shift the Field and I’ll see you soon. Bye everyone.

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