My Desire is Supported by the Universe

My Desire is Supported by the Universe

My Desire is Supported by the Universe

By Darla LeDoux, Founder of Sourced and Author of the books Shift The Field and Retreat and Grow Rich

My desire is supported by the universe.

One of the universal laws I learned in my first coaching program was the law of polarity, which states where the desire is present, the way to fulfill it is also present.

So, the way David would talk about it is, there’s not enough without a down, there’s not a down without enough, there’s not a cold without a hot, there’s not a black without a white.

On Off, right. Everything in nature has its equal and opposite. So your desire has a way that is equal in magnitude to your desire.And it can’t not be there.

Your desire is supported by the universe.

I didn’t believe this at all. Like you expansion magicians are like, yeah, uh huh. Yeah, preach, right? And for me, it was.

It doesn’t feel true to me.

I was like, I get nature but like, how is that true for me?

How is it true that if I want something that there’s a way to get it? How is that true? Because that was not my experience growing up?

My experience was, first of all, why do you want that?

And then no.

Right? There was no creation possible there. And so I really had to work at that to understand that my desire is supported by the universe. And

I, because it was connected to nature. I was like, Okay, well, I could see that. Yeah, that feels true. That’s probably true. Here’s people who have, you know, lives like I want who think that’s true. So let me try it out.

And I practiced for a while.

Oh, gosh, I really want this thing. Oh, gosh, I can’t afford this thing. Oh, my gosh, I really want this thing. Do I just do the thing? And going, how, how? Where are the people? Right? So I was running a business. So in my world, it was, where are the clients that would allow this to be possible. And when I came from a certainty,

it has to be there. It was always there. It’s never not been there. I’ve been in business 14 years. It’s never not been there.

There have certainly been times when things have happened for me in my financial world, which is only one form of abundance, where I was like, oh shit, is it still gonna keep working.

But it’s literally never not worked for me. When the desire is present, the way is present.

All that we need and desire for our playground is available to us. The only thing in the way is our lack of belief

Well, the first thing in the way is our lack of belief. Right? We have to believe that that’s true first of all, and then we have to open our eyes and look around and go oh there it is. Oh, there it is. And source will always tell us where it is. source will always tell us where it is. But then we have to believe it and follow through so source might say like I was saying with Julie source told her go pretend dollars in a bank account and she’s like, what the hell that makes no sense.

But she listened and it led to a continual stream of new business.

But it didn’t make sense. And sometimes the thing source is saying is be a thought leader, start a podcast. Ask someone to promote you.

And we go yeah, but let me make a new website first.

Let me do these other six things and then I’ll ask that person to promote me even though that’s the one thing that I was told where the desires present the way is present


Five Things to Consider When Deciding Which Coach to Hire

Five Things to Consider When Deciding Which Coach to Hire

Five Things to Consider When Deciding Which Coach to Hire.

By Darla LeDoux, Founder of Sourced and Author of the books Shift The Field and Retreat and Grow Rich

Hello, and welcome to today’s video, the five things to consider when deciding which coach to hire.

I’m Darla Ledoux. I’m the founder of sourced here at source, we actually have a coach certification program. So no, I’m a little biased. I believe that our coaches are amazing. And I came to this topic because I was doing a little bit of research on keywords for YouTube, which I am not great at, to be fair. But as I was looking, I came across, you know, how do I hire a life coach? And when I saw what popped up as the answers, I just wanted to provide a different opinion. So here’s what popped up as the best answer in Google. It says Ask each coach about his or her experience, skills and qualifications and at least two references. Coaching is an important relationship, confirm credibility, research, each coaches training, professional memberships and credentials.

So that’s what you would expect to see as advice, right? Check out their credentials. And I have to say, I’ve never chosen a coach in this way. So I am ICF certified, I went to an ICF accredited program, I’ve let my ICF certification lapse long ago, I don’t even have my certifications listed on my website, although I studied at an amazing coaching school that was super valuable, and I’m really proud of. And I’ve never hired a coach based on their credentials. And I’ve seen lots of coaches who are certified through all kinds of places who I would never hire. So how do you decide who to hire? I’m going to give you five thoughts from my perspective, as someone who’s invested multiple six figures into coaching and really been glad that I did. So the first thing I look at is, does do I resonate with this person? And how do I know if I resonate? I want to really understand their philosophy. Do they have a philosophy that I aligned with that feels deeply resonant for me? People can come from all kinds of places, in terms of their perspective on what works as a coach, I want to get a sense of what they believe, and does it vibe for me, whether I already believe it, or I’d like to believe, right? There’s a knowing or a resonance with someone’s philosophy. I remember when I was hiring my first coach, I somehow happened upon a website of a woman who specialized in coaching attorneys. And I wanted to hire her so much, because her philosophy was so clear. And I really resonated with it. And as an engineer, I felt like I had a lot of similarities with her lawyer clients, and I thought I wonder if she would work with me. That’s an example of resonance.

Okay, number two, I want to know, can they hold me? Can they hold me? Now there’s not a specific, like, checklist of measures, although we’ve done our best to give a checklist of measures for our certification program that lets you know, can a coach hold you? But you want to have a sense of, are they walking their talk? Are they doing their own inner work? Do they have a clean, clear energy when it comes to their work, in other words, they are able to hold space for you. And whatever arises without being concerned about them, or their ego having to come into play them having to sound smart or push you in a certain direction, but they can really hold the space for your truth to come forward. And at a level for where you’re going. Now, this doesn’t always hold true that the person who coaches you should be making more money than you or have a better relationship than you or whatever the measure is, whatever you’re hiring them for. And you want to know that they can hold you for where you’re going. So either they have to be super comfortable and confident in you surpassing them, or they need to be ahead of you. Right. And there’s lots of reasons we might choose one or the other. But the question to ask you Are they really doing their work to be able to hold me to be in my truth? When I hired a coach to help me navigate my divorce, the first thing I thought was, who can I tell everything to who will make zero judgments about me or my partner, so that we can get to the bottom of what’s true, because based on the facts, most people would have judged my partner and told me to leave immediately. And I knew that wasn’t the path I wanted to take. Can they hold me? Well, I grapple with my truth and all of the emotions around that.

Number three, are they doing aligned work for them? Now, this one is interesting, because someone could be really, really good at something. And it’s not the work they’re meant to do. So you know, this is for you to decide if this matters to you. For me, one of the things I do right away when I’m going to hire someone is I go to their about page, and I want to read the story they are sharing, about why they do the work they do. Because at the end of the day, I want someone who is doing right work that they love, that no matter what is happening, they are going to show up for the work. Because they can’t not because it’s just who they are. I’m going to share more about this in a future video. Okay, number four, is, can they see what I can’t? Can they see something that I can’t relate it to the results, that I’m not getting that I want them to help me get? Okay. The way that I would phrase this is are they magical? Because sourced magic, which is something that we teach here is your way of accessing the divine and interpreting the energetic truth of a situation with divine guidance. And typically, if I’m not getting a result that I know, I want, I can see clearly. But for whatever reason, it’s feeling sticky. It’s because there’s something I can’t see about this situation and how I’m approaching it that’s keeping me from accessing it. So I want to hire someone who actually has a view or a perspective, I don’t have, and can see something that I don’t about where I’m going. And a lot of times this is intuitive. It’s a knowing it’s a sensing and we call that magic here.

Now, a caveat about this, I have bought things because a coach told me they could see something I couldn’t see about a situation in such a way that it felt really disempowering to me as the client. Like, if I don’t hire you, I’m never going to succeed. You know more than me, and I’m going to give you my power over my authority. Don’t look for that. Okay, so yes, you want someone who can see what you can’t about where you’re going. And you shouldn’t expect them to tell you this for free. And if they did tell you this for free, they’re probably trying to fix you and save you. And they need to wait until you’re committed to start pointing out what you can’t see. Okay, so be on alert for that. But you want them to see what you can’t see about the result you want. And you want them to see you as whole and complete and empowered. So there’s not a power dynamic in that. It’s just simply, hey, I have a different view. I’m not better than you, I don’t know more than you. It’s not that you won’t survive without me. It’s just I have a different view of what you can’t see over here. Okay.

And then lastly, number five, is are they into me? Are they into me? So, you know, the phrase, he’s just not that into you, right? Are they into me? I want to work with someone who has asked me enough questions that they are clear what I want, and that they can help me get there. And if they haven’t engaged with me in a way that I know that they know me, and they know they can help me that feels like a red flag to me. I want to know that they’re intimate. Now, that doesn’t mean that we have to have a long storytelling session where they learn everything about me. In fact, you don’t want that because you they don’t need to know that. Okay. But I want to have a sense that they are seeing me they’re seeing me over here with this thing hidden from my view and they’re assessing, they care that I get to my goal. And they know that they can help me because they can see that they can help you. This doesn’t even have to happen in a one on one conversation. This is where really good copywriting comes in solid messaging, where when you read their website, you can tell they’ve worked with people like you that they love people like you, that they are into you. Right that they are specialists in serving people like you.

So those are the five things I would look at, I would not rule someone in or out based on their past career based on their credentials, where they went to coaching school, because people at all different backgrounds, past coaching school, I would, I would read testimonials most likely or ask someone I know who’s worked with them. So you know, there is that aspect, not frowning upon that at all, have testimonials on your website, connect people with clients that have worked with you so they can get a reference. That’s great. And for me, the resonance, the knowing they can hold me the knowing that they’re passionate about this work, that they can see something I can’t to get me to my outcome, and that they really care about serving people like me. That’s way more important than credentials.

So I’m curious, what’s been your experience? How have you gone about hiring and has it worked for you? And or has it not? I’d love to hear if this is helpful. Please share this video with anyone you think it can serve. And please like and subscribe. I’m really wanting to get above 1000 subscribers here on my YouTube channel. So I would love your help with that. This is Darla Ledoux, founder of sourced thank you so much


How to Use Desire-based Pricing Strategies

How to Use Desire-based Pricing Strategies

How to Use Desire-based Pricing Strategies

By Darla LeDoux, Founder of Sourced and Author of the books Shift The Field and Retreat and Grow Rich

A lot of you might obsess about the value of your work anybody?

Is this valuable? Can I charge that? What should I charge? Let me research my competitors and find out what I should be charging.

Well, what does that have to do with anything?

We don’t know. We don’t know why they charge or they’re charging what they’re charging, do we? So why would we base it off of that?

Why not base it off our own soul?

Ashlie and I were chatting on the break, she was saying, you know, I get it. Okay, if I share what you said.

I get like how long therapists have had to go to school, and what it takes, and totally honor that. And like a coach might have spent 10 years perfecting their craft working with clients before they charge the thing, or do the thing or cleaning up their energy in their life or whatever. And it’s

There’s all these different paths of how to get where we are right and decide what to charge.

And there’s all different reasons why your soul might call you to charge what you charge or structure the way you structure.

So going to research what someone else is doing, and then deciding where you can fit because of that. We you don’t really know why they’re doing what they’re doing.

So how do you go to your desire?

You know, we teach desire-based pricing over here.

Super simple, which is how much money do you want to make.

And let’s say per month, let’s say you want to make 20k per month.

This is when I was doing retreat and Grow Rich, I would recommend people play with 20k a month and just try it on because then you have 10k to pay a team and venue and travel and all of those things, and 10k to pay yourself. So I’m just going to use 20. And let’s say you want I’m going to do this for simple math 10 clients at a time or 10 clients a month then your pricing would be 2k per client per month.

Okay, now, I’m not saying that should be your desire, I’m just giving this example for math. Now the question is, how do you choose this?

The reason I said 20k is I’ve found about I don’t know 70% of my retreat leader clients wanted to make six figures or 10k A month 120. So that’s why I chose that number. Where you really want to come from is what are you? What is calling to you now financially. And this is, this is what I would have asked Lynn if it mattered earlier.

You know, what are you going to do with that? 100k? Why 100k? What is that actual thing that is calling to your soul to do with your money? And what’s that number?

Because that desire is calling you for a reason. Then, you base your pricing on that number.

You base your pricing on that number.

And then don’t obsess about how quickly you hit that number. Do the things to bring in the people.

And before you know it you’ll be at that number.

But it’s based on desire because desire is of Source.

You Can’t Quick Fix Leadership, but here’s how your magic can help.

You Can’t Quick Fix Leadership, but here’s how your magic can help.

You Can’t Quick Fix Leadership, but here’s how your magic can help.

By Darla LeDoux, Founder of Sourced and Author of the books Shift The Field and Retreat and Grow Rich

Welcome to the space for transformational leaders to unleash their magic, see better client results, work lighter, and live source. Hi, this is Darla, welcome to today’s video, you can’t quick fix your leadership. But here’s how your magic can help.

I was talking with a friend recently who has a rather large business with quite a few team members. And was asking me, What do I do? I keep explaining how something needs to be done. And I know how it needs to be done. And I know the way that they’re doing it isn’t effective. But yet, every single time I come back, they’re still doing it that way. And I don’t really know what to do help.

And I can tell this person wanted like a quick, easy answer, like do it like this or say it like this? Or even you know, what traditional thought process would be? Are you holding them accountable? Is there a structure for accountability, which actually would be great in this scenario, but there’s more to it than that. And there’s not yet been established a culture and brand values, that would be something that they can tie back to, to say, we do it this way. Because we do it this way, because and then receiving buy in that the actual people working, care about those values and are aligned with them.

Now one of the values that we use, because you know I talk about magic here are sourced magic are the six ways we know what we know what we know, and how to interpret it and how it fires. And I just want to share a snippet of how this can be helpful when you’re working with a team. And in a case like this.

So if someone continued to do something one way, and my magic is saying this way is going to work. We have a culture here at source where we can call magic, where we can say you know what my magic is really firing right now. And this is the way that’s going to work.

And we have we’ve normalized this in our culture, for our team, to where if someone knows, and they know that they know that they know, because they’re getting it as truth in this scenario, then we honor that. Now, in this instance, if something, you know, keeps not going the way I would want it to go, I would ask, you know, this is what my magic is saying, Tell me what’s going on for you. And it has a different depth of conversation. To really go beyond this is how I think it should be done. This is how you think it should be done this mind knowing into what feels resonant for me as the leader. And for the team right now ultimately, me as the leader, it has to feel resonant for me. But if I’m not doing it and the other person has a way where their magic fires better, by all means, then they should call magic, right?

So there’s six types of source magics. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out the link below this video so you can take the quiz and find out what yours is. And I feel curious, especially for those of you who do know your magic and you’ve been studying in this way for a while. How might being able to call magic with your team actually make a difference. This is Darla Ledoux, founder of source and we’ll see you in the next video.

Just Because It Doesn’t Work Out, Doesn’t Mean it Wasn’t Sourced

Just Because It Doesn’t Work Out, Doesn’t Mean it Wasn’t Sourced

Just Because It Doesn’t Work Out, Doesn’t Mean it Wasn’t Sourced

By Darla LeDoux, Founder of Sourced and Author of the books Shift The Field and Retreat and Grow Rich

I have had people tell me, “I was following my intuition and all the signs, and it didn’t work out. Now, I can’t trust my inner knowing; I can’t trust Sourced.” To that, I say, just because it doesn’t work out, doesn’t mean it wasn’t Sourced! Quickly followed by – let’s break it down! 

At Sourced, we teach about the six Sourced Magics, a way to access your inner knowing and develop it to lead a peaceful, purposeful, and light way to living and running your business. You can take the Sourced Magic Quiz here.

If we do not receive our preferred outcome, however, does that mean it wasn’t Sourced? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Welcome to being a human. We are all spiritual beings in the human body, and all kinds of energy patterns exist within ourselves. Some of them guide us, and some of them block us. 

Some energy patterns are based on something that happened in the past, and we sometimes (consciously or unconsciously) base our decisions on these patterns to try to control the future to receive the outcome we desire. When we base decisions on a default energy pattern, patterns based on an un-truth like this can create outcomes we don’t prefer. Sounds like bad news, right? Wrong – that result is there to guide you and show you what is next. 

Real-life example: I hosted a live event that cost me over $50K. At first sight, it was an outcome I did not desire. When I delved deeper, I uncovered that I decided to have that event based on something someone told me- to be successful in my business, I had to have a live event. That was a default energy pattern I had. But once I could see it, I could work with it and transmute it. 

That experience made me curious about my intuition and how to identify a true “sign.” I discovered my default energy pattern of doing what others say I should do rather than hearing my own soul and doing that instead. It became a whole season of deep, immersive study of being able to hear myself and led to the birth of my own company, the Six Sourced Magics (my framework), and launched a whole world for my clients and me.

This likely wouldn’t have happened had I been successful in that event. 

Just because the result isn’t what we prefer doesn’t mean it isn’t Sourced.

It’s an opportunity to shift the field. Every time we go through a cycle of transformation, we open up a greater receptivity to our Sourced Magic, which increases the likelihood that our decisions will lead to a state of ease and flow. Remember, no matter the outcome, it is always Sourced and full of information. 

Do you want to learn about your Sourced Magic to how to live more fully in it? Our new four-month container, Living Magic, starts October 17! We will focus on our self-magic, inner knowing, intimacy, and inspiration. Learn more here:

Do You Need a Degree to Do Your Sacred Work?

Do You Need a Degree to Do Your Sacred Work?

Do You Need a Degree to Do Your Sacred Work?

By Darla LeDoux, Founder of Sourced and Author of the books Shift The Field and Retreat and Grow Rich

Do you need a degree to do your sacred work in the world? 

Societal standards and the rules we all learn to play by often require permission to do whatever work we do, such as degrees, credentials, licenses, etc. As a chemical engineer, I know this reality firsthand and was a part of the conversation for a long time. 

But then my magic came online, and the standards and rules no longer matched what was coming through me. So what do you do? Find out in my video here! 

While I have many degrees and certifications, I started to get the nudge that I wanted to get physical in my work. 

I remember my experience on an international retreat when something started to happen with my hands. Instinctually, I started researching and figuring out what to do when a clear message came through. “You already know what to do; you came in with it.”. If you know me, you know I believe in past lives, past soul’s journeys, and the idea that you come into your physical being with wisdom and knowing. You just know things. However, it’s one thing to believe in your innate wisdom and another to trust it fully.

What would it be like to trust that you know that you know that you know?

While it is certainly valid to want external validation or permission to do your work, can you own the wisdom and knowing you came in with? 

Our Certified Sourced Leaders Program is designed to give you permission and space to use the wisdom and knowing you came in with in partnership with the framework we teach to learn to deliver transformation to your clients confidently in a group setting.